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Verdant Hills Description | Flora & Fauna

A welcome respite from the trek across the Eastern Wasteland, the Verdant Hills region receives regular rainfall, as it lies in the shadow of Skyrise Mountain.

Subareas: Fossil Butte, Riverside Hollow
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ActiveLightning and the Thunder
| Near the southern river | Stormy afternoon | aw! |
Frick 2
ActiveDancing on the wire
VH nearing FB | Late spring | Night | Volcano ash
Caspian 27
Bastet 4
I’m wishin’ my legs away…
| Pretty far south, near Skyrise Pass | Sunset, mostly-clear skies | aw! |
Frick 32
ActiveThunder feet
AW | lets get a horse O: | just north of HS, across the river | partly cloudy
America 1
(Closed) (Closed) ActiveSmoke and Mirrors
volcano event | boundaries of RH | late afternoon, cloudy, late spring
Finn 18
ActiveTo the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be
AW | midday, partly cloudy, warmish | redlight: depression/suicidial thoughts
America 10
Activethey say rabbit feet are lucky.
all welcome | day break | overcast
Mandible 4
(Closed) (Closed) (Closed) ActiveOn The Road Again
[summons] With Paige / afternoon
Esme 3
ActiveI Want to Love Everyone
| Midday | Sunny | Close to HS
Applebutter 1
Activemornings are for the early birds.
[continuation] christine | dawn | continuation
Mandible 15
VH | Early summer | Morning | Overcast
Kaya 6
i’m meaner than my demons
early summer, twilight-dusk, at the river halfway point between fossil butte and riverside hollow
Cleo 1
ActiveA Million Miles Away
HY4 | Early Summer | Sunset | AW
Saski 6
Sylva 13