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Fossil Butte Description | Flora & Fauna

Near where the Skyrise river bends North, a gigantic, jagged mound rises out of the earth. This is Fossil Butte, where a few paths wind into the crags, chiseled into steep walls by an ancient river long ago. Claimed territory of The Kingdom

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(STICKY)ActiveThe Kingdom Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for The Kingdom pack members
Elliot 3
ActiveLa Llorona
[continuation] Simultaneous with "after all we've been though"| with wayfarer and idemoni | at the river
Nima 1
ActiveA sad little queen of a sad little hill
[summons] {Trigger Warning} Pre-dawn | Overcast and cold | Seeking Wayfarer
Nima 35
After all that we’ve been through
[summons] Tryna howl for Nima | Backdated to right after the nima/wayfarer thread
Elliot 8
ActiveI will sleep the days away
Early winter, afternoon
Idemoni 19
Doing God’s (Igbo’s) Work
Afternoon /// Cloudy // The Kingdom // Central Fossil Butte Location
Igbo 25
ActiveSuch Fun
AW | Midnight | Patrolling the border
Wayfarer 24