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[summons] Seeking family | Eyja's den

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Bree Kurome

Bree was hesitant to seek her family, but she gathered her courage to find Eyja and Korsteel.  Her nose against the ground, she could smell her mother’s scent lingering on the rocky landscape at the falls. Petite paws carefully scoured over the rocks, until her pale gaze spotted a small opening where Eyja’s scent was strongest. There was something else about the location- there were other scents that she did not recognize. Her nose twitched as she lifted it from the damp ground.

Her body was suddenly frozen in place as she gawked at the den for what felt like hours. The area was completely silent except for the sound of the crashing waterfall. The worst part was that Korsteel’s scent was so faded in the area. Her chest grew tighter at that realization, causing her to hesitate further. Tears threatened to fill her eyes, but her powerful will kept them from ever forming.

Bree let out a couple of soft barks followed by a soft, distraught howl to call Eyja and Korsteel to her. Maybe they were not even here at the moment. Were the pups currently in the den, or were they wandering around somewhere? They couldn’t be that old, could they? Bree did not expect Castor to answer her call. He never did, not even before she left the territory for months when she had desperately called to anyone around. It would be better not to see his face- for his sake.

A ball of angst, sorrow, and fury she had become. A whirl of emotions that she was unable to regulate or begin to understand. A ticking time bomb.

Her call ended, and she wondered who would answer her this time. Curious about her new siblings, she watched the den anxiously.

Dec 29, 2017 09:21 AM

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Eyja Jeames

[I got the go ahead, all Eden pups are adopted by Eyja! So now Eyja has four pups to take care of. :D Already linked this thread to all pup players in case they wanna hop in!]

Eyja had been asleep in the den, curled up with the pups. Eden’s pups were spicy and fierce, but nothing Eyja could not handle. God, she had handled abuse, abandonment and even rape. She should handle anything, by now. At least, she wanted to believe she did. Her sleep, however, was disturbed when she heard a call. Letting out a yawn, her head lifted from her paws. Someone was out there, outside her den… With four pups here now, she was determined to protect them all. This time, she would be a better mother, a good mother.

She realized she had not seen Korsteel in a bit, and wondered where the hell he was off to… Wasn’t he supposed to keep guard at the den, and protect her? Where was he? Why did Eyja have the feeling she was doing this on her own? Fine, she would go see who it was…

The female got up and carefully moved out of the den. She did not want to disturb the pups. And she did not want to wake them in case they were asleep. Moving out, she was still a bit sleepy, and stared in a daze at whoever was there. They were familiar, both their scent and their face.



She had come back. Bree. It was Bree. And she was here! She was back! Was Eyja crying? She couldn’t tell. But god damn if she was, it were tears of happiness! One of her babies had returned! Now, she wondered if Asha would come back, next…

’‘Bree! Oh god you’re back. Than god.’‘ Eyja said, happy, excited. It had become easier for to show emotions lately, and she wanted to walk over to her daughter and nuzzle her, take her into a hug. She wanted to love her child. So Eyja moved forward. Bree was back, Castor was here, Eyja had her pups, and she had saved two more. If only Asha would come back. Then her life would be perfect again…

Dec 31, 2017 07:52 AM — Post #1

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Xanthos Citrus

The milk-giver going off for extended periods of time wasn’t unusual, but everything was. She normally just left them alone in the den, but instead she had left them with the bright stranger. The bright stranger who took them away from the den and kept him and the small one corralled in a too small not-den with her even smaller ones.

The contrast of their pale fur against the shadowy interior of the not-den made it so he couldn’t look at any of them directly. As a result there was almost always a little face or tail to be trampled underfoot. It was all so… new and overwhelming, and not in the good way. He was having a hard making sense of it all.

So, until the milk-giver returned to take them to the den, he was content to curl quietly with the small one — his small one — in the darkest, farthest corner of the not-den, his gaze glued to the gaping maw of the outside world.

Only, there was this funny thing about life. As soon as he started to figure it out, it changed again. There was a new voice outside, and he flinched away from it, huddled protectively near the small one. The not-milk-giver seemed rather enthused, and rushed out to meet the new voice. His ears pricked forward, but he made no move to follow. That wasn’t the milk-giver, either.

Dec 31, 2017 05:52 PM — Post #2

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[ Edited: Jan 13, 2018 04:18 PM by Xanthos ]
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Nanna Dingo

Everything was so confusing now. Her sister wasn’t the only other small wolf now. There were others, which made eating a chore. Life was better when it was only Fin and her.

The other two hardly had anything to do with them, too. They didn’t play and weren’t really any fun.

Why were they here?

Mother left abruptly, waking Nanna from her daze. She yowled in protest, agitated because she wasn’t comfortable anymore.

Jan 01, 2018 03:00 AM — Post #3

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Finni Raven Marie


Always noise.

Finni woke when a howl and some barks sounded outside, and the tiny girl grumbled. Eyja would leave now, right?

Yes. There she went—the white milk lump rose gently and left the den, and Finni was about to turn and snuggle into her sisters fur when her mothers voice rose in excitement.

The other two lumps had been brought home with Mother one day, and since then, they’d stayed. They were strange, both in their dark looks, unlike anyone else Finni had set her eyes on and as uncomfortable as Finni was with socializing. Curious as she was about them and sure they should be in the nest with mother, the white runt was just too unsure to reach out.

Now, Mother left them all in the den alone. Nanna howled beside her, and Finni grumbled in response as she stood. The tiny girl shuffled closer to the entrance, poking her little white muzzle out in an attempt to see what was going on.

Jan 01, 2018 10:33 AM — Post #4

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Bree Kurome

Her tail wagged low and submissively at the sight of her mother emerging from the den. Soft whimpers that she could not suppress slipped through her cream lips. Paws shuffled anxiously despite all the anger she still held. At least now she could tell her Eyja everything she told Korsteel, but first..

“Mom,” she greeted her happily, and nuzzled her cheek in return. Ears flattened and her head lowered with pale eyes of both sorrow and relief. “I could say the same thing to you. I was so alone without you, and it hurt me that… you didn’t have enough faith in us to stay,” all of her feelings came tumbling out of her jaws. She didn’t intend for her to speak it so suddenly upon reuniting, but she couldn’t control it.

Still, her tail continued to wag and eyes distantly looking away from Eyja to the den curiously. She knew they were there. Nanna and Finni. Her little sisters.

Jan 02, 2018 01:47 PM — Post #5

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Eyja Jeames

Bree nuzzled her back, and Eyja felt her chest burst, as if her heart was exploding. But then the words came and Eyja felt her heart sting in a bad way. A very bad way. She stepped back, and stood there frozen for a moment, staring at Bree in disbelief. She was angry with Eyja. Eyja knew it… She had spoken about it to Korsteel and he had told her Bree wasn’t angry with her, Castor had said the same thing. But here she stood in front of her, clearly not feeling happy.

’‘Bree, I had faith in you, but you don’t know what happened to me…’‘ Eyja mumbled, scared, ashamed. Pained. Because she didn’t want to talk about this. But she felt forced, she felt like she had to. ’‘I… I didn’t feel safe here, for a while… I was deceived, right in the Falls, attacked right near home… I ran away because I was afraid he would… follow me and… do it again…’‘

Eyja took a deep breath. This was hard. It was so hard to talk about this, to explain this to her daughter. Why was she even trying to explain herself? This wasn’t her fault. Or was it…? Apparently Bree believed it was her fault. Eyja’s body started to shake. Anxious, nervous, scared. Upset and hurt.

’‘He… he raped me, Bree… And he was after me… he followed me… so I ran, afraid… I’m sorry- I…’‘
Tears sting her eyes, but she didn’t want them to fall. Breathe, Eyja. Breathe. She had to breathe and calm down.

Jan 03, 2018 07:08 AM — Post #6

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Name Player
Nemesis Zoi

The dark girl was suitably miserable, ice cold to the touch as the realization seemed to settle on her that something had happened. Maybe the lighter adult had killed the dark lady. But it seemed the quintessential problem of adopting a puppy who already knew she was stolen was a difficult transition from being just oblivious to the idea.

It was why she tucked herself against Xanthos even now, but she felt lost. She still continued to snap if the silver wolf tried to touch her. She glared, almost non-stop, until she was exhausted. The only time she felt okay was… with her brother. It was why as new voices stirred, she pushed her face into his side and sniffed in frustration.

It was never the Dark Lady. If the Dark Lady was okay, she would come back soon. She would find them. Or The Nemesis was going to have to find her.

But to the squawking of the other creatures in the den with her, there was a soft warning grumble. She didn’t like their noise. She was the only one who was noisy.

Skippable! <3

Jan 05, 2018 06:17 AM — Post #7

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Xanthos Citrus

The voices continued outside. Xanthos flattened his ears against his head, ripping his gaze away from the two shapes silhouetted in front of his only escape route home. He felt Nemesis snuggle into his fur and he shifted to drape his head across her back reassuringly.

With nothing other to set his sights on, he was forced to glance disdainfully over to the two fuzzy bright lumps the not-milk-giver kept with her. His lip curled testily as one of them yowled a complain, a low rumbling warning growl seething in his throat. Noise only ever seemed to be okay when it come from the mouth-holes of a new select individuals, and this Small Bright certainly wasn’t one of them.

Jan 05, 2018 09:44 PM — Post #8

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Nanna Dingo

Something else aggravating was the new boy’s response to her cry. Clearly mother wasn’t coming back to comfort her. The least she could do while she waited was to clear this up. She did not need to be growled at.

Nanna clumsily walked toward the black wolf. Her steps had gotten more confident recently, but she still fell often. She had a long way to go before that didn’t happen anymore.

As she walked, she reciprocated the growl. Yes. She was angry.

Jan 07, 2018 01:05 AM — Post #9

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Name Player
Finni Raven Marie

Both of the dark children grumbled their displeasure, and as Nanna growled back, Finni found herself bristling, but quiet. So what, Nanna was loud sometimes? This was their den. Finni hadn’t ever been mean to them, but they’d never been nice to her.

But then her littermate was teetering towards the dark figures, and Finni was unsure of what to do. On one paw, this stranger was calling Mum… Mum? Who was this colorful girl and why was she making Mum cry? Was something wrong? On the other, though, she had her sister drawing closer to the other pups with a growl in her own throat.

In the end, she fell back onto her haunches and decided that wailing was the better option. Crying because she didn’t know where to go, because she didn’t know who this stranger was, why Mum was upset or what Nanna and the dark children were doing. She didn’t know what to do, and Finni cried about it. She wasn’t sure if Eyja would come back, or if Nanna would turn and come this way, or if nothing would happen at all, but she added to all the turmoil around her without meaning to.

Jan 09, 2018 05:42 PM — Post #10

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Bree Kurome

“I know what happened,” she snapped, hoping Eyja would not say anything else about the event. However, furrowed brows quickly softened to an expression of deep concern. A small sigh slipped through her lips.

“I thought you left because it was us, because we weren’t good enough. I’m sorry,” she lowered her head submissively. She could see the tension on Eyja’s face and her watering eyes that were threatening to produce actual tears. Bree hoped she was not the cause of that. She did not realize her words would cause such harm. Did they have a similar affect to Korsteel, too?

Unfortunately, nothing she had to say was going to put a smile on anyone’s face. Everything was nothing but more heart break and disappointments. She still had yet to tell her about Asha. There mere thought made her body feel cold with the loneliness she struggled with since her sister’s departure. It seemed there was no one who wanted to be near her and it was an empty feeling.

Jan 12, 2018 07:40 PM — Post #11

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Eyja Jeames

Bree snapped, and in response Eyja felt her hackles raise. Had Bree not been her daughter, Eyja would probably have jumped at her to punish her for her behavior. And to be honest she thought of punishing the girl, thought of yelling at her that she didn’t know what it was like to be hurt that way. But Bree calmed, and apologized. The hairs on her back flattened again, but she was still wary, uncomfortable.

She was glad Bree was back, but she was not happy the girl yelled at her like that. ’‘I’m just glad you’re home again… safe and sound…’‘ Eyja said, sounding hesitant. But she meant what she said.  She just wasn’t sure how Bree would respond to her words. The girl seemed so independent, lately.

’‘If it makes you feel better, I often thought about how it was my fault you and Asha were gone. I thought you were mad at me… I guess you have the right to be, though.’‘
Not for running away on them, but for being a shitty mother in the first place, during the first year of their life. Eyja was only now grasping the idea of how to be a good mother…
’‘I wished everything was back to normal but Asha is still missing and now your father has been gone for a while and god knows where he went…’‘

Eyja spoke the last words with a grumble. Did Korsteel bail on her because these pups weren’t his? If that was the case then maybe she was better off on her own…

It was probably all her own fault.
It had always been.

Jan 13, 2018 06:38 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Xanthos Citrus

His once quiet world had all at once exploded into chaos and Xanthos was having none of it. He stiffened as the Small Bright made her toward him and Nemesis, with only the rumbling voice of its handler standing outside to comfort them. He waited almost patiently as the pup approached, his eyes glinting with a sort of predatory intensity.

He watched as her little lip twitched, ears pinned back against his head, and the beginnings of a rumbly little growl sounded in her throat. He grit his teeth against the plaintive cries of the smaller one, flashing them briefly in the dim light, and the lunged with gaping jaws straight for the growly one’s face.

Jan 13, 2018 04:35 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Nanna Dingo

He was so dark it was hard to see. One moment she was walking toward him, then the next she was on the ground. The wolf had attacked her so quickly she hadn’t had time to react. She looked that the black wolf, trembling now. Her cheek hurt so bad.

It didn’t take her too long to get back to her paws and scramble toward Finni. She wailed the whole way.

She’d smelled blood before. In food and stuff, but it never smelled like this. This blood was new and sort of made her feel sick.

Jan 15, 2018 04:22 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Finni Raven Marie

Mum didn’t react, but the small dark lump did. Finni watched, her cries falling into a whine, as Xanthos lunged for her sister. There was a moment of silence as Nanna thumped against the den floor, and blood scent flooded the area. As her littermate scrambled to her paws and closer to Finni, wailing, the white runt stood and tottered quickly over to close the distance, sending an uncharacteristically bad tempered glare towards the dark boy. Plunging her muzzle forward to lap gently at the angry, red, and dripping wound, Finni let out a louder, fear-laced wail for her mother.


Suddenly, she didn’t feel so curious about the two dark lumps. They were mean, they hurt Nanna, and Finni wanted nothing to do with them. Why were they here? Would they leave? Why had he hurt her sister? Why wasn’t Mum doing anything about it?

Jan 15, 2018 11:57 AM — Post #15

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