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Verdant Hills Description | Flora & Fauna

A welcome respite from the trek across the Eastern Wasteland, the Verdant Hills region receives regular rainfall, as it lies in the shadow of Skyrise Mountain.

Subareas: Fossil Butte, Riverside Hollow
Thread Title Author Replies Latest Post Info
ActiveWe left, we survived
[continuation, summons] Late winter, looking for Hikaru, with Abdullah
Shun 16
Bea 7
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LW | northern Verdant Hills | afternoon, snowing | with Munin
Petunia 17
ActiveIf you needed love, well then ask for love
Verdent Hills | Late winter | Morning | Partly cloudy | With Theodore | Calling S Siblings
Seeker 33
ActiveThe greatest gift of life is friendship
[summons] Verdant Hills, riverside | Late winter | Afternoon | partly sunny | With Albus, following 'Bright Future', calling Catrine
Caspian 16
ActiveLife of the Loner
South | Sunrise | Late Winter
Kara 8
ActiveThe Wrath Returns
Backdated to last week's snowstorm, calling for help/ HS wolves
Senna 9
ActiveTo the stars
[continuation] w/ Sienna | HY4 | Late winter | Dusk
Relic 7
[summons] HY4 || Late winter || Afternoon, sunny skies || Summoning Stephan
Relic 51
Activereaching a fever pitch
near the hollow || Late winter, afternoon, snowing || probably her last heat thread i swear
Kaete 6
Innocence 20
Activevoodoo in my blood
Eden 22
ActiveFergalicious - definition: Make them boys go loco
Aw | Light snow | Tiny gay boi has arrived! |
Lucas 27