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paddle out
just outside pack borders

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Cineviam Rheena

Cineviam had been wandering for a few days, following the lake’s edge. Having no real destination, he just kept on, catching small prey along the way. He had just caught a beaver, and it hung limp from his jaws, its flesh still warm.

It was fat. Cineviam salivated as he clutched the animal between his teeth, careful where he placed his paws as he made his way through the progressively marshy terrain. Since it had been raining, the lake was swollen and rose up into the banks a bit. His legs were pretty well caked in mud.

When he found a remotely dry and solid place, he bedded down and began to gnaw on the beaver. All he could smell was fresh blood; he wasn’t aware he was about to cross into pack territory.

Jan 05, 2018 01:34 PM

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Makki Zesty

Makki was patrolling. Again. Cause he was a good kid and wanted to make Ryd proud. And Faithful. He also wanted to keep Neomii happy and safe. So marking the borders did all three at once.

He was brighter than usual, happy with his new friendship with Neomii. Trotting along happily, stopping every now and then to mark a tree or a big grass patch, the boy felt content. Things weren’t exactly great, but things right at that moment were just fine. And that was just swell in his head.

Taking a big long sniff, Makki realised there was a stranger around. Blinking curiously, the young male set off to find whoever was there. It smelt like they had a meal, but he wasn’t too sure what it was. He’d never smelt whatever that was before.

Anyway, he continued at a steady pace, hoping to meet the dude halfway (if he was still walking, of course).

//arriving next round!! <3

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Name Player
Cineviam Rheena

Cineviam pulled clumps of fur off the animals hide bit by bit and spat them out, hoping to get to the good bits underneath. The smells of blood and fat and other juicy things filled up his senses. It wasn’t until he lifted his nose from his meal for a moment that he finally caught the nearby wolf smell. It was fresh.

Hm. He was in somebody’s territory it would seem…

The wolf stood and looked around, suddenly aware he may have wandered right past pack borders. His ears slouched questioningly at he gave one more long sniff. Surely his presence had been noticed. Cine wasn’t exactly in the mood to get his ass chewed by some aggressive patrolling male but he thought to prepare himself just in case. Keen eyes kept watch for any incoming wolves.

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Makki Zesty

He kept on coming, just kept walking. He sniffed again, and realised the smell of prey was stronger. The dude was probably eating. Makki frowned, not wanting to intrude on a meal, but he was also on the Cadre’s territory. So… he supposed he should keep going.

Eventually he spotted the stranger. A darker male. Eating a brown thing. He didn’t know what that was. Stopping so he wasn’t all up in his face, the pale boy hummed before opening his mouth. “Uh, hi.” He didn’t know what else to say after that, so he fell silent. Awkward, am I right?

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Neomiizana Zeri

The smell of another stranger in the territory bothered her. Without any other member around besides Makki there wasn’t much presence. It didn’t exactly make her feel that safe. This was her forest! Shared with Makki yes. This was where she was at her strongest! So obviously she was going to visit the one wondering around in the Cadre’s territory.

Neomii was indeed sneaking around and getting closer to them. Makki was there so she felt a little more confident. However, it was another big guy. Unfortunately chasing out wolves was not within her abilities. Running away was more her style.

She watched from a distance, Makki could handle it right? It’s not like she could really help him if things went bad. She remained under the cover of the brush. Watching the male very carefully from where she was.

Jan 09, 2018 04:56 PM — Post #4

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