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Epidemic J

Epidemic had taken her time to get here.

Obviously, it wasn’t intentional. Yeah, there was all the bad feelings about Adrian, but all before that she held Kyoren by the maw and forced him to say her name before she told him that nobody would ever love him. The slowness of her arrival had nothing to do with all that!

Let’s just say that as her russet paws fell awkwardly on the through the clustered forest. She had been a little bit of herrrreee and a little bit of thheerrrree. Epidemic trusted that Icarus would be here. Here. In this exact cursed forest. The trees looked like they were scared of her, screeching upwards in their rooted chairs as if they had seen something frightening.

When she told Adrian that it looked like little pups would run and play under the roots, it seemed that she wasn’t the only with that idea.

Silently, she crept as she rounded another tree. Epidemic was moving to the place where her and Adrian had talked.

Good luck

An empty look plunged her amber eyes as a fat scowl skittered across her lips; however, her tail curled slightly underneath her and her usually perky audits pushed backwards.

Good luck

Good luck, Epidemic

Dec 06, 2017 11:08 PM

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Icarus Dusk Madison

(naturally, i had to toss him in here before i finally go to bed)

Things were coming along quite nicely. Icarus felt like his world was developing more and more every day, with the passing conversations he had with his friends and the moments of closeness they shared when there was little else to do but sit and talk. He was excited and humbled all at once by the sudden unity he found himself among, the determination to stay when one could so easily leave, or already have. Nayomi never really faded from his mind. And he thought often of the wolves he knew that lived here once already. But, in the end, they didn’t matter. What did matter was that he had friends who stayed. Friends who wanted to be here.

Who wanted a home. And Icarus was intent on making this just that. Their home.

A plump squirrel hung from his jaws. It was intended to go toward the cache, like so many of the small prey items he found and caught when he had nothing better to do. He was hoping they would be properly stocked for the growing number of wolves that decided to stay, especially for Atalya’s babies. Truthfully, he wasn’t worried since they had plenty of able-bodied wolves, but Icarus didn’t want to risk it anyway. He was going to make sure that they would thrive here.

With the succulent smell of the animal wafting constantly beneath his nose, he might have missed the trail of his friend weaving through the trees had it not been for the footprints he noticed barely in time. He could have passed over them, but his gaze had fallen at that moment to the ground, to spot the dirt where the impression was left behind, and with a curious inhale he found just the trace of it. Feminine, mildly familiar. A scent that he had searched for when he went back to the meadow to look for her, to find Braith instead - an event he was still grateful for, even if it wasn’t what he’d initially come for.

Excitement and joy fluttered in his heart. Honestly, he wasn’t sure Epidemic would be interested in seeing him again. He didn’t know. Something about her made him feel like he couldn’t be good enough. That he just barely made it into her books, but it was a struggle to hold her interest. Not that she had ever done anything to prove as much. Making her laugh and smile had been too easy. Maybe that was why he was skeptical - what was it called? Imposter syndrome. There was no way he was good enough to be her friend, but he was. He didn’t understand.

Icarus started off after the scent, moving briskly in Epidemic’s trail until he finally spotted her slinking through the trees. He uttered a stifled iteration of her name from between the squirrel, tail wagging as he trotted across the distance between them.

Dec 06, 2017 11:30 PM — Post #1

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Epidemic J

Epidemic scuttled on, pondering in her forever abysmal insecurity.

Then she heard steps. Then with a big deep inhale, she smelled him.

“Icarus!” She shouted as she whipped around her entire body as if she was a helicopter propeller. Up went her ears and her tail in an exuberant display of excitement. What a world! Two individuals could actually find each other? Now she could stop being alone! It had been awfully fucking dreadful. Now she wouldn’t have to keep thinking about Adrian.

Icarus was becoming the elevated earthy roots, the crumbled path ways, the silent random whisks of wind in the tangled labyrinth. And he held a squirrel?

“Looks like you’ve been awful busy!” Spoken with a lazy grin and a cocky purr. Epidemic pranced towards Icarus, the weight on her shoulders bouncing joyously as her rosy red tail swung carefree.

He saw her as such: happy, humorous. Epidemic wouldn’t mind keeping that image of herself for him, it did her good too.

Dec 07, 2017 12:14 AM — Post #2

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross had been meandering through the forest, attempting to convince himself he wasn’t actively, really patrolling—only a pansy would do something so ridiculous and… disgustingly responsible—when he caught it. A foreign scent.

Someone had passed the borders of the Labyrinth and, much like himself, had woven between trees unhurriedly, leisurely. Like they were enjoying themselves. Like they were familiar enough with the place to drink in all its sights at their own pace.

And unless Icarus had recruited someone while he’d exiled himself to Firefly Woods, Ross found himself dubious of this stranger’s belonging. He was quick to adjust his trajectory, heading straight for the deeper reaches of the tangled wood instead of its outskirts.

For as much as his nose told him the visitor was female, when he caught a flash of ginger fur between two trees, he had to stop.

There was no fucking way.

Driven forward by a surging fury, he tore across the landscape, his gold eye peeled wide. This had to be some hallucination. Some freaky byproduct of losing his eye. Sometimes, he’d see static, or snow, or little flecks of light and color where he imagined his right line of sight to be.

Let this be but another weird aftereffect of his stolen eye, he begged no one in particular, as he leaped over roots and long-blackened deadfall that had been buried by the past winter’s snow.

arriving properly next round

Dec 08, 2017 12:17 AM — Post #3

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Icarus Dusk Madison

His name illuminated the air with a chime-like sound more pleasant than anything he’d ever heard. Icarus reflected her excitement with the fast whipping of his tail, jogging toward her and meeting her no less than half a minute later as she did the same, pointing out that he’d been busy. Oh heck ya bud. Busy was an understatement.

Icarus dropped the squirrel at his paws once he reached her, tongue lolling joyfully. “Just doing my part to keep my homies happy and healthy,” he grinned. “What’ve you been up to? I went looking for you a while ago!”

Hopefully she wouldn’t mind that he’d been searching.

Twisting an ear, the sound of crunching undergrowth quickly got his attention. Icarus swung his head around to catch sight of the dark male charging toward them - or, rather, at Epidemic. “Oh, here comes Ross!” he laughed, suspecting nothing of it.

Dec 08, 2017 01:25 PM — Post #4

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Epidemic J

His homies?

Epidemic gave a short snort laugh paired with a goofy smile.

She shrugged playfully, turning her face upwards and pouting her lips,“I’ve been around. I walk slower than I run.”

Open her eyes burst to see his reaction to eat it up, but it appeared one of his homies was bursting right in—and rather fast.

Her muscles tensed slightly as she naturally swayed her body weight away from the incoming truck load of whatever the fuck.

Maybe he was just passionate like her.

Or maybe he was fucking angry for no reason.

Either way, all that sass moving that fast in her pointed direction had crossed the line of a comfortable greeting.

Dec 08, 2017 05:09 PM — Post #5

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Ross Thorn Jill

The female’s scent grew more potent with his every stride, and in doing so set his thoughts abuzz with doubt and anger alike. For as much as his mind knew she wasn’t who he thought her to be, his heart craved it. Ached for it.

Just as his fangs and gums ached to grasp at her—his—fur, and tear out patches and draw blood.

But as Ross careened around a knot of roots, and came skidding to a halt in the small clearing, and kicked up deadfall and dirt alike with the inertia of his paws, the truth hit him with all the physical force of a blow against his stomach.

This copper-red wolf was a stranger, and disappointment twisted his gut.

He breathed a ragged breath, unintentionally drawing in the very dust he’d sent into the air, and choked out a quick cough. His single eye roved to Icarus, who in the moment was little more than a blotch of white in his peripherals, before it focused on the she-wolf once again.

Not his father. A stranger, he reminded himself. And he’d probably just made a fool of himself in front of her.

He needed to say something to explain himself. To fix… this. This mess he’d made.

And it needed to be good. Meaningful.


sorry for the wait ;o;

Dec 17, 2017 09:21 PM — Post #6

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Icarus Dusk Madison

Icarus barked out an honest laugh at her response. It was obvious, and yet he still felt like a fool for entertaining any different expectation. No way she would have ran all the way here. Especially from the prairies to the northeast. And despite the fact that they’d seen each other weeks ago and it still shouldn’t have taken that long, for some reason, her answer just made flawless sense.

His tail was wagging amicably at his hips as he watched Ross. For a moment, he was concerned he wouldn’t slow down. That he’d barrel right into them. Was he excited to see him? Maybe he was excited to see Epidemic. Have they met before? He looked between them, wondering, but there was no semblance of familiarity in his friend’s expression. It must have just been him, then. Even though it wasn’t like Icarus had gone anywhere.

And then he slowed, panting, greeting them with little more than a simple hey. Oh, but Icarus knew what it meant. He could practically see the longing dripping off of Ross’ words. The way his eyes… eye… shimmered with adulation. Ross very obviously was aching to be reunited with Icarus again after so long apart.

(Three hours, at most.)

“If you’d just waited a bit, I would’ve been on my way back to the labyrinth before long. You could’ve saved your breath,” Icarus said cheekily. “I know how you just can’t stand to be away from me for long.”

Wink wonk.

Icarus wrinkled his nose with a laugh, then carried on with the proper introductions. “Epi, this is my homie Ross. Ross, this is Epi. Epidemic.”

Dec 19, 2017 03:45 PM — Post #7

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Epidemic J

What a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiirdo.

Epidemic relaxed and rolled her shoulders forward. She really thought that this intense little red guy was going to come over here and headbutt her in the stomach—as if she had insulted him before.

Which she was going to do now.

“Quiet an entrance, Ross.” She mused with a wry smile. The side of her gums lifted to reveal her glistening pointed teeth. No worries, dear homie man Ross, it’s just an awkward smile, not a pissing contestant.

“Are all your friends as exuberant?” She smirked, turning an eye to Icarus.

Dec 21, 2017 02:17 PM — Post #8

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross looked to Icarus, his brows pulling inward. What the fuck was the guy saying? Had he sampled those herbs he was so insistent upon gathering and peddling, and suffered some horrific side-effect?

At his wink, Ross realized it was a joke.

Oh. Yeah, he’d totally known that from the start.

Didn’t stop him from pulling back, shaking his head as if trying to ward off an annoying fly. Icarus introduced him then, and though Ross’ gaze panned to the ginger-furred female, he still had to mutter, “Be fuckin’ serious for once, man.”

But a homie he was, and if this… too-familiar seeming stranger was a friend of Icarus’, then Ross could conjure no justifiable reason to bare his fangs at her. He didn’t offer her a smile, but the lines of his face did soften.

“Quite a name,” he quipped in response to her, quirking a brow in curiosity. What had prompted her parents to name her such a thing—or had she named herself? It wouldn’t have been the first time he’d heard of a wolf doing as much.

He didn’t have long to ponder which was the truth, though, catching Epi’s comment about his exuberance. As she turned to Icarus, he also fixed his gaze on the boy. “And she’s a friend of yours, I’m assumin’?”

Dec 23, 2017 10:48 PM — Post #9

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Icarus Dusk Madison

Serious? Hahahahah. Icarus was never serious. It was one of his most fatal flaws.

The boy grinned as he looked between them, tail wagging at their exchange. Now that he thought about it, he felt like Ross and Epidemic would make good friends. Or they’d clash horribly. Oh dear. He’d have to keep an eye on that.

“Yeah,” he answered finally, to Ross, who made the assumption that Epi was his friend, which she was. “I went lookin’ for her before Nay left. Remember?”

The smile remained. He wasn’t salty about Nay. Of course he wasn’t.

“Come on! Let’s walk and talk,” Icarus suggested, dancing on his paws for an excited second before angling himself toward the rise that led to the labyrinth. “What were you doin’ before this, Ross?” he added, glancing at him.

As much as he liked to believe he was running to Icarus merely to reunite with him, he couldn’t deny his curiosity for the real answer.

Dec 26, 2017 07:51 AM — Post #10

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Epidemic J

“Be fuckin’ serious for once man..” 

Her eyes narrowed at Ross. He was rather uptight.

Instead of scoffing, she shifted her weight with a great force, as if to say…

“Really? I’d say my name is quite unique.” She reconfirmed, feeling the immediate dissatisfaction or surprise to her name in his tone of voice. Her chest puffed outwards as she was mentioned to be a friend of Icarus.

Yeah, she had a friend bitch. But apparently it wasn’t saying much considering Icarus saw Ross as a friend. Her amber eyes twinkled at her own internal joke. Epidemic would be better than this kid, she was already on her way there.

The red woman stepped to walk by Icarus’s side, but her gaze remained intensely on Ross.

Dec 26, 2017 12:21 PM — Post #11

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Ross Thorn Jill

Icarus confirmed what he’d suspected, and it earned him a short-lived stare. Ross wasn’t ignorant of the fact the masked boy was much better with others, always playing so nicely and giving them the benefit of the doubt, even when Ross felt he shouldn’t. But boy, he sure did work fast to surround himself with friends.

It was kind of unreal, when Ross compared Icarus’ to his own track record in the valley.

Knowing that wasn’t a mental path he wanted to stray down, Ross turned quickly to what Icarus said next, his attention hitching instantly on Nay. Nayomi.

Hahaaaa that also wasn’t a place for his mind to wander, moving on.

At Icarus’ beckoning, he fell into place easily, keeping his head very much intentionally turned toward Epi as she moved with them, spouting some nonsense about her name being unique.

“Hmm,” he offered, content to let her decide if he was still dubious or letting her “win” the discussion. She’d be an idiot to chose wrong, but he wouldn’t tell her as much.

His pale gaze caught her own, so intense as it weighed on him, but he had little difficulty in returning it. Even if he was at a disadvantage. Two eyes were way more intimidating than one, but maybe his scar would make up for that.

A moment passed before he glanced to Icarus.

“Uh, just patrolling. I mean. Walking around, mostly.” Yeah. Yeaaaah. Walking arouuuund. His nose twitched as he studied the squirrel hanging from Icarus’ jaws. “You were huntin’?”

And what had Epidemic been doing, he thought caustically, as she strolled so freely through their home—friend or not?

Jan 13, 2018 01:00 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Icarus Dusk Madison

(hahahah i totally forgot he had the squirrel thank you for reminding me)

Icarus had to agree, Epi’s name was rather unique! He had complimented her on it before, and he would compliment her on it again, nodding his head with agreement as he recalled how he gushed over how cool it was. He could probably go on and on talking about how cool it was and how much cooler it was than his own dumb name. But he wouldn’t.

As he listened to Ross, he lowered his head to pluck the squirrel from the ground again, adjusting it in his mouth so that he could at least try to talk a little bit through it. Then he began to walk the direction up the side of the rise, expecting them to walk with him. Ross reported himself to be patrolling, which was good - then quickly covered it up for some reason that Icarus couldn’t determine. He laughed anyway. Ross was super weird. But he loved him for it.

He nodded in response. “Yeah,” he said awkwardly, lifting his head slightly in another attempt to adjust. “For the cache.”

“You know,” he added, pausing again. Talking with a mouthful of squirrel was awkward. “I joked with Epi that she’d be a killer hunter ‘cause how fast she is in the meadow, though-,” adjust, “I am kinda curious to see how we’d all do in the labyrinth.”

He’d just hunted, but for the sake of bringing his friends together, he wouldn’t be opposed to another hunt. It had been a long time since he’d enjoyed a good group hunt.

Jan 13, 2018 01:05 PM — Post #13

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Epidemic J

She got a lil “hmm” for her sparse words. What the fuck? What an ass. Playing with her like she was an idiot. She’d fucking prove him, even if she had to prove it to a guy who had fucking one eye.

Caught in her own web of insecurity, her lips pressed together as her eyes slicked to somewhere else. Icarus’s own bobbing head and usual enthusiasm was the sole thing bandaging her soured mood.

Instead of whipping back up something rude, she quickened her steps to fall in line with Icarus. Her shoulders rolled strangely, caught in between wanting to domineer and to figure out where she belonged first.

Finally, she found herself with words. “Yeah,” she exhaled, listening and acting intensely in such a weird dynamic. “I was kinda curious to see how we’d all do in the labyrinth”

Including Epidemic. Fucking including Epidemic. If she was to be in another pack, she’d kill it. Fame, glory, a bursting title dashed on infamous swag. Put her on the borders, put her in the heart of it all, she had seen it before and she would do it again.

“What’s your plan, Icarus?” She questioned, genuinely curious of such a pack. Would Icarus be the leader? What the hell would Ross do? Were their more? What role would she claim?

Jan 13, 2018 07:58 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

lol no prob, i noticed it while rereading the first few posts! :’)

So, Icarus had caught the squirrel for the cache. Ross offered a subtle, but nonetheless respectful, bob of his head. He himself had been wanting to do more of that, hunting to keep their larder full, but he’d prioritized patrolling as of late. There were so many new scents around, he thought it only wise to be on guard.

Well. As wise as a one-eyed, volatile teenager could try and be.

He nearly let his neck go slack from his shoulders, content to amble along after Icarus as he usually did, when he caught sight of Epidemic rushing ahead to walk beside the masked boy. And he saw her proud posture, that subtle roll of her shoulders, and he wasn’t all about it.

He brought himself to Icarus’ other side, keeping his head held high and casting her dubious glances every so often across Icarus’ withers.

There was talk of Epidemic’s speed, at which Ross had to grin. A ludicrous idea came to him, one he only just refrained from speaking so Epi could finish voicing her question. And when she did, he rumbled lowly, but admittedly not with all of his usual aggression. Perhaps there was something fun about what he sought to propose.

“Think you’re speedy, huh? Maybe we could have a race sometime.”

Jan 14, 2018 06:40 PM — Post #15

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