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Inigo Wynter

Inigo was distinctly aware that his coat smelled like flowers.That was an unexpected side effect of moving higher up the mountainside, where the field was rife with flowering plants. It was a little overwhelming sometimes, and now he wondered if the smell of flora preceded him as he made his way toward the rise, following the creek as he descended from the foothills of the mountains and approached the Alliance’s territory. He supposed it wasn’t that noticeable, though he’d grown used to it. He hadn’t been in the mountains for too long, but he’d been there long enough to take on the scent of the area.

He started to step over the borders and stopped himself, only shifting slightly in place and staring straight ahead of him. It was silly to think that Atlas would care overmuch if he stepped over the borders… but then, Inigo wasn’t a warden anymore. He didn’t want to set a precedent for straying into pack territory despite having left to be on his own. He’d made the choice, and a consequence of that choice was that he didn’t get to simply waltz onto the rise like… well, like he lived there anymore.

He had come here intending to seek out Atlas on his own, but stopped where he was now, the creek disappearing into the thicker woods. He hadn’t foreseen this particular little hitch in his plan, though he supposed he should have.

He didn’t call out, not then. The breeze carried his scent forward, and perhaps Atlas would get wind of his scent before long. Inigo stepped back from the scent markers and sat down, trying to look less awkward than he felt as he waited. Calling out ought to have been an easy thing to do- who else would bother to come but Atlas?- but still the aversion to broadcasting his location for all to here was there, however irrational it was.

He would wait.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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(leaving some details vague since Jos is trying to join SA, but she’s been around for a while so she’ll smell like SA and Poet)

Josalyn was trying not to be such a shut-in anymore. She was well on her way to recovering from her losses, but she knew she wouldn’t be back to normal unless she actually got out. Met some people. Hell, maybe she should even track down Apollo and try to clear up whatever awkward shit that was between him and Poet that made her feel so awful. Maybe she’d find more Wardens and introduce herself. Maybe she would try to settle.

But… maybe not today.

Sure, the thought was appealing, but it was far easier said than done. The monster of her uncertainties reared its head every time she caught a scent on the breeze that wasn’t Poet’s. She’d hover, indecisive, staring off in that direction. Then, inevitably, thoughts of Apollo would fall in, or Solomon and how she wasn’t good enough, or Dalus, or Alina. Fears formed of her own perceptions. But they were fears all the same. They were hard to get over - so, quietly, she’d accept her defeat and break off in another direction. She’d collect herbs. That was just as good, right?

At least she was getting out of the den.

Josalyn ended up wandering a little further than she intended, drifting in between the trees until she found the creek, a hidden gem nestled among the Rise’s forests. She followed that and then broke off again, gaze roving the ground, though less in search of plants and more as a prisoner of her thoughts. She hadn’t noticed the male waiting until suddenly his scent hit her, a twist of flowers and dirt, masculine, and perhaps something she’d noticed before, albeit stale and faded.

She paused and looked up, spotting him a dozen meters ahead. Her heart trembled again. She didn’t want to disappoint anyone. She didn’t want to… annoy anyone. Or be brushed off. She didn’t know what to do. So, as her mind began to spin, she just stood and watched. Rooted, uncertain.

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo had been waiting for some time, but not once did he decide to call out or to budge from his spot. He’d resolved himself to wait until Atlas found him, and it was easy to maintain that mindset, maintaining his anonymity at the cost of his time. It wasn’t as though he had anywhere else to be, nor any pressing matters to otherwise occupy him.

He had settled into a bit of a doze as he waited. Although he had left the pack weeks ago, Inigo had never giving up his imagine of the pack’s territory as safe, and the scent of home lulled him into a sense of security as he sat in the grass just outside its borders, and eventually Inigo had laid down in the long grass and allowed his mind to drift. Although he hadn’t completely shut himself off to the world around him, he was a good deal less alert than he might otherwise have been, and so he didn’t notice that anyone was approaching him until they were close enough for him to smell them. Mismatched eyes snapped open, and the beginnings of a daydream about monstrous stone dragons faded away into nothing. He pushed himself up into a sitting position in one rapid movement, seeing the wolf he’d smelled not too far from where he’d been.

Inigo stared for a moment in surprise, but blinked rapidly and looked away from her. He hadn’t wanted anyone else from the pack to find him, hadn’t wanted to answer any awkward questions.

’Lo,” he said in his typical lackluster manner, his ears splaying out slightly to the sides of his head, looking somewhat uncomfortable. This was a wolf he didn’t know, one whose scent he’d never smelled on the Rise, but she was close enough that he could pick out the smell of the Alliance on her coat, particularly Poet’s scent. So the male had returned to the Rise again after all. Inigo hadn’t seen or spoken to him since his return earlier in the year. Thoughts of the other wolf were quickly shoved aside as he considered the tawny female. As much as he would have liked to be unflappable and unfazed, he couldn’t think about Poet without pain. So he didn’t think about him, as much as any wolf could force himself not to think about anything.

Sorry, didn’t mean to alarm you if I did,” he said, and after that initial surprised glance in her direction, Inigo kept his gaze turned away from her. “ I was just waiting for someone. You’re a Warden, right?

It was a way to reassure her that he wasn’t just some random rogue lurking the borders, but someone who at least knew of the Alliance and had business here.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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He noticed her almost immediately, which was even more startling when she realized how long after that she stared at him. Watching him stare back, then blink, look away, and speak a greeting. He hadn’t been expecting her, as little as she had been expecting him, and she half wondered if it would be better for the both of them if she just turned and walked away.

She almost did, raising her feet in an attempt to slowly backpedal, before he spoke again. He apologized for alarming her, which yes, he did, but perhaps not in the way he might have thought he did. Then he explained himself, which Josalyn didn’t realize she needed, but it was quickly enough to pull her back to reality and remind her how to communicate like a normal wolf without paralyzing anxiety. His question resounded most loudly in her head, and Josalyn made herself smile, shaking her head.

Then paused, thoughtful. “Um, kinda.”

It was weird to think of herself as that. Like she hadn’t yet earned the right.

“I’m a friend of Poet’s. Josalyn. Who are you waiting for?” she asked, mostly out of curiosity. She didn’t think twice about mentioning Poet to a stranger. It felt like everyone knew him around these parts. Maybe she’d know the person he was waiting for. But was it really any of her business? What were the chances she’d fail at such a task, especially being in unfamiliar territory like this? Astronomical, probably. She was better off just… “Actually, you don’t have to tell me. I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

There we go. Somehow, it was easier to be thoughtlessly blunt than to try to thoughtlessly help. Though she was sure she’d regret it if he was a Warden and intended to scold her for wandering around in a place she was still basically a stranger with nothing to do.

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Inigo Wynter

She looked half ready to turn and go back the way she’d come, perhaps to go retrieve Atlas so that the Titan could deal with the strange rogue at the borders, which would have suited Inigo just fine. His question seemed to have had the effect he had wanted, however, though the stranger shook her head in response. Inigo looked at her, his expression of confusion subtle but apparent. If she wasn’t a Warden, she had at least been residing here for long enough that she smelled like a pack wolf, but Inigo knew well enough that Atlas allowed rogues to stay here if they needed time to rest or recuperate. Her situation wasn’t strange to him, if that was indeed the case.

She did not elaborate on her status, but instead introduced herself as Josalyn- a friend of Poet’s. Perhaps she was a guest of his, which might explain why his scent was so prevalent on her. He was making new friends and settling right in again, it seemed, and Inigo tried his best not to dwell on that. He nodded at her introduction, then opened his mouth to answer the simple inquiry she had put to him, before shutting it again when Josalyn continued, explaining that she didn’t need him to answer, that she didn’t know why she was talking to him in the first place. Inigo’s expression, which had been more or less neutral, shifted to one of mingled surprise and bemusement, his ears twisting back as he stared at her.

Had he said or done something…?

He’d been seeking to avoid prying questions from his former packmates, not wanting to explain that he was no longer among them, and why. And while her question hadn’t been of that sensitive variety, it seemed he didn’t have to say anything to her at all anyway, because she didn’t want his answer in the first place. His cheeks burned, and his gaze slipped away from her, embarrassed and unsure why he even felt that way.

Moments like this were why he had left the Alliance to live on his own. They illustrated again and again that he was not fit to be among them, that he was better off alone, where he didn’t have to worry that a simple conversation would fall apart and leave him feeling distressed or somehow inadequate, or that he would say the wrong thing.
Inigo was silent, unsure how to respond or what to say to her.

...Atlas,” he said after a moment, though it was spoken in a soft tone mostly devoid of inflection, with that same air of bemusement as he stared down into the grass. “Don’t let me keep you if you don’t want to be here.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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(hahahahah jos…)

So convinced was she of her own impending failure, she didn’t even realize the effect that her bluntness might have had. It was a fluke that she was looking over at him as she said it, and even from afar she recognized the surprised look, then the subsequent falling of his spirit. Enough to tell her that what she said was clearly not the right thing to say.

Her soft heart suddenly found itself bruised, twisting, and agonized. She’d tried to avoid failure and instead found herself staring it in the face. What was this, two sentences in - a new record! Two sentences in and she’d already fucked it up.

His words were spoken gently enough that she almost didn’t hear them through the pounding of blood in her ears. She bit her lip, reflexively inching closer as he told her she didn’t have to linger, which was enough to suggest that maybe he did want someone to stay, and she’d gone and announced that she didn’t know what she was doing here, and in trying not to pry, or offer help where she was helpless, came off as insensitive. Maybe. Was that what happened? Holy moly. Since when did she become completely incapable of talking to people?

“I’m sorry,” she blurted nervously, trying to find anywhere else to look but him. “I-I-I didn’t mean- I just. I’m super new here and I don’t really know anyone b-but if-if it’s Atlas maybe I can help, or something, I don’t know.”

Or you could just be digging yourself into an even deeper hole. It would be easier to give up. Apologize, for good, and just leave him be, maybe politely ask him to forget about this whole thing. But then she would inevitably see him again. And it would probably be even more awkward. So she had to fix this. Right now.

“I just lost my way is all. I didn’t mean to sound…”

Yeah, okay. Just shut up.

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo continued to stare down into the grass, which swayed pleasantly, almost hypnotically, giving him something to look at other than the warden. He didn’t know what he might read in her expression, and he didn’t want to see her staring back at him.

He heard the she-wolf’s movement as a rustle of grass, and raised his head to look toward her, gaze meeting her own from a distance. He had not anticipated that his statement would have the effect of drawing her closer to him, no matter that it was only by a matter of inches. When she stammered out an apology, Inigo could hear the apprehension in her voice, and knew he’d been the one to put it there.

So he had gotten it wrong, and her statement had been nothing to do with him, but only indicative of her own reservations. And now he had made her more uncomfortable as well, and the conversation was just seconds old and now the both of them were left feeling all the worse for the interaction. The muscles in his jaws clenched, an unconscious show of frustration, that he couldn’t seem to navigate these moments that came so easily to most others. The point of leaving was so that he wouldn’t feel so lost all the time, and he had been doing a little better- comparatively, anyway. It crept in again, that sense of doubt. But it was a misunderstanding, he reminded himself. Today was supposed to be a good one. 

It wasn’t often that he was faced with the need to reassure someone else. It wasn’t often he felt qualified- not that he did now. But maybe he could at least let her know she hadn’t done any lasting damage.

It’s fine,” he said, shaking his head. She didn’t owe him an explanation, but he appreciated it all the same. “Let’s start over?

He paused for an instant after the suggestion before speaking again, looking over at her. Josalyn, she’d said.

I’m Inigo. Atlas is my friend- I was friends with Poet once, too.” Perhaps letting her know of the old connection might help. “I’m waiting here for Atlas to meet me and I didn’t want to just barge in.

sorry for the wait! i typed this up before i left work on friday and forgot to post it because i am a derp. :3

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

He would have been lying if he said he hadn’t been waking up every day hoping it would finally be the day.

Not all that much time had passed since Inigo’s departure — a couple of weeks, at most. Even so, Atlas couldn’t help but feel antsy. Soon after he’d left, he had begun to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, putting some distance between himself and the pack might lead Inigo to the revelation that there was no place like home. That he might return and decide to stay there, with him, in the Alliance.

It was no more than a flight of fancy, though. The thought lingered for perhaps the span of an afternoon spent lazing in the warm sun. It didn’t take long for Atlas to resurface in reality and remind himself, again, that this was for the best.

And so he’d waited.

Until one afternoon the breeze delivered him the good news.

He’d been milling around the creek at the time, absently following some otter prints left on the sand in hopes of maybe glimpsing one of the slippery creatures. Although the creek was home to a small population, they were something of a rare sight — and darn near impossible to catch, thanks in part to their amphibious nature. Of course, even though they weren’t easy pickings for a meal, Atlas found they were worth the effort it took to find them, if only to watch from a distance. Otters were playful critters, often seen wrestling or chasing after one another in and out of the water. And, all things considered, they were… pretty adorable.

As far as prey animals went, anyway.

Atlas hadn’t managed to locate the little scamps thus far, though, and when a familiar scent wafted his way, he all but stopped in his tracks.

It struck him as different, somehow — not vastly so but enough that his nose crinkled thoughtfully as he turned his head into the wind. Of course, his face lit up all the same. And in short order he was on the move again, this time slipping into a trot that took him through the woods towards the outer borders of the pack, to where he hoped to find his friend.

Along the way, he picked up a second scent, and when he reached the point where the trees thinned, he wasn’t surprised to see Josalyn’s sunny golden coat flashing in the morning light. Not far from her, though, stood another figure. And the moment he saw him, Atlas’ heart leapt for joy.


The broad grin on his face was all but audible in the sound of his voice when he called his name.

There remained some distance between them still, but the Titan was crunching and shoving his way through the underbrush with purpose.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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Having worked herself up into a minor freak out, Josalyn was relieved when he dismissed her mistake and offered to start over. She’d been holding her breath the whole time, half expecting him to turn his shoulder to her and send her away. But now she could have another chance. A chance to cover up her previous stumbling, to leave a better impression. She wished she could have had the same with Apollo. Maybe… in the future. When she was stronger.

He introduced himself, Inigo, and designated himself a friend of Atlas and Poet. Josalyn nodded with interest, inwardly amused that her thoughtless assumption turned out to be correct anyway. She wondered if he was part of the Alliance. But the way he spoke of not wanting to barge in suggested he wasn’t.

“I totally get that. I still feel like I shouldn’t even be here,” she laughed sadly. “Maybe I could sit with you while you wait? Or… I could leave, if you wanted to wait alone. I understand.”

She had no way of understanding anything about him, since she didn’t know him. But she understood the need to be alone. The fear of others that sometimes became so bad that isolation was an easier answer than the comfort of friends and family.

Not that he would have much longer to wait, anyway.

The jovial voice of the titan boomed out of the distance, startling Josalyn to snap her head in his direction. She relaxed her shoulders and breathed out a quiet laugh, “You didn’t call for him, did you? I swear I would’ve heard it…”

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Inigo Wynter

His attempt to assuage the tension between them seemed to have worked. Josalyn explained that she felt she shouldn’t be here, and Inigo found that he could empathize with her. He hadn’t felt that way at first. It was only with the passage of time and the relentless assault of constant and inevitable disappointment that he had come to feel like a stranger in the home he had known before any Warden ever set foot here. When she laughed, a sound that held no humor, Inigo tilted his head just slightly to one side, frowning at her, though she continued before he could speak. He looked away from her again, eyes drifting toward the ground in a way that was pensive, not meek.

He felt a selfish urge to tell her that he did want to be alone, but he remembered his last meeting with a wolf with whom he’d been completely honest, and didn’t want to repeat that experience. He had taken great pains to guarantee his solitude, had hurt his best and only friend for it, in order to spare himself. It had been another selfish impulse, but he couldn’t deny that no longer feeling the anxiety that came from dreading moments like this had abated when he cut himself off from the pack. Did he want to be alone? No, not really, and not always. But he needed to be. That much had become clear. 

He reminded himself not to ask this particular wolf when she planned on ditching the pack, even though it was a thought that crossed his mind every time he saw a new face. It wasn’t something he had to worry about anymore- he was removed from the Alliance now, after all. But he wasn’t going to be rude to Josalyn. She seemed nice. He wanted to give the illusion of it as well.

I’m afraid I’m not very good company, but you can stay if you’d like.” He hadn’t even drawn closer to her, hadn’t attempted a smile. He was as dour a companion as she could ever meet. “I appreciate the offer.

If she wanted to wait with him, he wasn’t going to turn her away. The simple offer of the passage of time in another wolf’s company was a better one than he’d had in a long, long time. He felt his heart begin to race, wondering at all the ways this could go wrong for him, though outwardly he appeared calm.

And then he heard a voice, and saw his friend coming toward him,, and the sight of Atlas racing across the carpet of swaying grass toward him, undoubtedly happy to see him, made Inigo’s formerly somber expression light up. His face brightened into a warm and welcoming smile, his silver tail beginning to sway behind him as he stood up. He shifted slightly, intending to go closer to Atlas, but mindful of his company. She had asked him a question, one of the sort that would require an explanation he hadn’t wanted to give. He didn’t want to give it now, embarrassing as it was.

I didn’t,” he said, sounding somewhat sheepish, mismatched eyes shifting to look away from her, his smile fading. She’d know that he had stupidly decided to wait, for hours on end if need be, rather than raise his voice to draw attention. He drifted closer to her, assuming the three of them would come together in conversation, if Josalyn didn’t decide to leave now that Atlas had come. He wouldn’t be surprised.
I don’t know if anyone else would come. But if they did, I didn’t… want to have to answer any questions. About why I’m not…” The words seemed to jam up at the back of his throat, but he forced them out anyway. “-here, anymore.

He was probably being foolish.

After all, who would have noticed or cared in the first place?

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Josalyn’s head snapped in his direction, but it didn’t take long for her to recognize him and relax. Atlas was glad for it — but even more so, he was glad to see that Inigo looked happy to see him. Granted, he hadn’t expected him to be unhappy, but given the nature of their last encounter, he wasn’t sure what sort of mood he’d find his friend in. A better one, he’d hoped. A lighter one. After all, he’d freed himself of everything that had been weighing him down.

And here he was now: smiling, tail wagging as he rose to his feet. As much as he’d missed him, looking at him now Atlas could feel nothing but relief — and a flicker of hope.

Having broken through the last bits of foliage, the Titan crossed the expanse of grass between them in a trot. As he drew in closer, he gave his newest pack-mate a bob of his head.

“And Josalyn,” he drawled, greeting her with a dopey smile.

It wasn’t his intent to leave her overlooked in the beginning, but he’d just. Been so over the moon to see Inigo.

And once he was himself face-to-face with him, he found that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He went straight over and pressed his face into the fur around his neck, nuzzling fondly at him.

He’d already had his muzzle buried for a beat or two before he was struck by something: a faint… floral sort of perfume. It sort of tickled his nose, albeit not in a bad way.

“Wow, you smell—”

He cut off, drawing his head back rather abruptly.

Pretty was what he was going to say, but fortunately for his sake and everyone else’s, he thought better of it.

“Like, uh… flowers,” he concluded, fumbling through the warmth that bloomed in his face and turned his grin sheepish. “Where’d you end up?”

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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Josalyn maintained a sympathetic smile as he spoke of being poor company. She was probably in the same boat at this point. But at least she was trying to get out of it. She didn’t know what Inigo’s situation was, but she was charmed by the thought that she wasn’t alone. Maybe she could help him, maybe he could help her. Then again, as of late she’d been having piss poor luck helping anyone.

In the end, it didn’t matter. Josalyn was made aware of the Titan’s arrival before long, and when she second guessed whether or not she’d heard Inigo call for him only for the male to confess he didn’t, she furrowed her brow and cocked her head, confused. It was a rather brilliant coincidence that he should arrive, wasn’t it?

He explained quickly that he didn’t want anyone else to come. Josalyn nodded, accepting the explanation at face value - because she had felt the same so many times before, she felt no need to question it. Everyone had their issues. She had learned not to press when it wasn’t appropriate. And besides, she wouldn’t have time. Before long, the Titan was upon them.

Josalyn side-stepped as the male approached, greeting her briefly before taking to Inigo with obvious delight at his presence. She remained smiling, and now couldn’t help but wonder why Inigo had been so hesitant to announce himself. Atlas obviously bore no grievances toward him. She remained silent, only listening and observing, waiting for the cue as to whether or not she should stay or leave them to their reunion.

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo remained where he was, waiting as Atlas drew closer to them rather than going to meet him. It was less about staying outside the borders, now, and more about not wanting to be rude and leave his current company. Josalyn didn’t question his decision to try to remain unnoticed, nor his reasons for doing so, and he was grateful to her for that. 

His tail continued to sway in wide arcs as he watched Atlas coming closer, and it was only a matter of moments before the Titan was near enough to speak to. Inigo’s bright grin dimmed to a more manageable level as Atlas turned to greet Josalyn as well, something he hadn’t done at first, but the golden girl didn’t look annoyed at this temporary oversight. Inigo took a few steps closer, remembering the last time they’d had a reunion of sorts.The guilt he had felt then had been a very real thing, like a physical pain in his chest. And while it was there in some measure, now he felt only happy to be here.

He supposed it hadn’t taken Atlas too long to pick his scent up on the wind, which meant he’d been close. Atlas had also been down by the creek the last time Inigo had spoken with him.

I didn’t mean to take so long-” he began, but he didn’t get to finish before Atlas was moving forward, burying his face in Inigo’s fur. His smile stretched a bit wider and he lowered his head, cheek pressing against the same spot on Atlas, rubbing the side of his muzzle against his friend’s own neck. He smelled so much like home that it hurt Inigo to think that he wouldn’t be staying here at the end of all of this, but for the moment, he let himself be content.

Atlas stepped back after a moment, with a comment that turned Inigo’s grin a bit wry. His ears splayed out to the sides of his head a bit, and he shot a glance toward Josalyn, looking a little self conscious, though he was still smiling.

I had to get used to it,” he said with a subtle wince. “There are a lot of flowers growing nearby, and there are little hummingbirds that are attracted to them.” There was some excitement in his voice at this, but he wasn’t going to launch into a description of the little jeweled creatures that he saw on a daily basis near his new… well, home. Not unless one of the others inquired further- then he would be glad to tell them what he knew of the creatures.

It isn’t too far from the creek, up in the foothills. It… took some time to find the right spot, but I like it there. Well enough.

And he wasn’t too far away from the pack, if Atlas should need him. It wasn’t exactly a short stroll, but he could be here within a day or so if he pushed himself.

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Even if he’d been able to finish, Atlas would have been quick to dismiss Inigo’s apology. As it stood, though, his eagerness to go to his friend and embrace him meant that those unfinished words went completely unacknowledged.

Inigo broke off, but the abrupt silence that followed was anything but uncomfortable. With his affections returned in kind, Atlas was on top of the world in that moment — however fleeting it was.

He felt a little cross with himself, then, having withdrawn himself so quickly. But the flowery scent and his reaction to it had really taken him off-guard. Inigo himself looked a tad self-conscious about it — or perhaps simply having attention called to it. His admission was met with a sheepish smile from the Titan, although what he had to say next diverted his attention from his blunder easily enough.

The mention of the hummingbirds native to his new home might have seemed, to some, a sort of random observation to make. But Atlas was quick to pick up on the enthusiasm in his voice, however subtle it might have been. Inigo always seemed to take a shine to such things: things that the average wolf might not stop to appreciate. He was able to find a sense of wonder, of beauty in the simple things. Like pretty little birds buzzing between flowers.

It was one of the things that Atlas liked about him the most.

“It sounds great,” he chimed back at him, smiling in earnest at the mental image his description put together. After a beat or two, though, that smile turned wry. “Hope you’re ready to have company over soon.”

Because obviously he had to see this hummingbird place for himself now.

For the moment, though, his attention flitted back to their present company. Happy as he was to see Inigo, the last thing he wanted was to butt Josalyn out.

“I’m guessing you two’ve already been getting acquainted?” he asked, regarding the female with a little tilt of his head.

He couldn’t be sure how long they’d been there together — or if they’d really gotten the chance to talk much before he’d come galumphing up.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison
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Aww. They were both so happy. It wasn’t unexpected from Atlas - for as briefly as she knew him, he had only been positive and jubilant, but she couldn’t help but marvel at how Inigo had brightened up in the Titan’s presence. It further served the fact that Josalyn was only intruding on a moment meant to be shared between friends. But she wasn’t unhappy about it.

She listened as Inigo described the place he found, a place she assumed he was staying, and wondered silently if he might accept visitors other than Atlas. A place full of flowers and hummingbirds sounded a lot like her jam. She didn’t want to intrude, though.

And when Atlas turned his attention back to her, she decided to use that opportunity to excuse herself.

“Yeah, a bit,” she said, glancing at Inigo with a grin. No need to mention their awkward first half-conversation. Things were going smoothly now. “Sounds like you two have a lot more catching up to do, though. I was only keeping him company.”

With a subdued laugh from between her lips, she lifted to her feet. “I’ll leave you guys to it. Poe’s probably wondering where I am, anyway. It was nice to meet you, Inigo,” Josalyn said politely, nodding his way. She cast one last smile Atlas’ way before turning, making for the sea of golden grasses beyond.

Was it weird to be excited about how moderately okay this encounter went? Because she totally was. And she was totally gonna tell Poet.

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Inigo looked rather delighted at the mention of company at the place he’d found for himself, his tail wagging back and forth in wide arcs.

Of course,” he said, feeling almost proud of himself for having done this small thing, for having taken this one step in what seemed to be the right direction. Although he hadn’t come to regard the place as home- and he doubted he truly would, at least not anytime soon- Inigo certainly thought he could do better. That Atlas would want to visit was expected of the amicable male, and Inigo wondered if he might make a habit of trekking up into the foothills to see him. That was an easy compromise, wasn’t it? He wouldn’t have far to go from the rest of the pack.

Inigo didn’t bring that up just now, however. They could figure that out later, after all. Atlas turned his attention to Josalyn, and Inigo glanced toward her. She explained why she was here, and then decided to leave to let the two of them catch up.

You as well, and thank you again,” he said. He let the mention of Poet slide past him, not wanting to dwell on it. He was too content just now to let thoughts of their eroded friendship bring him down. Though he did not try to call her back, Inigo didn’t feel the relief he typically felt when strangers took their leave of him. It had been a mostly convivial conversation between the two of them, despite a rocky start, and he did appreciate her offer to keep him company. He told himself that she wasn’t simply glad to hand him over to someone else to look after, or that she might go back to Poet to speak of his strangeness. At least he didn’t let himself focus on those doubts, anyway.

He watched her retreating form for a few seconds before looking back to Atlas, sitting down in the grass, intending to stay a while.

How are things here?” he asked. “I’d worried about how things were going back when the ash fell, but it seemed to be coming from the far south, so I thought it wouldn’t affect anyone here like it did before.

It was an explanation of why he hadn’t come running back to the rise at the first sign that there might be danger, as he had the previous summer. That, and he’d been too busy cowering in his own mix of painful recollection and unfounded terror. But he wasn’t going to mention that.

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