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Verdant Hills Description | Flora & Fauna

A welcome respite from the trek across the Eastern Wasteland, the Verdant Hills region receives regular rainfall, as it lies in the shadow of Skyrise Mountain.

Subareas: Fossil Butte, Riverside Hollow
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ActiveOn Route to A Bath
literally, one hopes. Following Laser Light Cannon | hot, riverside on the west side below meadow
Marc 16
ActiveCommunity Dad II : The Awakening
Late morning || Just north of the pass
Maes 11
ActiveThe Very Next Day
actually, a few hours after "There's so much to look forward to" | Finn's old tree, just South of the RH |
Finn 0
Posted: Feb 14 '19, 4:27 PM
Somnus 7
Ira 2
ActiveBlack Eyes and Sapphires
Headed toward RH, the boundaries in the distance | later summer, early morning, hints of due, warming rapidly | calling out
Finn 8
Activeoh yuck
[continuation] | Western River | Backdated to full summer | With Kodiak |
Chloe 4
ActiveA Long Days Work
Late summer, hot, wandering aimlessly
Kiyiya 13
ActiveMy Love, Denied
Late Summer | Warm and getting Hotter | Just past the wasteland | Early morning
Uther 7
ActiveDoot Doot Doot
Daytime | AW
Widdershins 19
Activeone of the crowd
[continuation] pierrepont | after fight thread
Aeneas 18
HY5 | LSU | VH | Late afternoon nearing evening
Masika 16
ActiveGem Glow
Marcia 10