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Bordered on the south and west by rivers and to the east by the lake, the prairie becomes more distinct from the hills the further north it stretches, flattening out into gently undulating grasses that shift dramatically in color as the seasons change. There are very few trees here, but plenty of shrubs for prey animals to hide in.

Subareas: Harlequin Meadow
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ActiveHEY, Buddy
LW | Rolling Hills, outside HQ | cold and snowy | urfin' for family
Sonya 15
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Posted: 27 minutes ago
ActiveBefore you run, give me a call
Rolling Prairies | Late winter | Afternoon | Overcast
Sunfall 3
ActiveKo No Mono
[summons] Kamaal | -6°F/-21°C | Cloudy | Evening | Full Winter
Meir 13
ActiveI gotta go but I will see you one last time
[summons] Backdated to full winter, a day after ''You and Me Against the World'' --- looking for Wrenegade
Scott 8
Activeyoung cardinals
Winter afternoon, clear skies
Muses 9
Honey, I’m home
[summons] Rolling Praries, south, riverside | Full Winter | Evening | Snowing lightly | Calling Saski
Sunfall 20
ActiveI can see clearly now the rain has gone
AW | Midday | Light snow
Uthyr 24