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Wavehaven Gorge Description | Flora & Fauna

Wavehaven is a shallow gorge cutting through the northwest edge of the range to the shore. A stream branched from the river runs through it in a series of pools and small step waterfalls, emptying onto the beach. The southern side is a low rocky cliff overlooking the sand, possible to scale from a few points as the slope is gradual rather than sheer. The northern side is a sparsely treed hill. Claimed territory of the Adunati Rangers

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(STICKY)ActiveAdunati Rangers Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Adunati Rangers pack members
Bucky 25
[summons] Calling Bucky and Rath | Northern end of gorge | Morning
Leas 8
ActiveKeeping his word
Wavehaven, central | Late winter | Early evening | Overcast, calm | Blaise
Bucky 12
Activealone above a raging sea
[summons] Buuuckeeee || Late winter, afternoon, partly cloudy
Kaete 9
ActiveReady to soar
Bucky, but all welcome/encouraged | wavehaven | late winter | sunset, snowing
Pierce 31
Late winter, evening
Pierre 2
ActiveBuckle Up Buttercup
[summons] Wavehaven | Last week of winter | Morning | Quick skittery clouds and intermittent sun | Holly
Bucky 24
Wavehaven, range end | Late winter | Morning | Overcast | With Tita | Howling for Maeve
Maaike 79
You’ve got your mother in a whirl
Closer to the beach | LW, evening | Lots of snow
Holly 35
ActiveA man on a mission
Looking for Cae and/or Bucky | day after seeing Yuna
Magnus 0
Posted: Sep 25 '17, 8:17 AM
ActiveOut of shadows
AW | full winter, midday, snowing (hoping for Bucky but not calling for him)
Babette 5
Momma’s Boy
[summons] Wavehaven, hillside | Late winter | Morning | Cloudy | Babette
Pharaoh 2
ActiveSharp dressed man
[summons] Yipping for Bucky, noon, snowing lighthly, mild breezes, last day of Cass' heat
Casscade 17
[continuation] Prev: 'Adapt and grow', Late Winter, Afternoon, Cloudy, Light Snow, With Holly
Regent 28
Fawn 10
ActiveMoral Ascendancy
[summons] All Proleators, It's time for the chat, Full Winter, Morning, Gentle snowfall, On the hill
Regent 15
You’re gonna carry that weight a long time
[continuation] With Fluffy | sniffing around the borders
Holly 26
ActiveYellow Submarine
Exploring | Clear skies | Early Afternoon | Same day as 'Snap, Crackle, Pop'
Marlowe 6