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Fossil Butte Description | Flora & Fauna

Near where the Skyrise river bends North, a gigantic, jagged mound rises out of the earth. This is Fossil Butte, where a few paths wind into the crags, chiseled into steep walls by an ancient river long ago. Claimed territory of The Kingdom

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(STICKY)ActiveThe Kingdom Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for The Kingdom pack members
Elliot 3
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North of the Butte, closing in | cold, evening, clear | later winter
Theodore 5
LW | Fossil Butte | sunrise
Thrush 1
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[summons] Howling for TK wolves | Mid-day | Kingdom meetin' n' shit
Elliot 17
Activeum, we all go to hell, mama
trying to find pack's food cache // midnight // -7° // moderate breezes // medium snowfall
Carter 13
ActiveThe only easy day was yesterday
Morning | At border
Elliot 20
ActiveI Just Want to be Saved
AW! / cloudy / snow on the ground / at TK border
Antonia 13
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So, so pregnant | Very late at night
Manson 2
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Late winter, morning
Mair 8
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[summons] Fossil Butte, just over the western borders | Full winter | Dawn | Overcast, breezy | Calling for Kingdom
Natasha 14
ActiveNames in mind
Looking for Ide, Igbo, Zelda, Misaki, or Manson
Elliot 14