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Wavehaven Gorge Description | Flora & Fauna

Wavehaven is a shallow gorge cutting through the northwest edge of the range to the shore. A stream branched from the river runs through it in a series of pools and small step waterfalls, emptying onto the beach. The southern side is a low rocky cliff overlooking the sand, possible to scale from a few points as the slope is gradual rather than sheer. The northern side is a sparsely treed hill.

Claimed territory of the Adunati Rangers

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(STICKY)ActiveAdunati Rangers Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for Adunati Rangers pack members
Bucky 63
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[summons] Wavehaven | Late summer | Morning | Fog, fog and some more fog serious there is like zero visiblty right now | Calling Rangers/Casscade
Ororo 1
Don’t worry, be happy
(Back dated)Full Summer||A bit cloudy||Almost midnight||Goofing off||Probably within calling distance of Maya
Sirius 11
Activesomething inside me
WG l Late Summer l Chilly l Just about to rain l Afternoon l aw
Ro 7
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[continuation] Backdated to 22nd, Late afternoon, East river-end of Gorge by the trees, Still rainy
Efeon 0
Posted: Feb 23 '18, 5:48 AM
Activecounsel council
[summons] Noooomaaad || Late summer, mornin', rainin'
Kaete 4
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[summons] Wavehaven | Full summer | evening | Overcast and oppressive | Woofing hopefully for some Rangers
Ororo 12
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Late Summer | Wavehaven Gorge | northern border borks
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[continuation, summons] After 'New Horizons' | w/ Sirius | FS, HY4 | prolly late(ish) afternoon | Calling anyone!
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Pharaoh 18
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[continuation] "twice in a lifetime" | coropoelyn group! + all welcome | wavehaven | full summer | late afternoon, raining
Comet 4
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[summons] Waehaven, Phabette nook | Full Summer | Afternoon | Sunny | Babette
Pharaoh 14
ActiveA Very Serious Question
Looking for Bucky or Pierce
Casscade 18
Activelittle hurricane
midday | off and on sprinkles of rain | slight warmth to the air | no one in particular!
Polydora 9
ActiveMy, how time flies by
AW | afternoon, full summer, beautiful day [ that in which bayley loses his first tooth ]
Bayley 20