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early summer | morning, near the borders | aw

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo was distinctly aware that his coat smelled like flowers.That was an unexpected side effect of moving higher up the mountainside, where the field was rife with flowering plants. It was a little overwhelming sometimes, and now he wondered if the smell of flora preceded him as he made his way toward the rise, following the creek as he descended from the foothills of the mountains and approached the Alliance’s territory. He supposed it wasn’t that noticeable, though he’d grown used to it. He hadn’t been in the mountains for too long, but he’d been there long enough to take on the scent of the area.

He started to step over the borders and stopped himself, only shifting slightly in place and staring straight ahead of him. It was silly to think that Atlas would care overmuch if he stepped over the borders… but then, Inigo wasn’t a warden anymore. He didn’t want to set a precedent for straying into pack territory despite having left to be on his own. He’d made the choice, and a consequence of that choice was that he didn’t get to simply waltz onto the rise like… well, like he lived there anymore.

He had come here intending to seek out Atlas on his own, but stopped where he was now, the creek disappearing into the thicker woods. He hadn’t foreseen this particular little hitch in his plan, though he supposed he should have.

He didn’t call out, not then. The breeze carried his scent forward, and perhaps Atlas would get wind of his scent before long. Inigo stepped back from the scent markers and sat down, trying to look less awkward than he felt as he waited. Calling out ought to have been an easy thing to do- who else would bother to come but Atlas?- but still the aversion to broadcasting his location for all to here was there, however irrational it was.

He would wait.

Jan 02, 2018 11:54 PM

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

(leaving some details vague since Jos is trying to join SA, but she’s been around for a while so she’ll smell like SA and Poet)

Josalyn was trying not to be such a shut-in anymore. She was well on her way to recovering from her losses, but she knew she wouldn’t be back to normal unless she actually got out. Met some people. Hell, maybe she should even track down Apollo and try to clear up whatever awkward shit that was between him and Poet that made her feel so awful. Maybe she’d find more Wardens and introduce herself. Maybe she would try to settle.

But… maybe not today.

Sure, the thought was appealing, but it was far easier said than done. The monster of her uncertainties reared its head every time she caught a scent on the breeze that wasn’t Poet’s. She’d hover, indecisive, staring off in that direction. Then, inevitably, thoughts of Apollo would fall in, or Solomon and how she wasn’t good enough, or Dalus, or Alina. Fears formed of her own perceptions. But they were fears all the same. They were hard to get over - so, quietly, she’d accept her defeat and break off in another direction. She’d collect herbs. That was just as good, right?

At least she was getting out of the den.

Josalyn ended up wandering a little further than she intended, drifting in between the trees until she found the creek, a hidden gem nestled among the Rise’s forests. She followed that and then broke off again, gaze roving the ground, though less in search of plants and more as a prisoner of her thoughts. She hadn’t noticed the male waiting until suddenly his scent hit her, a twist of flowers and dirt, masculine, and perhaps something she’d noticed before, albeit stale and faded.

She paused and looked up, spotting him a dozen meters ahead. Her heart trembled again. She didn’t want to disappoint anyone. She didn’t want to… annoy anyone. Or be brushed off. She didn’t know what to do. So, as her mind began to spin, she just stood and watched. Rooted, uncertain.

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo had been waiting for some time, but not once did he decide to call out or to budge from his spot. He’d resolved himself to wait until Atlas found him, and it was easy to maintain that mindset, maintaining his anonymity at the cost of his time. It wasn’t as though he had anywhere else to be, nor any pressing matters to otherwise occupy him.

He had settled into a bit of a doze as he waited. Although he had left the pack weeks ago, Inigo had never giving up his imagine of the pack’s territory as safe, and the scent of home lulled him into a sense of security as he sat in the grass just outside its borders, and eventually Inigo had laid down in the long grass and allowed his mind to drift. Although he hadn’t completely shut himself off to the world around him, he was a good deal less alert than he might otherwise have been, and so he didn’t notice that anyone was approaching him until they were close enough for him to smell them. Mismatched eyes snapped open, and the beginnings of a daydream about monstrous stone dragons faded away into nothing. He pushed himself up into a sitting position in one rapid movement, seeing the wolf he’d smelled not too far from where he’d been.

Inigo stared for a moment in surprise, but blinked rapidly and looked away from her. He hadn’t wanted anyone else from the pack to find him, hadn’t wanted to answer any awkward questions.

’Lo,” he said in his typical lackluster manner, his ears splaying out slightly to the sides of his head, looking somewhat uncomfortable. This was a wolf he didn’t know, one whose scent he’d never smelled on the Rise, but she was close enough that he could pick out the smell of the Alliance on her coat, particularly Poet’s scent. So the male had returned to the Rise again after all. Inigo hadn’t seen or spoken to him since his return earlier in the year. Thoughts of the other wolf were quickly shoved aside as he considered the tawny female. As much as he would have liked to be unflappable and unfazed, he couldn’t think about Poet without pain. So he didn’t think about him, as much as any wolf could force himself not to think about anything.

Sorry, didn’t mean to alarm you if I did,” he said, and after that initial surprised glance in her direction, Inigo kept his gaze turned away from her. “ I was just waiting for someone. You’re a Warden, right?

It was a way to reassure her that he wasn’t just some random rogue lurking the borders, but someone who at least knew of the Alliance and had business here.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

He noticed her almost immediately, which was even more startling when she realized how long after that she stared at him. Watching him stare back, then blink, look away, and speak a greeting. He hadn’t been expecting her, as little as she had been expecting him, and she half wondered if it would be better for the both of them if she just turned and walked away.

She almost did, raising her feet in an attempt to slowly backpedal, before he spoke again. He apologized for alarming her, which yes, he did, but perhaps not in the way he might have thought he did. Then he explained himself, which Josalyn didn’t realize she needed, but it was quickly enough to pull her back to reality and remind her how to communicate like a normal wolf without paralyzing anxiety. His question resounded most loudly in her head, and Josalyn made herself smile, shaking her head.

Then paused, thoughtful. “Um, kinda.”

It was weird to think of herself as that. Like she hadn’t yet earned the right.

“I’m a friend of Poet’s. Josalyn. Who are you waiting for?” she asked, mostly out of curiosity. She didn’t think twice about mentioning Poet to a stranger. It felt like everyone knew him around these parts. Maybe she’d know the person he was waiting for. But was it really any of her business? What were the chances she’d fail at such a task, especially being in unfamiliar territory like this? Astronomical, probably. She was better off just… “Actually, you don’t have to tell me. I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

There we go. Somehow, it was easier to be thoughtlessly blunt than to try to thoughtlessly help. Though she was sure she’d regret it if he was a Warden and intended to scold her for wandering around in a place she was still basically a stranger with nothing to do.

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Inigo Wynter

She looked half ready to turn and go back the way she’d come, perhaps to go retrieve Atlas so that the Titan could deal with the strange rogue at the borders, which would have suited Inigo just fine. His question seemed to have had the effect he had wanted, however, though the stranger shook her head in response. Inigo looked at her, his expression of confusion subtle but apparent. If she wasn’t a Warden, she had at least been residing here for long enough that she smelled like a pack wolf, but Inigo knew well enough that Atlas allowed rogues to stay here if they needed time to rest or recuperate. Her situation wasn’t strange to him, if that was indeed the case.

She did not elaborate on her status, but instead introduced herself as Josalyn- a friend of Poet’s. Perhaps she was a guest of his, which might explain why his scent was so prevalent on her. He was making new friends and settling right in again, it seemed, and Inigo tried his best not to dwell on that. He nodded at her introduction, then opened his mouth to answer the simple inquiry she had put to him, before shutting it again when Josalyn continued, explaining that she didn’t need him to answer, that she didn’t know why she was talking to him in the first place. Inigo’s expression, which had been more or less neutral, shifted to one of mingled surprise and bemusement, his ears twisting back as he stared at her.

Had he said or done something…?

He’d been seeking to avoid prying questions from his former packmates, not wanting to explain that he was no longer among them, and why. And while her question hadn’t been of that sensitive variety, it seemed he didn’t have to say anything to her at all anyway, because she didn’t want his answer in the first place. His cheeks burned, and his gaze slipped away from her, embarrassed and unsure why he even felt that way.

Moments like this were why he had left the Alliance to live on his own. They illustrated again and again that he was not fit to be among them, that he was better off alone, where he didn’t have to worry that a simple conversation would fall apart and leave him feeling distressed or somehow inadequate, or that he would say the wrong thing.
Inigo was silent, unsure how to respond or what to say to her.

...Atlas,” he said after a moment, though it was spoken in a soft tone mostly devoid of inflection, with that same air of bemusement as he stared down into the grass. “Don’t let me keep you if you don’t want to be here.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

(hahahahah jos…)

So convinced was she of her own impending failure, she didn’t even realize the effect that her bluntness might have had. It was a fluke that she was looking over at him as she said it, and even from afar she recognized the surprised look, then the subsequent falling of his spirit. Enough to tell her that what she said was clearly not the right thing to say.

Her soft heart suddenly found itself bruised, twisting, and agonized. She’d tried to avoid failure and instead found herself staring it in the face. What was this, two sentences in - a new record! Two sentences in and she’d already fucked it up.

His words were spoken gently enough that she almost didn’t hear them through the pounding of blood in her ears. She bit her lip, reflexively inching closer as he told her she didn’t have to linger, which was enough to suggest that maybe he did want someone to stay, and she’d gone and announced that she didn’t know what she was doing here, and in trying not to pry, or offer help where she was helpless, came off as insensitive. Maybe. Was that what happened? Holy moly. Since when did she become completely incapable of talking to people?

“I’m sorry,” she blurted nervously, trying to find anywhere else to look but him. “I-I-I didn’t mean- I just. I’m super new here and I don’t really know anyone b-but if-if it’s Atlas maybe I can help, or something, I don’t know.”

Or you could just be digging yourself into an even deeper hole. It would be easier to give up. Apologize, for good, and just leave him be, maybe politely ask him to forget about this whole thing. But then she would inevitably see him again. And it would probably be even more awkward. So she had to fix this. Right now.

“I just lost my way is all. I didn’t mean to sound…”

Yeah, okay. Just shut up.

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Name Player
Inigo Wynter

Inigo continued to stare down into the grass, which swayed pleasantly, almost hypnotically, giving him something to look at other than the warden. He didn’t know what he might read in her expression, and he didn’t want to see her staring back at him.

He heard the she-wolf’s movement as a rustle of grass, and raised his head to look toward her, gaze meeting her own from a distance. He had not anticipated that his statement would have the effect of drawing her closer to him, no matter that it was only by a matter of inches. When she stammered out an apology, Inigo could hear the apprehension in her voice, and knew he’d been the one to put it there.

So he had gotten it wrong, and her statement had been nothing to do with him, but only indicative of her own reservations. And now he had made her more uncomfortable as well, and the conversation was just seconds old and now the both of them were left feeling all the worse for the interaction. The muscles in his jaws clenched, an unconscious show of frustration, that he couldn’t seem to navigate these moments that came so easily to most others. The point of leaving was so that he wouldn’t feel so lost all the time, and he had been doing a little better- comparatively, anyway. It crept in again, that sense of doubt. But it was a misunderstanding, he reminded himself. Today was supposed to be a good one. 

It wasn’t often that he was faced with the need to reassure someone else. It wasn’t often he felt qualified- not that he did now. But maybe he could at least let her know she hadn’t done any lasting damage.

It’s fine,” he said, shaking his head. She didn’t owe him an explanation, but he appreciated it all the same. “Let’s start over?

He paused for an instant after the suggestion before speaking again, looking over at her. Josalyn, she’d said.

I’m Inigo. Atlas is my friend- I was friends with Poet once, too.” Perhaps letting her know of the old connection might help. “I’m waiting here for Atlas to meet me and I didn’t want to just barge in.

sorry for the wait! i typed this up before i left work on friday and forgot to post it because i am a derp. :3

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