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Aethon Nesryn-Daniels Readoption
Adopted! Congratulations Armadillo!

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Just when you thought all of the puppies were adopted…

I’ve been struggling to get Aethon muse for millennia and he deserves to be played by someone who actually has the time/muse for him. With all of my crazy school stuff going on, taking care of two puppies at the same time has just been incredibly draining and as much as I’d like to just force myself to get around to Aethon’s tags, I know that that’s not how tagging should feel. So, in other words, I’m looking for a player who wouldn’t feel like having this little nugget is a chore (click image to see his profile):

Current Age: 2 months

Important Notes:

      ◦ The same day Aethon was born, his biological mother, Misaki, was killed by Sikozu, Nettle/Thrush, and his father, Elliot, after Misaki attempted to murder Nettle. Sikozu adopted Aethon as one of her own and tended to the greenstick fracture on his foreleg (accidentally dealt by Nettle as she thrashed in Misaki’s grip). See full thread here.
      ◦ Aethon’s new “littermates,” took to him very differently, but he’s unaware that they’re just adopted full-siblings rather than just his half-siblings. Akira doesn’t seem to like him very much, but Kato, on the other hand, has even taught him how to walk properly.
      ◦ The boy no longer has a limp from the greenstick fracture and can now walk normally.
      ◦ He’s become relatively submissive, but that can totally change depending on how his surroundings affect him as he grows!
      ◦ Aethon was born with olfactory issues. So far, I’ve been developing it as an inability to smell anything. If you’re looking to adopt him, please keep in mind how his lack of smell will affect him!
      ◦ Aethon’s most recent thread is one in which he is leaving The Kingdom with Sikozu, Akira, Kato, Nettle, and Ransom. See full thread here.

Audition time!

If you’re interested in applying, please send your audition to both Sikozu and Elliot! Just type up a writing sample in Aethon’s perspective anywhere between 5 to 12 months of age.

Some ideas, if you’re stuck!
      ◦ Aethon gets sprayed by a skunk and is then told he smells awful. How does he react to this? What does he do?
      ◦ Poor kid got stuck between the roots of a tree. How did he get stuck there? What’s he going to do about it?
      ◦ It’s late at night, but for some reason Aethon can’t sleep. What’s the reason? What does he do about it?
      ◦ Aethon is confronted by an angry pack leader after crossing pack borders. Why did he cross the borders? How does he deal with the angry pack leader?

Carra and I look forward to reading your auditions! <3

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