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High amongst the mountain peaks rests a large, glacial lake that feeds down into the Grand Rapids. Only the eastern shore has been inhabited thus far, large as it is, and along it rests a thicket of evergreens. Its shores are stony, often frozen partially or in entirety from Full Winter to Full Summer.

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Posted: Jan 21 '18, 8:36 PM
Activeit’s the bullet lane
aw | night | chillin'
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ActiveHeaded Out
[summons] | Leaving the lake | Looking for Sparrow | Mid-morning, scattered showers |
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AW | Cloudy | Birds singing
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ActiveA Lost Cause
nearing the shores, purposefully bothering mode | early summer | morning
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ActiveTake a day to break away
| A couple days after "Are we there yet?" | Sunny, warm, clear skies |
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ActiveEssays are overrated
AW | *points at Duck Duck Goose thread* | Sunny
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ActiveI see trees of green, red roses too
Light rain | With madre
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[summons] Sparrow | 43°F/6°C | Still Dark Skies (volcano) | Midday | Late Spring
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Activeevery time i get ahead of myself
summer, dusk, making camp
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ActiveNothing Ventured
Early Summer | Slightly Rainy | Morning
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ActiveElevator to the Moon
volcano event / midday
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ActiveThat’s why, darling, it’s incredible
Birthing thread, predawn
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