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midday | south firefly woods | after a heavy downpour

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Valley Aderly Minxy

When the rain had started it’s downfall, Valley hadn’t been prepared. Not that it mattered much that she hadn’t been, Val quite liked running around in the rain - but when it had gotten so thick and heavy that she couldn’t see past her own nose, the she-wolf supposed she may as well hunt around for somewhere to hunker down. It could have lasted hours for all she knew, and it did. In a state of sheer luck, the dark beauty had come across a rather large tree with a trunk that seemed elevated, like it had a little wooden cave beneath it. Easily, the she-wolf slipped into it and out of the rain, despite the fact her body shivered and heart longed to be back in the rain.

Her fur was soaked, utterly, to the point that she felt as if she was her own personal waterfall when the water dripped and dripped from her. In the little space, she had done her best to shake her fur out but in the end, decided to lay her belly upon the soil and watch the rain. Sapphire eyes watched eagerly, delighted, remembering the days in her younger months when she would run through the rain and in the end, garner herself a cold. She was stronger now, and Val supposed this time she may not get ill. There was no one here to lecture her for her actions, either, and she frowned slightly as the thought of the pack rendered her still. Only to be joined by the thoughts of her brothers.

Valley tilted her head and breathed slightly through her nose; would she ever see them again, or were her fears the truth? Were they dead, slaughtered the night she was snuck out? Those thoughts were no good, not at all, and she often pushed them away when they tried to get their ugly claws into her. It seemed that the time she had been stuck in her own head, the rain had fallen to a light spray, but it was when her sapphire eyes landed on the many, many puddles that now littered the woodland floor that she sprung from her position.


“Fuck,” she hissed as her head hit the trunk, forgetting the size of which the little space was. Puffing her cheeks up with an indignant scowl towards the bark, she slipped from the confinement and her charcoal paws sunk into the soaked soil, and she breathed in the fresh scent of the shower. The rain was barely dropping now, but Valley surged forward with a delighted laugh, slapping her paws into the puddle - ignoring the muddy water that splashed up at her.

Nov 29, 2017 03:07 AM

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

Ross felt like shit. Soaked through by the rainstorm, he looked it, too.

For hours after his talk with Nayomi, he’d internally berated himself. What he’d told her hadn’t been fair or wise at all. He wasn’t the sort to make a conscious effort to emulate either quality, but loathe as he was to admit his own wrongdoings or shortcomings, he couldn’t bear the guilt that would ravage him for saying such unfeeling things to the young girl.

For implying that he wouldn’t have protected her from a rapist, if one ever came into the woods.

What a fucking lie. He wanted to vomit.

In the dark shroud of the storm, he’d taken his frustrations out on another unsuspecting oak by tearing his fangs into its bark, confident the roar of thunder overhead would drown out his growls and grunts so that Aksel or Icarus wouldn’t be alarmed. Or, worse, come to find him mid-tantrum. Only when he’d exhausted himself—and received more than a few splinters in his gums—did he relent.

Afterward, he proceeded to sprawl on the ground beneath the torrent, pressed into the dirt by the sheer force of the water and his shame combined. He wondered if he’d get sick. If he’d die. Because in that moment, motivated by a bout of ill-advised self-pity, he wondered if he’d be able to do anything right, ever.

His attempts since entering the valley were poor at best.

Lulled nearly into some half-asleep state by the gentle rush of what turned into a light drizzle after some hours had passed, Ross was startled to hear the sound of a voice, and one so close. Mostly, though, he was surprised to hear what was spoken.

A swear word, no matter how low, could always get his attention.

With a grunt, he rolled onto his elbows, a sopping cloak of mud clinging to the entire right half of his body and face. After spitting a few wayward clumps of dirt from his lips, he proceeded to crane his head around the area, suspecting he saw a dark shape several paces away, past the ferns that bordered him.

He released a deep bark, his hackles stiffening beneath the mud on his coat. If there were any fuckin’ strangers in the woods, he had no intentions of letting them remain strangers for long.

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Valley Aderly Minxy

A splash of muddy water hit her chin and she swung her head with a laugh, tail waving behind her as she leapt then, landing with all four paws hitting another puddle. Her charcoal legs were now caked in muddy water, though it did little to sway her from continuing on with her fun. Though, she was mid-jump when she heard a bark, the sound having surprised her to the point when she landed, one of her paws slipped on the soil and she went sliding down with her mouth in the muddy water.

Ears flying forward she pulled her head with a scrunched nose, “not my type of drinking water,” she murmured to herself with a half-grin, but she stood then on all fours with a dripping chin. Sapphire eyes looked towards the creature that barked, he wasn’t all that far - close enough so she could get a general idea about him. “That could have ended terribly,” she sung, tail swaying behind her as she shook out her fur, muddy water droplets going flying.

Nov 29, 2017 03:53 AM — Post #2

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Ross Thorn Jill

Given the fuck he’d initially heard, Ross was naturally inclined to be on the defensive. For all his recent encounters with suspicious, creepy wolves, he wondered if he’d need to bare his fangs at whatever stranger had entered the forest this day, and whether or not he’d make for a decent fighter given the heaviness of his mood.

So he was surprised to hear only a lilting laugh follow the swear, and then the tell-tale splash of a wolf who’d fallen face-first into a puddle.

From his place amidst the undergrowth, he straightened a bit more without moving into a complete sit, lifting his head to catch the striking markings under the female’s eyes when her gaze came to rest on his own at last. Tempting as it would have been to let his expression morph into one of curiosity—at both her appearance and her antics—he fought the urge, instead scowling openly at her.

“Uh… sure?” he commented, not entirely certain of what it was she spoke about with the whole… water deal. Narrowing his eye, he projected his voice. “What were you fuck-in’ about?”

Nov 29, 2017 04:01 AM — Post #3

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Valley Aderly Minxy

He seemed like a serious one, or was he? Now that she could see him properly, he was of brownish colour that could be black if he was in the right light - the one eye he had remaining was a starling golden yellow. Briefly, she wondered how he lost the other one. Was it gruesome? Was it his fault? Was it not? Though he seemed so… gangly, was that the word? Lanky? But he didn’t seem as if he were a little pup, with the way he carried himself.

She found the large ears upon his head endearing, overall he was quite the little mess, but oddly, it worked for him. Upon his question, Valley snorted a laugh as she rolled her eyes, “heard that, did you?” She mused, “hit my head on the sodding trunk, forgot it wasn’t all that large,” Valley swept forward then on petite paws, drawing closer to the other creature. They were both a mess, it seemed, she a muddy, wet mess and he just a messy furred one.

The she-wolf noted the narrowed eye and she smiled at him then, a large, vibrant grin. “Shouldn’t say bad words, y’know. Not at all charming,” it was a teasing comment, but more so to see what she was working with. Whether he’d eat her (or try to), whether he’d have steam coming from his ears or whether he’d retort. It was interesting, because he seemed interesting just by his appearance alone, and she did little to hide it.

Nov 29, 2017 04:11 AM — Post #4

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross blinked dully at her admission. So, she’d hit her head on the trunk of one of the forest’s many freakish little tree-dens. He supposed he’d have cursed, too, had he been in the same predicament.

He offered her a little grunt of acknowledgment.

As she stepped toward him, his remaining eye peeled wide. The hackles along his spine stiffened still, attempting to stand tall as soldiers despite the mud cloaking half his body. The skin along his muzzle twitched, conveying how much he was considering snarling outright at this strange female who dared to approach him so casually.

Once she was within comfortable conversing distance, though, he noticed her bright, blue eyes. The pale markings around them. The gentle sweep of her hips and legs.

She… wasn’t bad looking. And that thought irritated him more than she did.

At her teasing, he offered a snort, effectively clearing the rainwater from his nose in the same effort.

“Ain’t that a little hypocritical?” he asked, curling his lips into a sneer. Despite his expression, his voice lacked any real bite. “And why the fuck would I care about being charming, anyway.”

Nov 29, 2017 04:14 PM — Post #5

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Valley Aderly Minxy

She was pushing him a little bit, if his features were any indication. Funnily enough his charming little features (his scarred face did little to deter the fact he was handsome. Val thought that maybe it added a unique twist to him) seemed even more endearing upon the twitch. Valley curled her tail towards her flank as she slunk forward, only stopping when they were mere feet away from each other.

Oh - he was a good one. Valley’s grin at his snort was evident, his less than pleased expression but his lacking bite of a tone… was he wanting to be annoyed? “I never said I was an angel, darling.” The charcoal tinted she wolf mused with an easy tone, and upon his latter one, one slender shoulder shrugged. “If you don’t CARE about being charming, then what do you care about being?” It was an innocently posed question but the cheeky tilt to her lips told a different story altogether.

Valley lowered herself to her elbows as she stretched out her forepaws and arched her back, though her fur felt heavy from the water and mud - the stretch did wonders for her limbs. “You’re quite the little potty mouth, careful, or else you’ll make me think I’m not a lady,” the thought was ludicrous. Though she looked every bit like a lady - when she wasn’t caked in mud - and carried herself like one, Valley wasn’t one. She had grown up with males, their mannerisms being forged with her own. It didn’t mean she couldn’t tease the little cutie, did It?

Nov 29, 2017 05:29 PM — Post #6

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Ross Thorn Jill

As the unfamiliar she-wolf approached, stopping once she was only but a few tail-lengths from him, Ross lifted himself into a proper sit. Instinctively, his ears turned back, some primal corner of his thoughts informing the gesture. Here he was, not a stranger in a wood that was becoming less strange itself to him, confronted by someone who was.

And, oh, stars above. She was as insufferable as Nayomi, asking questions right out the gate. They’d known each other for scarcely a few heartbeats, and she wanted to know what he cared about? What the fuck.

His sneer worsened into an outright sardonic grin, and he tilted his head, wondering what sort of shit conversation she was trying to make. Fortunately (for her), she seemed to drop that subject quickly, choosing instead to… comment on his language. Again.

And do you think you’re a lady? he wanted to say so, so terribly. But with his mood weighing him down as undeniably as the mud and water saturating his pelt, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He’d said one too many awful things to females lately, and it was a record he was not keen to lengthen.

“Whatever,” he commented, lifting a hind paw to scratch at his ear. “What you want here, anyway? You another one Icarus dragged in?”

If his encounters with Opal and Atalya were any indication, then the masked boy was primed for inviting ladies back to the Labyrinth, clearly.

Nov 29, 2017 06:48 PM — Post #7

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Valley Aderly Minxy

She wished she could read his mind, as for some reason she had the strong sense that his mind was certainly something. He carried himself with what could be a bratty demeanour, or as if he were a puzzle waiting to be pieced together. Did the boy gave many layers to discover, or was he outright just a little shit? Funnily enough, she decided to comment. “Its always the cute ones that have the “little shit” trait,” the she-wolf drawled with a slight tilt of her lips. His attitude bounced straight off of her with a gentle sweep of her tail and a jerk of her hips.

Her ears perked forward at his comment, and she rolled her eyes, “can’t a girl just enjoy nature without any reason being Here?” She lifted her paw to slap it against a puddle, “I’ve not the foggiest of who Icarus is.” Val rose her brows at him, “last time I checked there wasn’t a pack scent marked, unless you’re about to prove me wrong love?” Valley drawled easily, tilting her head to survey him. Seeing what he was made of was fun, very fun indeed.

Nov 29, 2017 06:58 PM — Post #8

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

Her comment, no matter how off-hand or absentminded, left Ross bristling. “Cute” wasn’t a term he particularly cared for, nor did he think it fit him. And, in any case, he was really left to wonder what was wrong with this lady’s brain, if she was able even to dredge the notion of cute when Ross was caked with dirt and mud-water.

He would have snarled outright, but the gentle sashay of her hips kept him quiet. Fuck.

When her answer to his question arrived at last, he felt the barest hint of embarrassment for assuming she’d met Icarus. He wasn’t sure why, though. After all, the masked boy was better at… this. At meeting others before Ross could, and talking to them, and seeing if they wanted to join the group.

Ross wasn’t really interested in doing any of that, but at the girl’s comment about a pack, he had to sneer again.

“Well, there’s about to be, and Icarus is the Chief. So you might wanna watch who you go ‘round callin’ love or cute or little shit. ‘Cause ain’t everybody around here as sweet as me, and gonna let you off with just a warning.”

Was that true? No. Did she need to know that? No.

His smile faded.

“What’s your name.” Decidedly not a question, though his voice was rich with curiosity.

Nov 29, 2017 09:37 PM — Post #9

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Valley Aderly Minxy

His fire was evident, and he had released it without a care. Sapphire blue eyes kept a hold of their state upon his features as he finished his little - well, she supposed it was a threat. It didn’t have her quaking or shaking, but a threat was a threat and it have her eyes glinting. “Technically if there isn’t an established pack Here, I’m not yet trespassing,” she sung though she knew she had to do something to keep him sweet - his own version of sweet.

Valley looked at him through her lashes with a small secretive smile playing on the corner of her lips as he curiously “requested” her name. A petite paw slipped forward as she tilted her head, “why not make it interesting, love?” Her voice had softened, honey and a purr merged. Valley slowly sashayed toward him just a little more, the curve of her hips swaying. “Interested?” It was posed innocently but the devilish and hint of invitation could be taken any way - but perhaps he was just a bit too stubborn. It was all fun and games, it just didn’t hurt he was attractive and seemingly fun though he likely didn’t intend to be.

Nov 30, 2017 02:21 AM — Post #10

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

Ross barely suppressed the urge to roll his eye. This lady was more interested in technicalities than facts, and though she had no way of knowing how many in number their group was—and Ross recognized that she wouldn’t because he hadn’t told her—he did wonder what sort of wolf spoke so confidently when her life could be in danger.

She was a wild one, this rogue.

A fact which became increasingly evident the moment she extended her forelimb towards him. Ross reeled back, his body reacting before his mind could consciously decide on any behavior. His eye rolled to her paw before it traced the dark fur of her leg up to her chest, along the curve of her neck, and up to her eyes, the pale markings which haloed them commanding his attention.

From his peripherals, he caught the motion of her hips again. That little sashay. Something she seemed to enjoy doing, and was good at, if he was forced to fucking admit anything.

Because, quite frankly, he didn’t know what the fuck to think or feel, and he swallowed thickly for it.

He wasn’t some creep or bastard. He wasn’t about to knowingly become the sort of wolves he hated most in the world. But she was open, and initiating, and stupidly he had to wonder what his sleaze of a brother would have done in a situation like this.

He kept his eye trained on her own icy ones, even if something in it seemed faraway, like at the slightest coaxing his gaze would wander. Despite the intensity of his anger—or whichever passion was flaring in his chest—his voice came out low. “Just answer the damn question.”

Nov 30, 2017 02:50 AM — Post #11

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Valley Aderly Minxy

Valley couldn’t deny she was enjoying it. It was interesting to see all that crawled along his features, his posture and his eye. Almost it seemed as if he was uncertain, but she herself couldn’t be sure. She watched him watch her, his gaze trailing across her. Then, he was meeting her eyes and at the corner of her lips grew a tempting smile.The dark beauty was enjoying herself, his personality seemed quite unusual, so she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to push it further and explore it. His voice came out now and the fur along her neck pricked up ever so slightly, the glint in her eyes brightening.

It was hard to tell what he was thinking, he seemed like an encased whirlwind and the adventurous part of her longed to explore him. Slowly, purposefully she made another step towards him, her body slinking with the elegance of a feline. Whether he would move this time or not she wasn’t certain but she wondered if he was used to a situation like this or not. “Or?” Her voice was like honey but low and purposeful as she looked at him through her lashes. Val was pushing him, she knew but she couldn’t stop herself. It was somewhat intoxicating to the adrenaline junkie.

“Wouldnt it be proper to divulge your first?” as if anything about the situation was proper.

Nov 30, 2017 10:00 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

Ross was… struggling. As the female stepped closer once more, his fangs bit into the inside of his lip. The skin along his muzzle twitched again, the moisture from the drizzle glinting against the pale skin of his scars, and he turned his ears away.

Given his mud-covered, twig-adorned pelt, he couldn’t tell if she was genuinely interested, or if her behavior was some elaborate challenge he just wasn’t fully comprehending. He didn’t want to think he’d lose to her by flinching away if the latter was true, and so remained sitting even as her voice drifted to him like the sweet aroma of spring upon a breeze, gentle but tantalizing. She was close enough now that he almost suspected he could feel her breath against his damp cheeks and muzzle.

She had the nerve to insist again, albeit under the guise of propriety, that he introduce himself first. Resisting the urge to roll his eye, Ross grumbled out, “You’re real fuckin’ stubborn, aren’t you?”

And again, he was disappointed by the lack of bite behind his voice.

In the end, he had to oblige, and hoped she wouldn’t take his admission as some twisted reason to think she’d been victorious in this confusing, distracting dance or competition or… whatever it was in which he’d been made to participate.

“It’s Ross.” His eye remained steadily on her, his nose twitching for a scent he wouldn’t find on her in this season.

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Valley Aderly Minxy

Being this close to him now, nearly nose to nose, Valley could drink in his appearance much better. The eye he had remaining was vivid, that much she could have said from where she had been initially. He had scars littering his face, from teeth or claws Valley wasn’t overly sure, but she was leaning further towards teeth, given their appearance. Lifting her sapphire stare, she looked towards his fur - now, she could see the hints of red that she supposed would be easier to see with direct light, much like the lighter parts of her own fur.

He was a handsome wolf, that much was obvious, and his attitude… well, it was certainly enticing Valley to continue her actions. Upon his grumbling words, Valley’s smile said it all: she knew she was stubborn, but also that it wasn’t bothering him as much as he wanted to let on. “You haven’t seen the half of it yet,” she murmured in amusement, her voice having a touch of wispy air.


The male had given in, and he was looking at her unwaveringly, but she looked back just as easily. Pleasure to meet you, Ross,” she drawled quietly, warmly, tantalising. Valley was moving then, slowly and purposefully at his side with the tips of her fur ghosting along his own. He was fun and attractive, she could not deny herself tempting him and pushing him - just to see how much it would take him to crack.

Valley stopped when she was behind him, not saying another word or giving up her name. Silence could be torture, along with many other things - and she was in too deep too care what the repercussions were.

Dec 05, 2017 09:09 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

He hadn’t seen the half of it, huh?

Ross’ lower lip jutted forth, just slightly, as he released a measured sigh. He struggled not to care about whether or not the breath hit her face, or what it might have smelt like—if he’d eaten a rabbit recently, or something from the cache, but his mind kept coming back to the most absurd of questions.

What the hell did he look like right now? What the hell was the scent clinging to his fur like? Pleasant? Musty? Woodsy? He’d grown so used to the flourishing oaks of this forest that he did have to wonder if he carried the earthy aroma of the Labyrinth, or something else entirely.

And he would have been resigned to drive himself to madness, worrying over such trivialities, had the female’s voice not pulled him from the depth of his ridiculous concerns. The word pleasure had been emphasized, and for how tempting it was to believe its sincerity, Ross couldn’t shake the feeling he was being toyed with.

But whether this game was meant for fun or something more malicious, he didn’t dare trace the she-wolf with his eyes even when she disappeared around his side to stand at his back.

Doing so would probably make him look weak, or frightened, or paranoid. So he stared forward instead.

The hackles along his spine, having fought against the mud and rain coating his body, at last won in their endeavor. And if the she-wolf was at his backside, then she’d probably recognize the defensive posturing as they stood on end.

“And?” he pressed in a growl, expecting her to reveal her name.

Dec 05, 2017 11:44 PM — Post #15

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