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Rolling Prairies Description | Flora & Fauna

Bordered on the south and west by rivers and to the east by the lake, the prairie becomes more distinct from the hills the further north it stretches, flattening out into gently undulating grasses that shift dramatically in color as the seasons change. There are very few trees here, but plenty of shrubs for prey animals to hide in.

Subareas: Harlequin Meadow
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ActiveJoin me on my little adventure
[continuation] With Kilorn / heading toward the sanctuary/ hot / early afternoon
Keziah 14
Activethese days drift on
(Night, partly cloudy and north of the 'r' in rolling.
Kilorn 14
Two P’s In A Bloody Pod
[continuation] Directly west of Adder Creek/ Cloudy but warm/ Midday/ With Petunia
Piper 9
ActiveOrganically grown, pissed-off girlfriend
come and get her while shes hot !! | early morning | just the TINIEST bit foggy
Serafina 1
Atticus 7
The Dream You Don’t Remember
base of the peaks, headed South towards lake | very early morning | warming up
Maeve 13
ActiveIn a kinder way, what did the spirit say
south rolling prairies | full summer | night
Bianca 3
ActiveThe path less traveled
Northern end | Evening | Raining
Larisa 8
ActiveA bunch of herbs
AW | morning, clear skies but rain on the horizon
Nettle 7
evening, partly cloudy, right between 'rolling praire'
Adrian 12
HY4 | Early Summer | Early Morning | AW
Safira 20
(Closed) Activedeja vu
Late Spring | Morning | Overcast, mild | on the beach on the north shore of Cloudmirror Lake
Verin 7