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Fossil Butte Description | Flora & Fauna

Near where the Skyrise river bends North, a gigantic, jagged mound rises out of the earth. This is Fossil Butte, where a few paths wind into the crags, chiseled into steep walls by an ancient river long ago. Claimed territory of The Kingdom

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(STICKY)ActiveThe Kingdom Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for The Kingdom pack members
Elliot 3
[summons] Full Spring | Fossil Butte, southern bank of the river | morning, sunny | with Tahti
Harlow 6
ActiveToo long to be here
[summons] Seeking nettle / full spring / flurries, morning, nearing caves from butts
Tiberius 35
ActiveHey pack up or shut up
[summons] [Tiberius] Edge of the border/night
Zelda 5
Activemurder is a strong word
[continuation, summons] with Ryd ( and Sonya and Stormfront?) | just making this present day because f timelines, amirite?
Faithful 25
ActivePale Green Things
Full Spring | Fossil Butte | midmorning and why is it snowing again this is spring
Thrush 22
ActiveTip tap tap tip
[summons] [Tiberius] Full spring/Noon
Zelda 27
ActiveHelp us serve you better
Early spring | mid morning | cold
Tiberius 22
ActiveFee-Fi-Fo-Fum, Better Run and Hide
[continuation] With Neeve | Aw| Late night |
Arson 2