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Starlight Peaks Description | Flora & Fauna

The tallest peaks in the valley, these steep mountains can challenge even the most experienced travelers. Rugged evergreen trees make for patchy forests that dot the range, and trickling streams feed into larger, swifter rapids meeting at the falls. Many small caves and hideaways can provide a safe haven for wolves...if not already occupied by other mountain predators.

Subareas: Grand Rapids
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ActiveI know it breaks your heart, two years, no calls
With Freyr and Kam | Calling Skuld | At the ice caves
Fray 19
Argus 0
Posted: Sep 24 '17, 8:50 PM
ActiveWhat is ours
Calling for the gang, a few ways from the caves, afternoon-ish, cloudy
Kamaal 2
AW, Aran/Kam? | -7°F/-22°C | Snowstorm, Snowing | Very Early Morning | Late Winter
Meir 4
Sparrow 9
ActiveDifferent day, different range
Midday, cloudy but not snowing, windy.
Rivet 28
ActivePeace of Callias
[summons] After "I know it breaks your heart, two years, no calls" aka backdated to the 12th, calling for Sparrow, snowing lightly, calm breezes
Kamaal 9
Activeplay among the stars
[summons] calling for her family
Sparrow 6
Rocky mountain high  
With the gang | Light snow, windy
Fray 26
Activethe sound we hear when it snows
early winter | snowing in the peaks
Rook 5