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Starlight Peaks Description | Flora & Fauna

The tallest peaks in the valley, these steep mountains can challenge even the most experienced travelers. Rugged evergreen trees make for patchy forests that dot the range, and trickling streams feed into larger, swifter rapids meeting at the falls. Many small caves and hideaways can provide a safe haven for wolves...if not already occupied by other mountain predators.

Subareas: Grand Rapids, Ice Grotto, Crystal Shore
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ActiveSquirmy, quiet and slimy, just like Zavier!
Morning | In the den
Lynn 19
ActiveThe road without pavement
travelling westwards from the shores again | full summer, evening | cooling
Tiberius 12
Activerising to the challenge
late summer | warm, heavy rain | sunset
Verin 1
AW | 60°F/16°C | Clear | Midday | Full Summer
Meir 5
“A Sky like your eyes” a guy once said
Night, mostly clear skies, the faintest hints of a breeze, on the rock her and Fray have claimed, close to the grotto
Kamaal 7
Freyar 2
ActiveFuck you thunder
FS | storming, beware the god of thunder | afternoonish and near the grotto
Fray 7
misty mountains cold  
midsummer | morning | foggy
Lysander 11
ActiveImpressionable Minds
full summer | morning, warming up | nearing IG
Tiberius 28
ActiveStoned Jesus
[Trigger warning: mention of 'magic shrooms' aka drugs] backdated to the 4rth of Feb 'cause what are timelines, near the grotto, noon
Kamaal 55
[continuation] With Buffy, right after "Drift"
Kamaal 9
[summons] AW, Kam's kids | 55°F/13°C | Clear | Midday | Early Summer
Meir 8
Hey, you seen the ice caves?
[summons] Framaal babs, outside of the den, morning, calm breezes, sunny
Kamaal 6
‘cause we all gonna rot in our hearses
[summons] jean / early summer / night / 57°F / in spice's den
Marcus 17
ActiveA Teacher
[continuation] With Scott / evening
Jean 7
ActiveI said no, I need no antidepressants
[summons] Framaal babs, noon, cloudy, just outside of the den
Kamaal 21