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Never be enough
East Eden, just outside the caves | Early Summer | Morning | Still and sunny

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Kyra Daniels Chris Staff

Life for an eight-week-old puppy should have been filled with fun. Especially with as many playmates as Kyra had access to, but the truth was since her mother left she had stuck to spending time mostly with just her full-blooded sister and Nero, easily her favourite brother. Some of the other puppies scared her, and she shied away from the negative emotions.

She was sad enough.

Kyra tracked out of the entrance. Since that first venture out, faithfully shadowing Nero, Kyra had spent as much time out of the caves as she could. Today she made her way to a favourite sunny patch and let the warmth chase away the damp of the caves from her fur.

Why had Mama left? Kyra had cried herself to sleep in the nook that her mother, sister and her had slept in for a few weeks. She was listless when she walked here and there in the caves. Only when she came outside did any real signs of life steal back into the grieving little girl, and so she had made up her mind. It was warm all the time now. So, she was going to live out here. Out among the trees and the open air, the place she loved best. She could collect sticks properly out here. Maybe even pretty rocks or leaves too. She would find a special place to keep them, a place of her own where she could live. Close by the caves though, where she could hear Nero or Daddy calling her. She was not unaware of the tension in the air aorund home lately, though was vastly too young and inexperienced to understand the cause. 

She had better get started. Kyra began to climb down off the log.

She wished she could remember what her mother’s face looked like.

Dec 27, 2017 07:13 AM

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