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On the outskirts of Falter Glen lies East Eden: a large, double-leveled cave. A waterfall cascades down from the ceiling before crashing through the second floor’s ring-like hole and into the pool of the ground level. From here, the river flows out of the cave through a high-arching exit. The second level’s entrance is much smaller, fitting only one wolf at a time. Though narrow at first, the tunnel opens up into the light-filled cave to reveal the waterfall’s impressive sight.

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That’s the second dead wolf I’ve seen today. 
Shortly after Elliot's death. Looking for Tahti.
Cassian 4
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
[continuation, summons] After 'these battle scars' | With Relic | Looking for TK children
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[continuation] East Eden, after 'Nostalgia' | With Relic and Astred
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