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Kingsfall Cascade Description | Flora & Fauna

Fed by an unassuming river and concealed by towering pines on either side, the Kingsfall Cascade is a frigid waterfall lying between two peaks. After plummeting from a rocky overlook, the clear water forms a small, shallow pool at the cascade's base before continuing its way down the mountains and into the Prairies.

Claimed territory of the Northern Realm

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(STICKY)ActiveTerritory map!
Damien 1
Onwards, upwards? 
[summons] Kingsfall | Late summer | Dawn | Warming up fast | Safira
Wrenn 4
ActiveHalf of a whole
[summons] [Damein] Noon || sunny
Siberia 6
Activehad you in my coat pocket, where i kept my rebel red
[summons] damstred pups · early autumn hy5
Remington 1
ActiveLessons to Learn
LS, twilight | looking for an adult [to pester] | KC
Eira 12
ActiveLift our cups of sorrow
Damien 48
ActiveNow we’re stressed out.
[summons] LS// HY5// 90 degrees// Alexia is a mess//Calling any NR wolves
Alexia 13
ActiveWhat once was lost now is found
Kings fall | Late spring | late afternoon
Willow 11
ActiveHallmark cards and other tripe
[summons] Kingsfall | Late summer | Afternoon | Hot | Calling for Damien/pack/Los
Ruby 3
...What’s your emergency?
[continuation] Late summer, not long after ''911''
Darienne 13
Every Day Isn’t Like Yesterday
ls, by the falls, late day | cloudy
Eira 20
ActiveIce ice, baby
[summons] ls, hy5 — summons for Baltasar and/or Safira
Skadi 7
those be fightin’ words
[summons] NYOWS | fsu hy5 | (butterflies)
Skadi 5
ActiveI’m A Mess, I’m A Loser, I’m A Hater, I’m A User
Boofin' for Damien/ early evening/ cool, clear
Baltasar 15
ActiveConquered Mindset
mid-morning, fs, near the den, clear | KC
Eira 9
Kingsfall | Late summer | Afternoon | Hot | Sniffing out Remington
Wrenn 12
ActiveMagna Carta
looking for a friend
Skadi 17
ActiveOnward Little Soldier
[summons] calling Realm pups | End of Full Summer | Warm | Breezy | Mid-morning
Lark 28
Love; Not Wrong            
[summons] HY5 | FS | Near Safira's den | Calling for Lark and Yukon | Noon
Safira 18
Activeour two options
[summons] damien, evening
Sienna 18
ActiveHave you ever heard the wolf cry
Kingsfall | Full summer | Evening | Some clouds
Wrenn 6
Activethe devil works fast
[summons] howling for NR wolves // after/during 'delusions of the russian wolf'
Soley 9