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Shimmering Shoal Description | Flora & Fauna

The Shimmering Shoal is a lagoon carved into the beach and blocked off by rock formations in the ocean. The water here is shallow and accessible through the coast. Surrounding the shoal are large cliffs, which slope downwards onto the beach. The north side proves to be a more difficult pathway than the south. Water from the cliff pours down onto the beach and hides a small alcove behind it.

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I’ll bet some kids walk around corners without even thinking about it
With Fawn because we don't like variation, Early Winter, Afternoon, Cloudy, Windy
Efeon 20
ActiveAnd I will take my chances
[summons] Shimmering Shoal | Early Winter | Morning | Snowing lightly | Calling Ale and Efeon
Bucky 34
(Closed) ActiveRaise your glass
Shimmering Shoal | Rangers invasion | With Nomad, March, Pharaoh, calling Fawn and Efeon | Afternoon | Partly cloudy
Bucky 26
ActiveIf you’re lost, you can look
[continuation, summons] With Eerik, following 'Exhale' | At the Shoal, calling for Efeon
Fawn 11