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Western Plains Description | Flora & Fauna

The hills flatten out into smoother plains that grow more rugged and rocky as they reach a cliffed edge to the west. Grass here is short but plentiful, and it is a rich feeding ground of a wide variety of grazers. The far west edge looks out over the coast, but any wolf seeking to reach the beach from here would find the journey treacherously steep.

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Morning, early winter, west of the Dell + (one day after "where to dig for gold" & searching for Kalea)
Adrian 7
All Falls Down    
HY4 | Early Winter | Right by RH and the river
Safira 8
this time I’ve lost
Morning, sun - north of the glen
Kilorn 41
ActiveSilver masquerade
Near the coast, with Nemesis
Belarus 16
ActiveHere I go
Effie 32
ActiveMoving forward is difficult
EW/ cloudy/ afternoon/ cold/ with Paige
Esme 23
Look What I’ve Done
HY4 | Drizzling | Sad Safira ):
Safira 6
ActiveStrangers Again
Just after “Triangles..” | Right outside of the coast, not too far but beginning to move towards Western Plains | light drizzle
Safira 12