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Western Plains Description | Flora & Fauna

The hills flatten out into smoother plains that grow more rugged and rocky as they reach a cliffed edge to the west. Grass here is short but plentiful, and it is a rich feeding ground of a wide variety of grazers. The far west edge looks out over the coast, but any wolf seeking to reach the beach from here would find the journey treacherously steep.

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Towards the beach, near firefly woods end, windy | afternoon
Tiberius 21
And we’re marching on to the beat of drums
Western Plains, very southeast corner | Early winter | Morning | Overcast
Bucky 7
ActiveBloody hell
Early winter, afternoon, just west of Shadowed Dell
Mordor 18
ActiveFooled Around and Fell in Love
AW | 14°F/-10°C | Overcast | Sunset | Early Winter
Malachi 16
AW | Safira welcome to join! | Around 3AM, Evergreen Forest visible
Argus 12
ActivePack up and moving on
Early Winter/ Noon
Zelda 14
You’re Weird, Sister
EW | Western Plains | afternoon/evening | cold and clear
Thrush 1
ActiveI will find my way, I can go the distance
[HY3, Early Winter, below the EF, sunrise, windy and coold ]
Ares 7