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new dawn’s light
dawn, mostly cloudy

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Jay Allyn Vibe

He had been woke today, much earlier than was normal for him, Jay had almost immediately felt something.. strange. He’d sat up, during the dead of night, and it had taken him a few moments to identify what it was. Jay desired to do something he had not in some time. He was not accustomed to feeling this desire, almost a need.. or an urge, that seemed to originate from somewhere deep down inside of him.

But alas.. there it had been. He had wanted to run. There was no logical explanation or reason for Jay’s strange motivation to do so.

Rather than attempt to go back to sleep, Jay had decided instead to grant his own wish, and leave the Rise behind under the cover of night so that he could just.. run. A ghostly white apparition across the grassy plains, following along some unseen trail that just seemed to call to him, and never stopping for more than a few moments. And he had enjoyed every single second of it.

He assumed it must have been around midnight when he had left, but by the time Jay had made his way back to the rise and begun to climb it, panting and fatigued, the early morning light had already begun to show on the horizon.

Jay had made his way back up to his den on the north eastern portion of the rise and ungraciously flopped himself down into the grasses there, content to watch as the cloudy sky began to brighten with the light of a new dawn. Although his muscles ached with exhaustion and the need to rest, the run had left him feeling more satisfied than he had in some time. Perhaps he’d have to do it more often.

Now, he wondered, if there would be anyone else awake to greet.

Jan 05, 2018 05:33 AM

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Following her return to the Rise, Athena had taken some time to rest after her journey and then taken some time to survey the area, doing a more thorough investigation of the scents in the Alliance’s territory, though thus far she hadn’t come across anyone but the she-wolf she’d met upon first returning.

She had been hoping to find signs of the Morris family down by the creek, but there hadn’t been any. Given how long Maaike and Titania had been away from the pack during their first foray into the southern mountain range, Athena tried not to let herself worry over the fact… her own journey had taken her longer than she’d been expected. She had to trust that the girls were together, and safe in the group they had set out with.

She didn’t find signs of others where she had expected to, however. Rhydian, Demetrius, Oberon, Inigo. Where was the rest of the Morris family? The boys had always stayed closer to home. Had the entire family gone on the trip? And where had Inigo wandered off to?

Atlas would know… at least she hope he would, anyway. And she needed to find her brother. And she needed to speak to…

The scent that drifted toward her grabbed her attention as she made her way across the hilltop, and Athena made her way toward it. She hadn’t allowed herself to speculate much on the wolf while she’d been gone. To do so would be useless without any idea of how he’d feel about her after their last conversation. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him, either, and that indecision was, in itself, frustrating and wholly unlike her.

She approached the white wolf’s den with a sense of purpose, moving at an easy trot. However they’d left off, Athena had a task she wanted to see through, and she wanted to know if he had managed to reconnect with his daughter. She hoped so. She didn’t want to have to admit that she’d seen and learned nothing of the girl’s whereabouts in all this time.

Jay?” she called, knowing that he’d likely smelled her by now, if he hadn’t seen her approaching. Athena slowed to a walk, not wanting to barge into his personal space without making herself known first.

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Yes, Jay supposed, he would have to try running more often. There was also something else he had just accomplished as well, come to think of it, and maybe that was because he hadn’t been thinking of it at the time, rather acting on mostly instinct. He had just gone for a run, in the dark, with only one eye.. and he hadn’t even been tripped up a single time. So perhaps he could help the pack chase down prey on a hunt, some time, if he just allowed his senses to take over and closed off any conscious worries about failing or making a fool of himself.

There were obvious differences of course, between just running and chasing down prey and actually catching it, but if he had just done the running part, surely that meant he could do so while chasing a target? Now he just needed to practice.. somehow.

Whilst sitting, Jay’s good eye was drawn to a flash of movement from his left side. He turned slightly, so that his good eye could focus better, and found that he recognized the individual. There was a time he might have openly considered asking Athena to provide a target for him, as he had done many weeks ago. But.. it was probably better to wait and see how things went first, before doing any of that.

He wouldn’t be the one to bring any of that shit up, though. He felt too good right now to want to ruin it with any of that.

He had also noticed Athena’s scent had been curiously absent from the Rise and it’s surrounding territory only a day or so after he’d returned. It seemed she was back, and heading towards him.

He had wondered where she’d gone off to, but also had his suspicions. If she’d been out looking for Tyra too.. well, he would not quite know how to react. Aside from being enormously grateful. And if that were true, it would also mean, despite whatever negative feelings his last meeting with her might have caused, that she still cared enough to go out and look for Tyra, too.

Jay hoped she had something, because he sure as hell didn’t.

”I’m here,” he called back,  finding his response sounded more amicable than even he’d expected. But that was good. Using his tired limbs to push himself to a seated position, he tacked on a, ”What’s up?”

Even though he probably already knew.

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Shade Dingo

Waking up early unexpectedly is something he’d gotten good at. Staying awake after that is also something he’d gotten good at. Trying to sleep again after usually didn’t work and only made him easy to annoy for the rest of the day. It was an unfortunate thing for all parties involved, so he tried to avoid it as best as he could. If it meant losing out on a bit of sleep, oh well.

Luckily, it wasn’t as early as usual and actually a decent time to get up. He could be thankful for that.

Mika’s suggestion was a simple one, and it seemed to be working. It was a big waste of food, but if it meant not starving it was worth a try. He’d put some weight back on. Not much, but enough to look at least somewhat healthy. His body still rejected most of the food, but tried his best to hold it in regardless. Maybe sometime in the future he could eat again like a normal wolf.

Something else he was trying to do was get out more. Being alone really was doing no good for him. It allowed him to think, which was the last thing he should be doing.

A familiar voice could be heard nearby, which he attributed to Jay. He met Jay a long time ago at the Rangers’ territory, but they hadn’t said all that much since. He could smell Athena, too. They hadn’t ever really met each other, so maybe today would be the day for that.

Jay sounded closeby, so that’s where Shade was going.

[will arrive soon. :D]

Jan 05, 2018 05:27 PM — Post #3

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena was pleased to hear the response wasn’t as gruff as she had imagined it might be, and she allowed herself to hope that their meeting would be pleasant.

She realized that she was approaching him from his blind side, and saw the white wolf turn his head toward her as she came nearer, watching her with that one auburn-colored eye. Athena didn’t think it would bother him too much if she approached from that side, now that he knew she was there, but still she altered her path a bit, intending to approach from more or less in front of him. He was lying down in front of a den, and though Athena had known that Jay slept in a den she hadn’t ever really visited him here. It was in a nice spot, and as she approached him she turned to glance over her shoulder at the eastern vista. On a less cloudy day, the view of the sunrise would be spectacular.

When she turned back around, her gaze ran over the one-eyed wolf, assessing his condition after having gone so long without seeing him. He looked just as he had before she’d left- healthy, and in good spirits. Perhaps he had heard something, then? Athena stopped a short distance away, standing off to his right so that she didn’t block his view. She smiled, the gesture warm and genuine. It was good to see him again.

Good morning,” she said in greeting, and managed to make her voice sound casual without resorting to her usual pragmatic demeanor. “I came to see if you’d found any sign of Tyra.

She sounded hopeful. Even if the girl wasn’t here now, that didn’t mean he’d found nothing. Perhaps she’d decided to live elsewhere- he had mentioned she might not want to stay here back when the two of them had joined the previous winter, after all.

She didn’t smell the wolf approaching them just now, but her ear turned in the direction of pawsteps even as her gaze remained on Jay.

Jan 06, 2018 11:24 PM — Post #4

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Athena had seemed to recognize she were approaching from his left side, and considerately changed her course appropriately so that she was centered within his limited vision. Tt was a nice touch, considerate on her part, and prevented him from having to turn his neck so much to see her. That was always nice, even if he wouldn’t have deemed it necessary. Not including Tyra, Athena was one of perhaps two individuals who Jay would have trusted to approach from that side.

Now that she had seen him, Jay allowed himself to drop to something halfway between seated and lying, propped lazily on his elbows. An affable smile lingered on his face as his good eye followed her approach. It was strange to be looking up at Athena instead of down, but not particularly bothersome. Also, he noted, it was the first time she’d sought him out here, at his den.

Athena also looked to be as good and healthy as ever. He didn’t know how long her trip had taken, or how long after him she had left, but it did not appear as if it had taken too great a toll on her. Other than perhaps being a little bit tired. But that was to be expected. She stopped a few paces away and on his right, which actually turned out rather nice. Now he could see both her and yet still see the new day dawning.

Although, he knew which he’d rather see more of. A warm smile, followed by a pleasant greeting filled Jay with a small sense of rekindled hope that maybe things would go well, this time. He’d do his best to see that they did.

”Mornin’,” he returned the greeting with a slight nod, not quite feeling comfortable enough with offering a customary full bow just yet. Not that he could have anyway, in his current stance. Exactly what he’d expected to hear soon followed. She wanted to know if he’d found any sign of Tyra.

A soft sigh escaped Jay, amicable expression faltering, and it was probably enough to reveal his answer before he even spoke it. Which was a shame, because Athena had sounded hopeful, asking the question. ”Nothing. Followed the coast all the way to the northern woods, left word with everyone I met.. but there was no sign of her.” It was difficult to restrain the obvious frustration and anger he felt at the whole situation, though his good eye lingered hopefully on Athena. It was still possible, however slim, that she might have something.

Even if she didn’t, though.. unlike previous times, the negative feelings weren’t quite so.. potent. Jay felt he had done everything that was within his power to do, logically. He had left word with a fair number of wolves that had seemed trustworthy. Aside from that, he could either let the despondency consume him, rule over his life and spend the rest of his days moping about the countryside looking for someone that there was no evidence of, or he could accept what was, hope for the best, and just attempt to keep on living his own life in the intervening time.

With another slow breath to ease the frustrated tension out of his body, Jay tipped his head slightly. ”And I was hoping you were here just ‘cause ya missed me.” He spoke in an offhanded tone, though the left corner of his mouth moved up a bit with the comment. He couldn’t help himself.

A familiar scent floating by let Jay know someone else was about, and possibly approaching. Which was.. a small disappointment, he thought. A bit of time to discuss things with Athena would have been nice. But, there would be plenty of time for that. And, on the other hand, perhaps another presence would actually be a blessing in case things were to get too awkward, or take a sudden turn for the worse.

Jan 07, 2018 07:55 PM — Post #5

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Shade Dingo

It may be too early to see these wolves, or maybe they were busy and he should leave them be. Both of these thoughts were very prevalent now, but it could easily be from overthinking. His mind telling him he should be alone instead of out and about as it usually did.

He’d had enough of his mind and its silly thoughts. They truly were tearing him apart from the inside. He needed to do this, even if it made him uncomfortable. Just a short ‘hello’ and he could be on his way. His comfort zone was dangerous, he just didn’t realize before.

Both of the wolves voices were only audible rumbles from this distance. No distinct words could be made out. As he got closer, it changed slowly to more familiar syllables and words. He caught the tail end of a sentence. Something about looking for someone. Months ago, he had a plan to form his own small group of wolves to handle situations like this. He hadn’t thought about in a while—not since his meeting with Nomad after returning with Jingo. It wasn’t all that long ago, but recent events made it feel like a lifetime.

Maybe what he really needed was a goal. Something to give him reason, even if temporal.

Both of the wolves were in sight now. He reminded himself that this meeting did not need to last. Just a quick greeting and he could go do his own thing.

“Good morning, Jay, Athena.” His eyes respectively met the wolves as he spoke. His heart rate was noticeably faster than normal. He could only hope he did not look like a total freak.

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena’s question prompted an expression from Jay that confirmed what she had suspected. Her lips drew back into a slight frown veen before he’d begun to speak, and she watched Jay as he told her that he hadn’t found any signs of his daughter. She sat down in the grass where she had stopped, expression gone pensive as she listened to his explanation of where he had been, gaze sliding away from him as she thought. It made sense- Jay had told her that he intended to seek out the Rangers and then go from there. She nodded but said nothing, making a mental map of where she had been and how it intersected with his.

If the wolves who lived on the coast had been told, as well as those in the northern forests, and the glen, and out in the hills… that was a fairly wide area in which to cast their search, and the chances of someone recognizing the girl and sending her back to her father were better now than they had been a month ago. She was just about to give her own report when Jay spoke up again, and where Athena had been expecting something entirely different- lamentations over his lost daughter, perhaps, which would have been entirely appropriate given the situation- he told her instead that he’d been hoping she was here because she missed him. Athena looked up at him, expression unfaltering, but her eyes widened slightly in alarm, as though she’d been caught at something she hadn’t wanted anyone to see, but her lip pulled back into a small, lopsided smile that she didn’t even know was there.

I- yes. Well, it has been a month.” She wanted to leave off at that perfectly reasonable explanation, to just jump straight into her report, but Athena flicked an ear, and decided to venture a little further, only her mouth wasn’t quite in sync with her brain just then and her words were less and eloquent when she spoke again, trying to maintain her composure: “I did. Miss you.

What was wrong with her? Why was she still smiling when she could barely put two words together just now?

I alerted the. The Brotherhood. And the Hillside Sanctuary wolves about her. Some of the Morris pups went to see the northern lake, and I asked Maaike to tell them to keep an eye out for her as well.

She cleared her throat and turned to look toward the wolf who approached, trying to regain her composure and managing it for the most part- she’d quite forgotten about him until he’d greeted the both of them and looked almost surprised to see that he’d gotten so close to them. He wasn’t one she’d ever really spoken to before, but Athena knew his scent and his description well enough to identify the wolf by name.

Good morning,” she said, and ‘Go away go away go away’, she thought, but at the same instant thought perhaps that a distraction just now might be just what she needed while her thoughts rearranged themselves into something a little more capable of coherent and unflustered speech. She flashed a smile, and none of her inner turmoil showed as irritation with the black wolf’s precense. “Shade, isn’t it?

He’d been the one to go with Jingo to seek out Rhian- another seemingly lost cause. Still, he’d been around for a while and it was good to finally sit down and have a word with him.

please don’t mind Athena right now, Dingo, she is currently flustered and confused. xD

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Athena’s own somber expression as he’d revealed his answer to her question was also enough to tell Jay that she, most likely, had not come across any word of his daughter either. After what he had just told her, Jay figured that she would have jumped at the opportunity to tell him if she had any news as to the whereabouts of his daughter.

But there was nothing. As before, however, the negative emotions were fleeting. Because right now, Jay actually had more hope than he had the last time he’d seen Athena. He had met a total of four wolves during his excursion, two of them belonging to the rangers, and another a part of a group in the northern forests. If Jay assumed that Athena had left word with the Brotherhood during her own journey as she’d said she would, and then anyone else she had met.. well. 

Word of Tyra was around. There couldn’t be many places where someone was not keeping a lookout, by now. Besides, he had spent over a year of his life thinking she’d been horrifically killed along with the rest of his former family. At least now, he could still hope.

So he would.

Athena’s expression remained somewhat subdued as she glanced back at him, seemingly surprised and confused by his second comment. It was a bit uncharacteristic of him for the situation, he supposed. What came as a surprise to Jay, however, was to hear that during all the time apart, she had, in fact, missed him. His own smile grew, slightly.

”I think.. it has been longer than that. But, I missed you, too.” And indeed he had. He would have liked to say more, but not now. Not with another wolf approaching. The last two encounters had been anything except pleasant, but this.. well, this was far better than arguing. While that little voice of Ghost in his head still did not want to let go of what had happened then, for once.. Jay had the upper hand. And he took pleasure in mentally crushing that antagonizing voice beneath his paw.

True to her word, she’d alerted the Brotherhood, as well as some Sanctuary wolves, who Jay had never heard of. She’d also told Maaike to keep an eye out for Tyra as she went to the northern lake. It was an area Jay hadn’t ventured to for some time, but believed he was vaguely familiar with.

”Thank you.” Jay spoke, the words soft but warm. ”If Tyra is out there anywhere.. someone is bound to recognize her.” They had done just about all they could do, at this point. Only the mountains to the south hadn’t been investigated yet. Perhaps he would venture there, at some point.

A greeting from Shade drew Jay’s attention away from Athena, as he turned his head around to focus his good eye on the familiar figure. ”Good morning,” he returned amicably. While he might have preferred to share this time with Athena alone, it was good to see another familiar face. And one he held a fair amount of respect for.

Jay recalled his first meeting with Shade, over toward the ranger territory, along with the idea he’d put forth about search parties. Regretfully, after saying that he would have been willing to help Shade with his idea, Jay had never gotten around to following up on that with him. Hopefully there would be no hard feelings, there. ”How’ve ya been?”

Jan 10, 2018 05:31 AM — Post #8

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Shade Dingo

Half of it was over now, at least. He could leave soon. After a little bit of conversation, of course. He couldn’t let himself off that easy.

This all used to be so much easier, so much more natural to him. He enjoyed it, even. But now it drained him.

This was good for him.

”Shade, that’s right.” he tried to be happy.

”Oh.. you know,” except he probably didn’t and probably didn’t want to. ”Ok, I guess. What about you two?”

Jan 11, 2018 10:39 PM — Post #9

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena’s curious little smile returned when Jay admitted that he’d missed her as well, and though it was a simple thing, it made her feel a good deal warmer than she might have expected to hear those words. It was one thing to know that her brothers might miss her presence- they were family, and that would only have been normal. But to think that Jay had missed her presence as well was not lost on her, and her tail swayed softly behind her in the grass. She didn’t doubt he was one of the few who might genuinely mean those words, and she appreciated them.

Athena nodded once at Jay’s expression of gratitude, her smile a little somber. “Of course,” she said. She’d done what she could, even if it hadn’t amounted to much in the long run, Jay was still thankful for it. His view of the situation was optimistic, and she was reminded unpleasantly of Bianca’s predicament, her unwillingness to break off her search in the face of mounting evidence that she would never find the wolf she sought. She had thought perhaps Jay might be similar, driven endlessly toward a heartbreakingly fruitless task, but he was not. Athena wondered if she would have been the same in his place, though perhaps he was simply being realistic- something Athena had no trouble with.

Jay’s attention was thankfully drawn away from her at the arrival of Shade, and Athena took that moment to collect herself as she focused on the dark wolf as well. She was glad that the dark wolf hadn’t noticed her little stumble, nor had Jay commented on it.

She knew little about the male or his demeanor, and couldn’t detect anything that might be off about him. His response was wishy washy, but Athena wasn’t going to dwell on that, and thought little of it. She shifted slightly, turning somewhat more toward him so that she could include him in the conversation, and so that she could see him more easily. Jay greeted the wolf and asked how he was faring, and his demeanor was welcoming. She wondered if the two knew one another already, if Shade had perhaps come here to speak with his friend and instead found the both of them.

Oh, well enough,” she said with a small shrug. “Ah, has Atlas told you two of the buffalo hunt we’re having with the Rangers soon?

She thought it might interest the both of them. Jay was friends with some of the Rangers, and Shade might like to get the chance to know their neighbors better, if indeed he didn’t already.

Jan 16, 2018 11:10 PM — Post #10

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Something about Shade.. his manner, or perhaps tone of speech, seemed off. Not at all like it had when Jay had first met him. Now, his responses seemed forced, maybe? It was also possible that Jay was reading too much into it. It had been quite some time since he’d last seen Shade. A lot might have changed for the man since then, just as it had for Jay. At least he did not seem to be spiteful over Jay’s forgetting to follow up on his search party idea.

Maybe he’d thought his venturing up here had interrupted something, and he felt as if he were intruding.. which in a way, he had. As guilty as that might have threatened to make him feel, it was still edged out by a desire to have Miss Athena to himself, after such a lengthy period of separation. But if he’d been patient for this long, he could wait just a little bit longer.

Angling the left side of his face toward Athena as she acknowledged his thanks, he aimed a little left eye wink and a quick, lopsided smile in her direction, before bringing his focus back to Shade, who may or may not have seen it. Jay didn’t really care. If this thing went on long enough, sooner or later other pack members were going to figure it out for themselves. Might as well start clueing them in on it now, he supposed.

”Been well enough, considering.” He didn’t know if Shade had been close enough to hear the portion about Tyra being missing, but it wasn’t something he was going to bring up again. At least not in this moment. Because his mind was too busy trying to wrap itself around something else Athena had just mentioned.

A buffalo hunt. With the rangers. Jay felt almost all emotion drain from his face, replaced with something skeptical. Yes. He had just been thinking about trying to catch bigger prey, and believed he might be capable of it.

But attempting to do so with audiences around from not only the Alliance, but the Rangers as well? That required a level of confidence in his abilities that Jay wasn’t sure he had. He wasn’t even sure if he’d be able to fake it, and that was saying something.

”A buffalo hunt.” Jay mused aloud contemplatively. ”That.. sounds like it might be fun.” And it did. He tried for a little smile. He hoped it would be enough to convince Shade, at least, because he knew Athena was already aware of how he felt about tackling larger prey. No doubt she likely knew what he was thinking, and could see right through the facade.

—keeping Jays reaction to the hunt vague, since I don’t know if Atlas will mention it in their thread or not~~~

Jan 18, 2018 08:51 AM — Post #11

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Shade Dingo

Buffaloes were big, so that meant a lot of food. That could be helpful. Shade wouldn’t be participating for obvious reasons. Would Nomad? Most likely. That wolf loved to hunt and run and swim..and all sorts of things Shade didn’t really have anything to do with.

He might tag along, though, to say hello to Bucky. It had been some time since they talked.

“I’ve heard noting about it until now. Where will it be?”

A valid question and an easy one.

He could go soon.

Jan 18, 2018 11:28 PM — Post #12

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Athena Stormborn Wynter

Athena looked sidelong at Jay when he winked at her, expression halfway between skeptical and amused, though it seemed that Shade hadn’t noticed. She supposed it didn’t matter if he did, though she didn’t know why the thought that he’d pick up on something flustered her so much.

She looked at the black wolf, and now that she’d had time to regain her sense of equilibrium, Athena was more at ease having someone else around. She stretched out her forelimbs and lay down in the grass, curling her tail around her haunches.

She looked over at Jay in the wake of her inquiry, knowing of his particular reservations in taking down large prey. She had intended to ask if he wanted to attempt hunting larger prey with her, though starting with something as large and dangerous as a bison would perhaps not have been the most ideal time to learn. With the number of wolves she suspected would be participating in the hunt, however, she was certain there was something he could do to help, even if it was in the harrying of the beast. A bison wouldn’t be taken down easily, and it would take all the help they could get.

Jay’s response wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, but he seemed willing to give it a try. Athena returned his smile briefly, before looking back to Shade. He hadn’t heard of the hunt either.

The bison are out on the range,” she said, though it wasn’t as though she could provide a more precise response. “I haven’t been able to survey the herds since I’ve been gone. I’ll be going out to do that soon, and then I or Atlas will go to coordinate the hunt with Bucky.

She didn’t imagine the two of them would want to talk hunt logistics with her, so with the news given, Athena shifted to a different topic. She didn’t want to bring up Jay’s disability- she didn’t know how sensitive he was about that around others.

You two are welcome to come along when I go.

just realized i had Athena say buffalo and when i meant bison. whoops. .w.

Jan 22, 2018 11:19 PM — Post #13

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Jay Allyn Vibe

Shade’s question, and Athena’s corresponding answer helped to ease Jay’s nervous mind quite a bit, actually. Firstly, it did not seem either of them had noticed his discomfort - or if they had, did not comment. And secondly.. the fact that an actual day for the hunt hadn’t been determined just yet, let him feel guardedly optimistic that he may just be able to participate by the time it took place.

If he made this running thing a routine, perhaps every other day, he’d at least be getting constant practice at that part. He could make sure that his ability to run over extended distances was, in fact, up to par. And maybe then he could also practice, in the meantime, chasing after larger prey as well. Jay truly did want to participate, to prove to himself that he was capable.

He grew curious when it was mentioned that he and Shade were welcome to come along. Did she mean they were welcome to go when Athena went to go scout for the herds of prey, or when she went to go talk with Bucky, if she was the one to do that? Jay very nearly paused to ask for clarification on that, but then, after one more moment of thought, decided it really didn’t matter.

It wasn’t what he was doing that mattered so much, but rather who he’d be going with. ”I might tag along,” he decided to offer, with a fair amount of certainty. Plus, doing so would be another excuse to get out and continue to look for any sign of Tyra. Because surely some sign, or word of her would turn up sooner or later. She couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air.

Or so Jay would certainly continue to hope.

Jan 24, 2018 05:43 AM — Post #14

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Shade Dingo

More thought on the topic helped him decide that he would rather stay back. He hardly had it in him to talk with his own pack mates. A meeting with wolves he didn’t already have some experience with would probably make him die or something. It would be better if he didn’t for now.

But would it be rude not to go? He didn’t really care. Not now.

“Thanks, but I think I might sit this out. Not really feeling it I guess. I should get going. I’ll see you two later.”

He turned to leave.

Jan 24, 2018 02:19 PM — Post #15

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