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Wavehaven Gorge Description | Flora & Fauna

Wavehaven is a shallow gorge cutting through the northwest edge of the range to the shore. A stream branched from the river runs through it in a series of pools and small step waterfalls, emptying onto the beach. The southern side is a low rocky cliff overlooking the sand, possible to scale from a few points as the slope is gradual rather than sheer. The northern side is a sparsely treed hill. Claimed territory of the Adunati Rangers

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(STICKY)ActiveAdunati Rangers Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Adunati Rangers pack members
Bucky 49
ActiveEddies in the water
Wavehaven, beach end | Full Sring | Midday, same time as 'Just a little mending' | Windy, cloudy
Pharaoh 0
Posted: 5 hours, 58 minutes ago
ActiveSay I got trouble, Trouble in my eyes
AR | near their den | morning, sunny, windy
Bayley 0
Posted: Nov 23 '17, 5:40 PM
ActiveGive me the strength
Mid spring, early afternoon
Pierre 35
ActiveWild Roses
[summons] Wavehaven | Full Spring | Morning | Raining lightly | Calling Kaete to come socialize
Bucky 25
Activewhere everybody knows your name
early spring, afternoon, overcast
Kaete 30
Activea solar system that fits in your eye
full spring, night, light snow
Kaete 8
ActiveWalking wounded
Wavehaven, top of the north hill | Full Spring | Night | Partly cloudy
Pharaoh 21
[continuation, summons] After 'Berserker' and 'Hors de Combat' set 29th Oct, Looking for Babette, Afternoon
Regent 6
ActiveThese infinite voices
[summons] Evening | Chilly | Small break in rain | Calling Bucky
Saskia 25
ActiveTale of woe
[summons] Wavehaven | Ful spring | Morning | raining | Callng Cae and March
Pharaoh 6
ActiveAhoy mateys
[summons] AW | Percival and parents? | early spring, clear, chilly, their den!
Bayley 23
Save me I’m a filthy mongrel
Aw, wavehaven, midday, cloudy
Babette 9
What’s this?!
[summons] look at him goooo | their den of course | family summons sorta?
Bayley 11
ActiveStep 1, 2, 3, 4
[HY4, Early Spring, Mid Morning, Raining, it's been two weeks fam!]
Blaise 20
ActiveBombs away
[HY4,Early Spring, Cae's diving hole, Midmorning]
Caesar 9