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Starshatter Basin Description | Flora & Fauna

Encased in the western portion of the Skyrise mountains lies a basin surrounded by forested hills. Concealed by dense evergreens, a north facing chasm in the mountainside acts as the main entrance, while a wider entrance opens towards Oversea Lookout. A river flows down from jagged peaks to form the basin.

Claimed territory of the Soulfire Covenant

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Shatterstar | Late winter | Afternoon | Overcast
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[continuation, summons] Shatterstar Basin, just beyond northern borders | Full winter | Afternoon, three days after 'On your six' | Snowing lightly | With Tamaska, summoning Relic/Covenant
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[summons] [Sniffin’ for Relic] day time
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[summons] HY5 LW | Afternoon, sunny but snow still covering the ground | Calling for Anna and Claes
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eating a stick | summons for covenant wolves, outside of boundaries, flurries & late day
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[summons] HY5 LW | calling for Relic | set the morning after "It wasn't suppose to be like this" | clear skies, no wind | set just outside the northern borders
Tuathal 4
Show me what I’m looking for
starshatter basin | early winter | midnight, clear | all welcome!
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