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Near where the Skyrise river bends North, a gigantic, jagged mound rises out of the earth. This is Fossil Butte, where a few paths wind into the crags, chiseled into steep walls by an ancient river long ago.

Claimed territory of The Kingdom

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(STICKY)ActiveThe Kingdom Pack Thread
[private] Ongoing - for The Kingdom pack members
Elliot 3
ActiveWe Run to the End of Bleak Tomorrows
[summons] Early Full Summer | About 3 days after "If You Want Something Done Right" | Summoning all troops for role-call
Nima 34
AW | Hunting
Elliot 48
ActiveNeed, Need, Need
Full Summer | Fossil Butte | steady rainfall, and thunder in the distance
Harlow 24
ActiveTalk about your fixer-upper
Fossil Butte | Late Summer | Overcast, heavily flooded, mudslides and mud puddles and more mud
Sunfall 10
Cerys 8
ActiveInvestigation Of The Castle
[summons] [Any TK Wolves] Midnight · Thunderstorm · 60°F / 15°C
Arnou 0
Posted: Feb 11 '18, 8:50 PM
Activecome back home
the day after 'desolate' | dawn | well away from the borders | trying to find ryd and faithful
Makki 23