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Verdant Hills Description | Flora & Fauna

A welcome respite from the trek across the Eastern Wasteland, the Verdant Hills region receives regular rainfall, as it lies in the shadow of Skyrise Mountain.

Subareas: Fossil Butte, Riverside Hollow
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shake it out & light a cigarette
full spring / dawn / post-rain
Loueska 17
Activebaking bread is hard
HY5 FSp / Verdant Hills
Yeska 1
Activein harmony
far north | tis warm, dawn | full spring, hy5
Phoenix 10
mid-spring | late morning | overcast
Oberon 1
ActiveA Wild Porcupine has Appeared!
Noon/Full Spring/Sunny
Nakita 6
ActiveCronch Cronch, 0/10
Early Spring | Mid-morning | Cold but warming
Ophelia 16
ActiveStrawberry banana smoothie
[continuation] riverside | same time as "I'm not in love" | with penny??
Papillon 8
Activea lonely road
morning, mostly clear skies
Arthfael 5
ActiveA Place to Settle
HY5, Early Spring, Midday
Freya 12
Activei think im lost
ES | entering the hills from Skyrise | aw | a lucky someone picks the time of day! | vomit cw
Tatu 8
Abaeze 5
Activei came across a fallen tree, i felt the branches of it looking at me
present day, sunny but chilly late morning/early afternoon, outside RH borders
Isidore 7
Activeask myself what i want more
[summons] calling for frick | cloudy | early spring | near fossil butte
Paloma 25
ActiveHello world
Late Winter |:| HY5 |:| Cloudy |:|
Loer 13