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The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
East Eden, caves | Late spring | Evening | overcast

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

Six-week old Princess Kyra Daniels was currently to be found staring down at a shallow, puddle-like section of the river, frowning over her own reflection. The discovery of said reflection was new. Most of the river was faster moving and prone to ripples and darkness and Kyra had never seen herself before now. But once she was looking down she found she was comparing herself to the other wolves that lived here. She looked a bit like her sister. But more troubling to the girl, she looked like a wolf whose face was steadily fading from her memory.


It had been so hard on the young girl to discover that Mama seemed to have vanished. Somehow it seemed to Kyra that Althea was far less affected than she was. Secretly Kyra tried to be like that - tough like her sister. But it was a struggle for her. Sometimes at night when she remembered Mama licking her, tears would come to her eyes and she would try not to wake anyone else while she quietly sobbed.

The memory of a very young child is a fickle thing. Before too long, the vague thought I look like Mama would be erased. The memory of how her voice sounded had already faded, as Kyra spent so much time listening to the other puppies babble and the slightly more confusing speech of the grownups. 

But a hollow feeling in her tummy reminded her that her family was incomplete. Kyra looked down at the shallow puddle, her shoulders slumped, her head lowered in dejection.

Dec 13, 2017 03:30 AM

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