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Snow in the Desert
| Dark skies | Scattered Ash from the volcano |

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Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff
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Jacqueline damned the dry heat that pressed down on her from all sides, stifling her. Travel through the desert proved difficult for the thick-furred lady, who’d spent all of her days prior in chilly Canada, cold but comfortable. Sure, she’d been traveling south to find warmer temperatures, but not this kind of heat. God, she hated it here. Where was the water? The grass? She couldn’t even hear any birds singing, for fuck’s sake.

Where was she? And why, of all places, did she have to end up here? Uuuuuuuuuughhhh.

Amber eyes peered into the hazy distance, and settled on… a creek? Finally.

She set her sights toward the body of water and settled into a comfortable lope, willing herself to quit being a baby and to just ignore the burning heat around her. If she sped up, she told herself, she’d get to the cool water faster. Yeah, that sounded about right. As she traveled along, she noticed the sky darken, and wondered if this wasteland ever saw stormy weather, or if it was permanently a burning hot hell. Probably the latter.

Jacqueline rejoiced when she reached the little creek. She didn’t waste a second before plodding into the waters, splashing water around her as she traversed to the center. Panting from the exertion of her travels, she thanked her lucky stars that she’d found somewhere to cool off her burning paw pads. In comparison to the creeks she was used to, the water here wasn’t very cool at all, but it was still something to serve as an oasis amidst this dirty, dusty desert.

The girl waded to a shallow section of the creek and plopped down. Feeling pretty smug about the cool water she’d found, she convinced herself that she’d found the ultimate resting place, one that was so perfect, she didn’t even need snow to feel cool. Yep, she’d found it all right here.

Except, a second later, she saw something puffy and white floating down beside her. She cocked her head to the side, bewildered, and watched as it landed on the shore. Despite the heat, the snowflake—and all the others like it—wasn’t melting. How weird! Jacqueline was perplexed by this, but not quite enough to get out of the water yet. No, she still had some serious cool-down relaxation time before she would get up, heat-snow or no heat-snow.

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Faustus Spiteri Madison

Though eager to plunge deeper into the valley, Faustus had to dedicate considerable time to combing the creek first. He was beginning to wonder if it was truly Achilles’ scent he had caught rubbed up against a rock or in a pawprint, or if he was just imagining it now. But he swore he had it.

So long of trailing was making him lose his mind.

Agitation was a powerful motivator. Enough to wipe away the temptation to give up in favor of stubborn determination. He felt his temper spiking when he thought of how much time he wasted with the two bitches in the desert, so solitude found him well, but it wasn’t enough to curb the bad mood that was growing in him. The restlessness. He couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that he wanted; he could only assume it was the obsessive anger toward his prey and the crime she committed manifesting itself again. It came and went, and when it came, he could not deny that it sparked him with madness.

Faustus noticed the cloud that was slowly stretching overhead. The stench of ash that blew in with it. It was no new occurrence to him - he’d experienced fire before, but it made him wonder if something was eating up the valley he was slated to enter. One last examination of the creek, and then he would be off. He just couldn’t be too careful.

What if she was here? He could not stand to let her slip away.

Trotting along the creekside, Faustus was quick to notice the dark form lounging in the water. His pace slowed as he fixated on her. She hadn’t been here on his last run of the creek. All around him, flecks of pale ash drifted on the wind and accumulated on the ground and in his fur, but Faustus ignored it. His slow, calculating pace gradually pulled him toward her.

“A creek will not protect you should some fire come raging,” he warned. Fire stopped warily for no wolf. It only roared on, surrounding, engulfing. “Inertia will leave you suffocated.”

And then he stopped, appraising her. Running his tongue over his teeth.

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Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff
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As more of the strange snowflakes drifted in, Jacqueline was able to inspect one, and finally pieced together that these were pieces of ash drifting from the sky.  She kicked herself at her own stupidity; why had she ever indulged in the thought of them being snowflakes? Surely she didn’t miss home?

Pssssssh, of course not! She didn’t need her dead-end, tight-ship family. She was fine on her own, just fine. It didn’t matter that she was in some sweltering, godforsaken desert. She would be fine anywhere.

The issue of ash falling from the sky was pressing, though. The dame looked once more at the darkening sky, felt the dry heat around her, and toyed with the idea of a fire nearby. She bet that a place like this saw fires all the time.

Maybe it was time to quit lazing around in a lukewarm creek and get moving.

Amber eyes spotted a silhouette in the distance, moving along the creek. Jackie perked up, but couldn’t be bothered to stand quite yet. She looked on, feigning disinterest, until he drew nearer and spoke.

Thanks for stating the obvious, dude.

The bitch would let him survey her for a while as she took her sweet time rising to her feet. She stretched luxuriously, letting the blood flow to her limbs, her paws, her toes, and raised her hindquarters in the air. She rested her gaze on him then, surveying his face, then his physique, in quiet, probing interest. The distance between the two was then crossed, until the dark lady was at the edge of the creek, looking up at him from below the the bank.

“Thanks for the input,” she drawled, voice low and smooth like honey, “But I think you’ve got it twisted. See, I’m looking forward to finally dying an excruciating heat-death amid this burning Hell of a wasteland.” She paused for an exaggerated, nonchalant shrug. “Boiling alive in Satan’s creek while the flames engulf me on all sides just seems like the right way to go, y’know?”

If this guy had a sense of humor, she’d find out now. She waited for a response, waited to see what kind of character he was.

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Faustus Spiteri Madison

He stopped when she looked back at him. There was no need to get closer. Or maybe he just wanted her to get a better look at him, at his marble carved physique, the muscles that bulged and corded beneath his fur and the powerful stature that supported him. He spent countless hours honing it into this flawless figure. His body evidence of an obsessive craft. He wanted her to look at it.

Wanted her to want to touch it.

His tail lashed flippantly as she launched into the kind of death she so craved, a fiery one in which her body gargled and her skin peeled. Faustus could imagine it too. His whiskers twitched at the image behind his eyes, and then out came his tongue, touching his nose. The acrid stench of ash was a constant undercurrent pulling that of the creek’s silt and the bitch’s fumes into his nose.

Cool yellow eyes went unchanged, but a hunger vibrated in his throat. She was an amusing one.

“Does it?” he spoke, expression still flat. But his teeth were visible now. “I’ve seen women like you burned alive. The way their hair singes and curls and melts into a mat. The way their eyes pop from the heat. You’re not wrong, it’s only proper.”

He wanted her to squirm. He took a step closer.

He had so much anger. And nowhere to put it.

“But I wouldn’t want to see that of you. It isn’t beautiful. Come up, away from there,” he suggested plainly. His muscles tensed.

Come. Touch me.

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Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff
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Of course, being stifled all her life had turned her into the rebel child, the antithesis of her parents’ rigid, perfect ideals. Of course, whether it was a byproduct of subconscious rebellion or mere personality, Jacqueline was full of dalliance, and not one to hide her desires.

And, of course, he was ripped. Up close, she looked over his body with a hungry, lustful gaze that would bring a weaker man to his knees. As he spoke of a demise, she looked on, unfazed by his graphic twist on her fate and instead gratifying herself with his statuesque appearance, petting her ego as she willed her leaden gaze to be heavy enough that he could feel it on him. When he came to a conclusion, her amber eyes flitted up to meet his, undaunted and lightly challenging. He liked that he’d played along, in his own way. The man wasn’t as uptight as she’d guessed, and it only fueled her desire to play with him.

She grinned, let her tongue run over her front teeth to show of her sharp, pearly whites. He was beautiful, yes, but he wasn’t the only one that knew power. She tensed her own muscles, wanted to show him what she was made of. For now, though, it seemed more of a mind game, possibly a flirtation thing.

She decided to be obedient—wasn’t that what men wanted?—and get out of the creek. Gracefully, she brought herself up on the bank and positioned herself so that she was facing him. Her fur was dripping, saturating the ash on the ground, but she knew better than to shatter the glass of allure by shaking out her fur, as there was no enticing way of doing that. If her fur was wet, it could better show off her toned physique, anyhow.

She’d been silent up until now, listening and calculating, but it was about time for her to react, to fuel the fire. “Beautiful,” she repeated back, her voice softened from how it had been. “I think I should take that as a compliment, coming from you.” She flitted her eyes down his body again exaggeratedly to enforce the idea. He was gorgeous, and she bet he knew it. “I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of beautiful women. And I bet not allof them were getting crisped up in raging fire.” Sure, not the most alluring line, but she had to throw in pieces of herself, too. That was the fun part.

She closed the distance between them until she was right next to him, her cheek practically touching his, while her muzzle pointed at his shoulder and she had a generous view of his back. The water could’ve dampened her scent before, but she wanted him to pick it up now, with her warm body so close to his. “I’m Jacqueline,” she purred, her one eye lifted to meet his. She pronounced her name softly, the way a Canadian wolf would, without the hard ‘j’ sound: ‘Zhaqueline.’

While they were this close, she fleetingly wondered if she’d crossed any boundaries with this stranger. Oh well. She was in too deep to turn back now.

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Faustus Spiteri Madison

Like a salivating hound chained beneath the waiting palm of his master, he could only observe. Faustus met her gaze and followed every subtle lift and bow, feeling it like a finger trailing idling upon his physique, running a nail so lightly on the skin it left no more than a shudder in its wake. That was what she felt like. A hot breath just barely close enough to sense, suggestive enough to make one’s hair horripilate with anticipation of what came next. He wondered if she enjoyed what she saw, not for the selfless philanthropy of pleasing her, but what it could mean for him.

There’s more. Come closer.

And she did.

Faustus took a single step back to allow that much more space for her once she ascended the short rise, but any more than that was an offering unworthy of her. He wanted to engulf her, and he was not about to leave any opportunities for her to escape that fate open. Now that she was closer, he had the chance to admire her as well. Healthy, sturdy, with a body crafted for powerful pursuit. Her movements were that of viscous liquid with each step flowing and ebbing molten gravity, precise and fine despite the enormity of her aura. The way her damp coat clung to her made a quick pass over her body irresistable.

His lips pressed together into a tempered iron smile as she spoke of his compliment. He wasn’t sure what the meaning was supposed to be. Whatever she wanted to make it out to be. As long as it served him well.

She was humorous. Confident. He liked that. His ear twitched as he thought of how many he’d seen burn away in tongues of flame. He had seen so many. “Beautiful women, beautiful men, fire, ice, teeth. No death is beautiful. Death is monstrous,” he went on.

His nerves felt burning beneath his coat. He watched her as she drew closer, but did not move his body at all. Faustus made an effort to instead stand poised, inviting her to pervade him if she wanted. His tail swinging just slightly to and fro, his head cocked to meet her stare. She gave her name. It amused him how they thought names mattered.

“Jacqueline,” he repeated without the velvet glide of her foreign pronunciation, though it couldn’t be said that he didn’t try. “A name befitting a kind of beauty I’d rather preserve, if you would allow me the chance to… change your mind. About burning alive.”

The offer was made in light-hearted jest. The invitation remained. I know something I’d rather see you do.

“Faustus,” he returned cordially as he could. Desire was the hound raging inside him.

Touch me. Touch me.

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Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff
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Were she not putting on an air for this man, Jacqueline would have snorted at the way he pronounced her name. She was putting on an air to allure him, however, so she remained poised, listening intently to what he had to say with a coy smile.

When he complimented her beauty, the lady felt satisfaction trickle down her spine, tickling her nerves and easing her inhibitions. She liked that he was enticed by her charm; it felt powerful. She wondered hungrily what her beauty could make him do, and how she could test him.

Though her actions were fueled by her ego, there was a positive shift in her attitude towards the male. He could keep up with her sarcasm and add his own humor in there, too. She liked that. Should this interaction go smoothly, she could see a friendship form between the two of them. At the very least, she wouldn’t mind following him out of this hell-hole, should he know the way.

After mentioning that he’d like to change her mind, Jacqueline reasoned that now was the perfect time to determine his worth to her. The woman angled herself toward him and sat down after his introduction, taking care to sit with poise. Inwardly, she grimaced at the way her wet fur felt beneath her hindquarters as she sat, but decided that it would look foolish to stand back up so soon.

“Faustus,” the woman echoed, savoring the sounds within his name. “That sounds like a strong name. It’s fitting,” she commented, eyes flicking over his form to enforce the point. Seriously, he had a great body. Even if she weren’t trying to lay it on thick, she’d still want to stare at him.

At the suggestion of perhaps not sticking around to crisp up in a fire, Jacqueline put on a playful grin. “Hmmm… About changing my mind…” she began, rolling her eyes dramatically as though she were pondering her options, “I’m definitely open to the whole ‘self-preservation’ thing—I mean, who isn’t? It’s just that this desert is so horrible, Faustus! Who wouldn’t want to die out here, in the middle of nowhere, when this terrible, dry heat is so stifling?” She gave him a dejected look, which melted away to one of speculation.

“But perhaps,” she began smoothly, you could get me out of here? Take me somewhere greener, that doesn’t rain ash, or suck the life out of poor girls like me?” She sighed dreamily and rested her heavy gaze on him. “Oh, I think I’d do anything if you could! You’d change my mind about burning alive, that’s for sure.”

Would the prospect of her servitude entice him? Certainly, if his words were true, and she was beautiful, he’d fulfill her wishes. He had to.

She had to get out of here somehow.

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Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff
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//Hey! This thread has been inactive for quite some time, and Jacqueline is no longer in the wasteland, so I’m not exactly sure where to go from here, considering her main use for Faustus is to get away from the wasteland.

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