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Early Summer | Lake Melody | dewy early morning

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Tych’s childhood was shaping up to be a loosely supervised one.  If you were quiet, he found, and sort of dirt-and-rock colored, you could pretty much poke around doing whatever you wanted. 

He still liked to stay in the caverns, because his sisters were often there, and he liked to be in the same place as his sisters.  But he was curious about the outside, too.  He loved to roll around in pine needles, jump up and claw at their ladderlike branches and get sap stuck on his face.  He liked to follow after bugs and crunch them into little bits with his teeth.

He was happy in his trees, but was steadily branching out to explore the rest of the territory as well.  Today, the lake. 

It was still and clear and quiet, besides the sharp, repeated calls of birds in endless competition with each other.  Cool air breathed around him and made the water shine.  Whiskers twitching, he trotted down onto the pebbly beach and marveled at the way the sound changed as he went from dry rock to wet.  He paused to consider this.  Considered some more.  And then scrabbled off to race down the shoreline to the roar of froggy wet pebbles, disturbed from rest.

Dec 23, 2017 04:23 AM

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Lapis Black Hound

I’m gonna leave this a little vague since I’m not sure how much time she’d be spending in the den/caves after ‘Rainfall”~

Unlike Tychus, Lapis’ childhood and adventures were very much supervised.

By a father that only wished to endow her with the most valuable information about the workings of the world, and by a mother filled with kindness, even if she frequented walks far from their company.

But every so often, Lapis could manage to sneak away with their disappearance, seeking to indulge herself in the realm outside the den’s confines, to learn and study its habits and the way everything moved around her.

Undeniably, with age, the girl grew steadily more independent, even if it was just in the small things. Like strolling around the lakeside in the early morning, tail giving a light flick at the morning rays that trickled down her fur, nose twitching at the scents that she’d slowly familiarized herself with.

And one, she hadn’t quite learned to place.

Somewhere in the distance, she could see it move, a wolf, sandy and intense, running to where her developing eyes couldn’t quite see him anymore.

Curious, Lapis followed, lanky puppy-legs breaking into a slow trot intended to look graceful, but still tumbling against the new terrain, letting out a quiet woof his way.

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Igbo Black J

Continues to eat all the puppy threads x)

Igbo Black surely loved his daughter. Everything about her was amazing. Relentless, she moved to always escape the den. The world was her’s and she was going to know it all. Whether that be big bluuu or picking up sticks or running (toddling) around, his Little Lapis was a queen.

He surely spied her running off in the distance—but he did not run and scold. It was meant to be. If his daughter had an appetite for adventure, Igbo Black would not discourage. The best way to learn is on your own.

Swaggering casually behind her, he kept a good distance as he watched her travel the short distance to the lake. Then, she took off! She even woofed! How intelligent!

Igbo picked up his trot, eager to follow and see what caught her attention. Bending around a tree, his eyes narrowed to the sight of Tychus.

Tychus and Lapis.

How would his clever girl interact with him?

Either way, there was the water’s edge. Igbo Black, the father, trotted forward. He was not here to scold, or mock, or punish. He only wished to see his children by the shore’s edge, safely.

Dec 23, 2017 07:48 PM — Post #2

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Abaeze Ebo Black Jill (UFA)

also leaving vague for the same reasons. x)

Much like his surname, Abaeze Ebo was a dark shadow. He was forever content in knowing he would follow his sister where she wandered, his own paws at the mercy of the whims of hers, the threads which bound him to her woven by that unknowable queen that was Fate.

He was quiet, too. Not yet silent in the way any good shadow should be, but quiet enough that his world felt undisturbed by his debut into it. Even as he traipsed along the lake shore, birds still called in the air above, singing sweet praises rather than shrill curses. The wind still teased the high boughs of the trees, gentle and affectionate against his own coat, and not seeking to buffet him as they might have when the sky grew dark and angry.

No, today, as on so many other days, he wasn’t an anomaly. He belonged here.

So he gave himself over to following Lapis willingly, walking some paces behind her and casting his gilding gaze about as a bat might cast its natural sonar, to know his environment more thoroughly. He was aware, on some level, of the other boy racing along the water’s edge, and the way his sister began to trundle after him.

But Abaeze lingered at the wet rocks, his ears flicking when Papi joined them, and merely stood with his claws taunting the shallows to observe those in his company.

Dec 23, 2017 09:02 PM — Post #3

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

| my brain has short-circuited at the thought of my giant worm boy hanging with small clever Igbabes

Old comforts died hard, and when Tychus reached a break in the pebbles, a little barrier of larger rocks, he absently bent his head down to clack his teeth against the stones, finding a smooth round one to press against his tongue.

It tasted…green, fungal, a heady first taste of lakewater in the warm season.  He was marveling at this when he heard pup sound.

His head rotated around his rock, one furrowed brow framing a bright black eye as it stared critically at…a little baby.  Fuzzy and tiny, and black like Kopec, mostly.  And there was another one some ways behind her.

He picked up his rock, in order to stare at Lapis more fully as she flopped and tumbled her way over.  He…hmm.  Well, he didn’t know there were other puppies.  He didn’t know why this one was so under-developed.  And he did not have any of the fondness he felt for his own sisters for this scrawny thing.  So, he would wait and see what to make of her, and fumble the rock about in his mouth in the meantime.

Dec 25, 2017 02:42 PM — Post #4

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Lux Tank

Much like her son, she observed. Hovered in the distance with a heavy gaze. It followed each bundle of life as they scuffled along the water’s edge. Despite the relaxed drape of her being across the ground, she was tensed. Waiting for the moment when she would need to swoop in and be the mother she was.

She was confident Igbo was more than capable. The way he hovered just a bit closer than herself, much more an active care. Even so, she did not want to miss a minute of their childhood. Especially not one as momentous as this.

How would her daughter interact with the other pup? Surely with as much fire as she held in the heat of her gaze.

Dec 27, 2017 06:04 PM — Post #5

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Igbo Black J

Lapis and Abaeze approached the lakeside. The dough boy, Tychus, had already embraced the life of picking up pebbles to crack them and place them back down. One could only imagine if one would be doing that to fragile, vulnerable necks?

Breaking them in one, two—no three—crunches. Feeling the bones beneath, the limpness of the body.

Call it bias.

Or call it Elliot.

He had been an only child. He had been spoiled. He had been raised by someone not his mother. He had loved—no, simply mated—with the one who fed him from the nipple. Why had it not seemed obvious then that Elliot would pine for Nima? An entire adventure laid in such a thought.

At the sound of another behind him, he looked back.

“Luxurious.” He purred, his amber orbs switching from her back to the boy.

“Tychus is Nima’s only son.”

Dec 30, 2017 01:23 PM — Post #6

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Lapis Black Hound

Lapis had been mostly oblivious to the comings and goings of her family behind her, piercing blue- and yellow eyes locked on the stranger that danced along the shoreline.

There was some familiarity with the smell, but not yet enough to trust. Instead, curiosity engulfed the pup, for his silence and the way he stared, and the way the pebble moved in his jaws.

He looked so different from Aba, and da. More akin to ma, but even she had the familiar blackness in her pelt. Lapis’ head tilted with the silence, decidedly breaking it for the sake of sating the aching curiosity. “Hi.” Soft yet confident, the girl stood a few paces away from the considerably larger pup, tail giving a light sway. “Who you?”

Dec 30, 2017 03:58 PM — Post #7

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

This small wispy thing came closer, and Tychus only stared out of incurious beetle-black eyes.  Girl.  Talking at him, unlike his sisters, who knew how to ignore him or simply prod him in one direction or another.  The whole talking game, the call and response thing, was uncomfortable to him and so he avoided it.

He blinked at Lapis.  Dropped his rock.

Dec 30, 2017 07:23 PM — Post #8

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Igbo Black J

Jump back in when you can Tank!

Igbo watched the scene with intensity. He sauntered to the pups, his demeanor at ease. Igbo wished not to input parental displeasure.

“Tychus, say hello to Lapis and Abaeze Ebo.”

Jan 03, 2018 01:05 PM — Post #9

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Lapis Black Hound

Silence ensued, and Lapis soon found her head tilting at the boy, questioning.

She was close enough for him to hear, surely. Tail giving another reassuring wag, the pup set a daring step forward, pondering. The lack of a response didn’t bother her quite as much as it might’ve another pup, being used to Aba’s silence, she’d simply try another way.

Except. Dad’s voice suddenly rang out from behind, and Lapis instead found herself falling in line with his command. Introductions, after all.

Jan 03, 2018 10:19 PM — Post #10

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Lux Tank

Her gaze drifted from her curious children to the love who stood over her heart. The light in his eyes flickered so much brighter when he was with them. It made her own heart sing. It was a bright song that lulled her into an easy slumber every night.

“Poor boy. I can’t imagine being the only boy in a world of girls.” They must torture the poor child. No wonder he had wandered off on his own. Even then, a girl had found him.

Jan 05, 2018 12:32 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Tychus Daniels Bamsy


Adult!!!!  Tych’s neck scrunched back, his head flopped open-mouthed to stare at Small Igbo, who was so good at sneaking up on him.

Lapis and Abaeze Ebo.  They sounded like species names to Tychus, who had already decided on all the wolves of which his world was made.  He looked with some worry at the close one, his mouth closing.

Then back to Igbo.

What was he supposed to do?

Jan 08, 2018 12:10 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Igbo Black J

“I can’t imagine being the only boy in a world of girls”.

Igbo offered a sweet smile, that only twisted into a sickly sweetness in his mouth.

Any wonder to who may have a harem of females with a singular male?

His brows questioned for a moment, before easing into the reality that Tychus was a pup surrounded by siblings. But if he ever touched his little girl..

Dough Boy was an odd pup. Igbo would keep watch of the puppy play.

Post order is all out of wack lol, lets just say that whoever needs to go next just goes and we will establish it that way? Either way, I believe Lapis is next? Or Abaeze when Jill wants to jump back in.

Also Igbo is now skippable for the pups to play! He’ll just be watching ;’)

Jan 09, 2018 01:43 AM — Post #13

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Lapis Black Hound

Silence again.

Dad’s method wasn’t really working, so little feet decidedly took matters into her own paws with another couple steps forward. “Tychus?” Cue sweet smile and tail wag.

This whole talking thing obviously wasn’t his gig, so maybe she could drag him along instead?

“Let’s ‘splore.” Giving a reassuring nod at his (comically) worried expression, Lapis aimed to grasp the pebble Tychus dropped and brush past his side, hopefully spurring the boy into some action at last.

Jan 10, 2018 05:07 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Igbo seemed to have receded, sort of, and he realized now there was another wolf here, also small and dark.  A whole race of Igbos.  He continued to hunker slightly, uncomfortable.

Lapis, or Abaeze Ebo, said his name (ick) and wiggled around, then came and tried TO TAKE HIS ROCK THAT HE HAD PICKED.  His little black eyes immediately went fierce, and he reared up with forepaws outstretched, shoving forward to knock Lapis bodily away.


| I’M SORRY HOUND Lapis is bein’ such a good girl ;n;

Jan 12, 2018 02:06 AM — Post #15

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