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Backdated to the 28th | East Eden | Early Summer | Morning | Sunny | Looking for Daddy!

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Kyra Daniels loved sleeping outside. Cuddled up to Daddy, with the soft summer breeze kissing her fur, and all the interesting sounds around her of night birds and bugs she’d never had any occasion to hear properly in the caves.

She had parted ways with Elliot so he could do his Daddy-type-things and gone to get breakfast from Mason and the cache, splitting her meals evenly as she had been lately. Then she scampered down to the river and had a big drink so she’d be ready for her and Daddy’s adventure! She giggled as she splashed her forepaws in the shallows, coughing slightly when a splash got her muzzle. Finished playing, she then she darted out to the mouth of the caves with an eager yip. She pranced along, tail high and waving, wondering where Daddy was taking her! It was time to find out, and she could hardly wait!

“Daaaaa-ddy!” She yipped excitedly, tail still going a mile a minute.

Dec 31, 2017 05:15 AM

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