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Wavehaven Gorge Description | Flora & Fauna

Wavehaven is a shallow gorge cutting through the northwest edge of the range to the shore. A stream branched from the river runs through it in a series of pools and small step waterfalls, emptying onto the beach. The southern side is a low rocky cliff overlooking the sand, possible to scale from a few points as the slope is gradual rather than sheer. The northern side is a sparsely treed hill. Claimed territory of the Adunati Rangers

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(STICKY)ActiveAdunati Rangers Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Adunati Rangers pack members
Bucky 12
I’m going on a mission
[summons] Early winter, afternoon --- looking for Bucky
Nomad 51
ActiveWhat the hello
Late afternoon, warm, windy | South side of the gorge - along boundaries
Maeve 21
ActiveSounding the bugle
Wavehaven | Early winter | Mid morning | cloudy, calm
Pharaoh 10
ActiveYou had me underrated
Wavehaven, northern beach border | Early winter | Midday | Overcast, breezey
Yuna 8
ActiveNot like all the others
[summons] Wavehaven | Early Winter | Afternoon | Light snow | Calling for his sisters (Rangers AW too!)
Pharaoh 14
ActiveSing for the years
[continuation, summons] with Pierce, howling for Casscade or anyone really lol || Early winter?, afternoon?!, rainy
Marchioness 11
ActiveGit Gud
[summons] [HY3, Late Autumn, Afternoon, looking for the sibs/any of the Rangers/Magnus if he's around]
Caesar 17
Let’s play hide and seek
Early morning, light drizzles, northern side of the gorge, slipping between the trees
Casscade 10
ActiveBonfire on the beach
[summons] Wavehaven | Late Autumn | Midday | Overcast | Calling: All Proleators, Pike, Cass, any current gorge visitors!
Pharaoh 14
ActiveCaught In The Crossfire
AW | near midnight | northern hill
Tama 7