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Verdant Hills Description | Flora & Fauna

A welcome respite from the trek across the Eastern Wasteland, the Verdant Hills region receives regular rainfall, as it lies in the shadow of Skyrise Mountain.

Subareas: Fossil Butte, Riverside Hollow
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ActiveSomething I can turn to
Verdant Hills, right above FB | Early winter | Cloudy | Afternoon | Tracking Xanthos
Natasha 1
when you say it’s gonna happen now
"well when exactly do you mean? see i've already waited too long" || south hills, early winter
Kaete 8
ActiveAn Exercise Pen with a Door
Nearing RH from the wastelands | midday, snowing
Tiberius 10
Activehistory has its eyes on you
[continuation] w/ finn, after ‘I felt the...’
Isidore 24
EW | Cold and Drizzling | Late Evening | AW!
Dagdur 5
(Closed) (Closed) ActiveGone
TW: Nothing too serious I think but Carrick is pretty panicked and freaking out | Early Winter HY4 | Mid-morning, grey skies, pretty cool
Carrick 19
Effie 6
ll there’s something in the air ll
EW, HY4 l Evening, Full Moon Rising l AW [Lonely old white guy o3o]
Nanook 5
ActiveKeeps Reminding Me
AW / HY4 LA / Verdant Hills
Nala 6
ActiveSurvivalist at Best
Looking for Seeker or Nala, but who knows who finds him ;) | midday, hills south of hollow, snowflakes in da air
Theodore 6
[summons] [Finn and Cassian] | Near the hollow | Evening
Catrine 19
ActiveTale as old as time
[summons] Calling for Dagdur/ night after fight/ cold
Talia 19
ActiveSix Steps Ahead
cloudy, rain | autumn | midday, south of RH
Finn 32
there’s no such thing as heroes and villains
[continuation, summons] With Talia | Calling Ancell and Ori | Right After 'I have no time for this shit'
Dagdur 6
Eden 5
(Closed) ActiveThirst
late evening // slight cloudly, by the Sanctuary's borders // knock knock its seasonal depression
Cassia 7
ActiveSell your soul
[continuation] With Ancell | Dawn | EW | AW still!
Dagdur 23
ActiveIn the cold night
[summons] Calling for Ori/ morning
Talia 11
Activein my blood
[continuation] w/ cassia, continuation of hey, nice to meet you, i've got a dying wolf that needs help
Sienna 36
Activecome and rest your bones with me.
Cloudless, sunny afternoon; close to RH borders.
Isidore 16
ActiveNever Eat Shredded Wheat
northeast of RH, SE of the lake | overcast, early afternoon, autumn
Theodore 8