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overcast sunset
aw | early summer, late evening, overcast

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Larus frá Norðri CJ

A setting sun sat heavily on the horizon as he hesitated at the edge of the mountains. Would she have left the mountain range, he wondered? Should he venture down into this land and continue his search for her here, or should he turn around and trek back the way he had come? He was exhausted. His body slumped into the descent down the rest of the way, skidding toward the wetland’s dead grasses until he made solid contact, but any more effort to push forward today was not on his agenda.

His body was slouched in a half-sitting position near the northern side of the wetland, just below the mountains, where he would have to call it a night. Green eyes searched the hilly landscape absently in distant thought—could she be here, in this land? Or had he chosen wrong from the start and gone the opposite direction of her from the beginning?

Lárus was hungry, but too tired to hunt. It would have to wait until morning. Instead, he remained where he was in distant thought, staring strangely off into the colors of the overcast evening. There were more smells here than anywhere he had encountered yet. Maybe some of the inhabitants might have seen her? Of the few scents he could smell here, he recognized none of them. None of them were Siberian. There was a tightness in his chest, but he did not know anxiety. Was it simply exhaustion?

Lárus exhaled unevenly, loudly; he was defeated and tired, and slid down onto his belly to curl up with the mountain range at his back. His eyes, heavy with sleep, continued to search through the grass in case she may appear. He refused to sleep yet.

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Boo m e w

Clouds hovered around the massive vivid star in the sky; the clouds hugged the sun closely as to drain every ray. This had been an ongoing event; the sun had barely made an appearance on this day. Regardless, the sunset was beautifully painted with yellow-orange and navy streaks. It was the best sight all day.

This felt right; it felt as though it was finally an area to settle. However, she had to be cautious about what she chose. Boo was already eager to be somewhere, beyond some darkness. Yet the fog still shrouded her mind, more often she would lose that battle. It was then that she found comfort in silence and shadows.

Usually Boo was inclined to find any interaction with another being; she yearned for even a glimpse of connection. She was often seeking sounds, thinking maybe that, one day, one of those sounds would be familiar. For now, she had to focus on the moment, but her mind would drift to the past.

It was not long ago that she had encountered a small group of wolves, ones that had brushed her off. All of them had discarded her presence with the exception of one. It was a small reassurance that gave Boo something she had not had before: hope. She was motivated to continue her trek.

Although her motivation had only sufficed to attract a few voles, they were still meals nonetheless. One limp, plump creature was clenched between her jaws. Crimson blood ran to stain her chin and the top of her neck. Boo wandered through tall grass blades in search of a place to comfortably eat her meal. She halted suddenly, there was another wolf. This wolf was silver and dark gray. How many wolves inhabited these territories? Boo realized that she would seldom be alone again.

Boo lowered her head and dropped the carcass next to her foot. “Sorry to intrude,” the female apologized. “I’m Boo. I was looking for a place to eat and happened to end up here, I can leave if you need me to.” Her blue eyes looked somber and sparkled with a child like curiosity. 

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Magdalena Madison

Slowly, leg by leg, she advanced through the grass. She had been making herself comfortable in the bog. Digging out a little den between two large bushes, where the roots stabilized the earth enough for her to establish a burrow without it collapsing. It wasn’t as though she had decided that this was where she would stop and make her home, though. It was simply a place to rest. A place to try and recover all she had lost. She realized, before it was too late, that she was lacking in strength. And the most logical thing was to pause in her aimless wandering to fix that.

The stranger with the exotic voice may have played a part in forming that decision.

It wasn’t with any particular emotion. It was merely the most advantageous option. The one that would lead to her survival, as if she cared at all. It was instinct over desire. The fact was that she was sickly, and she couldn’t keep going at the pace she was before. And so here she was.

Following the stench of blood. Trusting that it would lead her to something she could scavenge, like it so often did.

Only as she drew nearer, she realized the smell was accompanied by that of a wolf. And a few paces more, she heard her voice rising up like a song through the breeze, speaking to someone else. Distant. Not her. She had to pause to breathe again. There he was.

She disdained crowds. But hunger drove her forward, as if she’d mastered the art of quelling her annoyances, her loathings, for the greater good. Of herself. Saliva pooled in her gums, but she swallowed it back.

She stopped a healthy few meters away from them, waiting, listening. Unaware if she was visible, but not particularly caring. She was here. And merely wondering if they would notice.

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Larus frá Norðri CJ

Fighting sleep, Lárus stared eagerly out into the grasses, senses dulled by exhaustion. When he did hear the approach of another, it was a tad late, and two striking things hit him when the woman emerged with her meal: the smell of the blood and the sight of it on her chin. Had he been more awake, more alert, he may have avoided such a shock to his system, but Lárus had spent the day trekking the last length of the mountains and was horrendously tired—his eyes could not help but linger on the carcass; he was hungry, but his mind was reeling.

He shifted onto his belly to retch bile, his stomach empty of anything else.

Lárus pushed himself into a sitting position, hovering over his mess for a moment and refusing to turn and look toward her bloodied chin. “Eat where it pleases you,” he said shakily. “This is not my land.” He hoped she would be discouraged to eat near him though. Surely she did not want to eat near his vomit. Lárus could eat meals when he was hungry, it was a matter of compartmentalization; but others’ food was different. It was not his own, and it was not important to him.

Daring to glance back her way, he kept his gaze safely to the side, but enough that he could view her still. “I ah, had not been feeling well,” he lied. “Particularly bad timing, that.” A second white figure barely caught his attention; had he not chosen to keep his vision to the side of Boo, he would have missed it. He focused harder, and indeed, there was a second wolf. It did not announce itself or introduce itself as Boo had, so Lárus let it be. It gave him something steady to keep his eyes on at least. Were they together?

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Boo m e w

Boo was taken aback by the gray hued stranger. He did not seem interested in a meal at the least and in turn, had winced in disgust. He had made his discomfort obvious by heaving bile, but she was left in confusion. She did not even give into the idea of her absurd appearance; it was not even a second thought. However, it was obvious that she did carry an eccentric aura. Her eyes, larger than normal from another encounter with a mortal, were alarmingly stark against her ebony fur. This was almost as rattling as the crimson liquid staining her ash-white fur.

She tried to rack her brain as to what would constitute a natural response, but she could not determine the result. Instead, she stood particularly still and stared blankly. “I, uh,” she mumbled and looked down at her meal in shame. “Sorry…” her words lingered without knowing how to properly address him. What should she do next? The meaning of social interactions evaded her; this anxiety manifested itself in the form of physical fear. Her hairs pricked almost as though the air were made of static. Embarrassed, she looked away from him.

It was then that another wolf caught her eye. A wolf not too unlike her stood not too far from her and the male. Why was she there? Was this entire encounter deliberate? “Wh-who are you?” Boo called out, paranoia thick in her words. She was unprepared for a battle, but she would stand her ground nonetheless. Her limbs shook, fear delivered dangerous messages in her head.

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Magdalena Madison

Though her ears were honed to the sounds of the marsh, only the last few words of the male’s response were comprehensible. They bore the suggestion of an illness, something that piqued her interest. Illness had always intrigued her. To witness the degradation of the body, smell its rot, hear its decay. She couldn’t tell from where she stood now, falling silent after having exposed herself. But for now, it didn’t matter; there were more important issues, and her attention shifted back to the tantalizing smell of food.

Her head turned slightly toward the female. Just in time to hear the female sputter. She could only assume it was directed at her.

But, just in case, she lifted her nose and breathed.

No. Just three scents. Her, him, and the catch.

“My grave becomes only my bed beneath the sour of blood,” she mused airily, though her voice cracked, hunger turning her words hollow. Her tongue flicked out between her tongue as she caught herself salivating. Without a doubt, she was a zombie roused to life by the stench of food.

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Name Player
Larus frá Norðri CJ

Thankfully, the smell of acrid bile stung worse in his nose than the stench of blood, and easily overpowered Boo’s meal before long. Unintentionally, his body hung a bit lower, drawn more to the smell of his vomit than the air around him. Lárus heard her apologize and turned an ear turned her, still refusing to look back at her. Her next question hung in the air, and he held his answer, considering what to say. She did give him her name, it would only be fair if he shared his, right? That’s how it worked?

But then the other wolf said something, and he was stuck. His head drew back and tilted lightly as he tried to process what she said. Anyone’s grave would be their bed, but Lárus hoped his would not be beneath the sour of blood. Or if it was, that he would not know it. He studied her closer, with more focus, and realized her eyes were simply yellow glass. She was blind.

He dared to shoot a quick glance toward Boo, for a brief moment, to see where her gaze had been—on the stranger. So her question had been directed there, then? Good, Lárus did not have to answer.

“Some simply rot,” he commented, returning his focus back toward the strange woman. “Some writhe and break and twist; some starve; some can only watch the world move on without them as their bodies fail to respond. Not all graves know blood.” He waited. “Why does yours?”

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