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Shimmering Shoal Description | Flora & Fauna

The Shimmering Shoal is a lagoon carved into the beach and blocked off by rock formations in the ocean. The water here is shallow and accessible through the coast. Surrounding the shoal are large cliffs, which slope downwards onto the beach. The north side proves to be a more difficult pathway than the south. Water from the cliff pours down onto the beach and hides a small alcove behind it.

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ActiveJust a little mending
[summons] AW | Fawn or Efeon | north side of the shoal, midday, cloudy and windy
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New names and numbers that I don’t know
Shimmering Shoal | Full Spring | Afternoon | Sunny, but a few clouds
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i’ve touched worse things
full spring, morning, light rain; w/ briar, lagora; all welcome
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Activeget back which used to be
morning, cloudy, light snow.
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Shimmering Shoal, Fawneon den | Evening | Raining out
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Oi. Bucky. C’mere.
[summons] Howl-Cough for Bucky, Full Spring, MIdday, Slightly Cloudy
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In an octupus’ garden
ES, afternoon | Snowing lightly | Probably with Efeon
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