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Maybe I’ll burn a little brighter tonight
With her pups, obviously | Midnight | Low temperatures |

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Achilles Ambrosia Dallas

Nights within the cave had always been cold; but deeper within the caves in the birthing room she had picked- they were much more so. Each night since the birth of her children, Achilles had to practically lay on top of them just to keep them warm. She’d much rather allow herself to freeze than her pups.

She was hungry, too. Only ever leaving the pups to get cache food when the room was warm enough that they wouldn’t die of cold… Which wasn’t very often. When the conditions proved well enough to leave, however; she would rush off to the cache, bringing back just enough food to last her another day or so. Then it was back to incubating the helpless heaps of fur beside her.

How long had it been since they’d been born? A week, perhaps? Maybe even a few days more. Achilles knew well enough that their sight and hearing wouldn’t come for another few days, but she spent a vast majority of her time whispering stories of adventure and glory to their still-deaf ears. This was… Mostly for her sake, however. It fueled her thoughts. It kept her sane.

And now, in the ever-cold hours before dawn, It’s exactly what she did. Whispering softly, solemnly, protectively in the dead of night. Blissfully unaware of anything that may or may not be happening outside of her chamber. Blissfully shutting down any straying thought of Whiskey.

Oct 16, 2017 04:41 PM

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Margarita maiyev

Margarita had been asleep, conked out in a dead snooze. Then..something tickled her nose. She snorted, and only succeeded in getting the hair further up her nasal canal. She squeaked, thrashing around to get the hair away from her.

Then a sneeze that rocked her entire body. And she squealed as it left her, nose instinctively wrinkling as she paddled away from the Big Ol Warmth.

Oct 16, 2017 06:03 PM — Post #1

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Dionysus Ambrosia Dylan

Dion loved stories.

Not that he knew what they were, of course. They were soundless humms to his deaf ears, but the vibrations of his mama’s breath on his fur was oh so soothing. He was awake, but not his usual restless self as she spoke to them. He couldn’t hear the words but he could feel his mother’s heart beat as he lay curled delicately against her fur. A little squeak here, a tiny growl here as Dionysus pawed unwittingly at his siblings.

AND THEN MARGARITA RUINED HIS PEACEFUL STORY TIME. A mini explosion occurred next to him, sending him splay-lagged with fright before erupting in a flurry of angry squeaks.

Oct 16, 2017 09:32 PM — Post #2

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Achilles Ambrosia Dallas

“Bless you, Rita!” Achilles said with a giggle, watching the pup struggle to get a hair out of her nose. The mini sneeze-attack seemed to have given rise to a very angry Dion. His angry yips echoed off of the room’s walls, and Achi gently pressed her nose to his, hoping to soothe his moodiness.

Oct 18, 2017 05:06 PM — Post #3

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Bacchus Ambrosia Aeon

Life was occurring all around him, but Bacchus enjoyed very little of it. He liked to think it was out of preference, but it didn’t help much that both his eyes and both his ears didn’t work. His favorite activity of the day was being able to nap the days away, comforted by the warmth of his mother’s fur. Every so often he felt a little bump next to him, which made him scowl as much as a little puppy could scowl, but all the same it was bothersome when things woke him up from the dreamland.

Today was just another one of those days. He’d been minding his own business, sleeping pleasantly, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN A GIANT BOOM ROCKED THE EARTH. It startled him awake, his eyes squeezing even more tightly than they had while he’d been asleep, and he let out a complainant cry. Or, rather, more like a series of them.

Oct 23, 2017 05:40 AM — Post #4

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