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Oh shit oh shit oh shit
Twilight, ES | Warm, light rain | Little outside the entrance

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Fray Atari

Caught sleeping, he had a tiny bit of a rude awakening.

The scent had reached him first, from his spot partially in the entrance of the grotto. It was a lot wetter here, closer to the heatwave wafting in from outside. But, the water melting from the walls, the floor, it helped cool him off, so he didn’t mind resting here. Plus, you know. Guard duty. Sort of. Wasn’t much to actually keep out, anyway, but he felt better knowing anyone coming in and going.. Especially with the pups now residing in the caverns.

And right now, he was supposing it was a good idea he had. It’d only taken a moment for Fray to lift his head up, partially drowsy from napping, and narrow in on the.. Really big cat a ways away.

Cougar, right? He hadn’t seen one up close, but Fray had heard of the feline predator. Dangerous, not something you wanted to mess with. Not something you wanted lingering close to their home, their kids.

Maybe a few months back, he’d have been cocky enough to try and chase it off. Now though, he flattened down, warily trying to blend in and not draw attention to their home. It seemed the cat wasn’t actively paying attention to them, anyway. It was hunting near the spot Fray himself sometimes caught hares and those pika things, and he stupidly felt a flare of annoyance that it was taking away from one of their food sources.

He grumbled, lowly, but held still and watched. Hopefully it would just catch something and go.

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Skuld Vollan Spry

Skuld had been.. practically invisible. She had a lot to think about recently, about how to get back into normality, or at least a sense of it. She hadn’t even interacted much. Which, she was used to after years and years.

But now, she missed it. She missed normal social interaction. Especially the fun times, like she used to have with Fray.

Well, maybe now was a good time, as she saw him shift to move outside. Taking a deep breath for courage, Skuld stepped up, and shuffled through the tunnel. She hadn’t been out there very much, but she’d had her attempts. She wanted to wait for a clear night, so she could read the stars again.

As she finally made it outside, she looked to Fray, to see him flat against the ground. Her brows furrowing as she moved next to him, she looked to where he was looking. “Fr-”

Oh shit. Cougars. Skuld had seen plenty of them back in the Esron territory, but she’d totally forgotten the scent of them. Quickly, she forced herself to a flat position next to Fray too.

Which was not a good idea. All of the joints in her limbs shot with a searing pain then, and her head bowed, her eyes screwed shut as she tried to hold in a groan.

Way to greet your friend again Skuld Vollan. ‘Fr-grrr’.

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Fray Atari

Nails on ice clicked behind him, and his immediate thought was to snarl at whoever it was to get back. But too late, and he ended up snapping his jaws together with a soft click when the beginning of his name was called, then stopped.

At least Skulders was smart enough to recognize the need to be fucking quiet. Which, let’s be honest - she excelled in that particular skill set. Fray was almost mildly stunned she’d willingly sought him out, because well.. They’d been a bit estranged since the..

The uh..

The incident? The thing? The dramarama?

Even thinking about it left him incredibly awkward around her now, knowing he’d.. Well, he’d basically killed her ex-mate. Did she hate him for it? He hadn’t even asked.

He’d avoided her, like a shitty friend.

Still, blue eyes flicked to her quickly when she made a grumbling noise laying down. “Yo-”... ah fuck, no talking, right.

Fray eyed the cougar, who was now rather.. Still. Was that how it hunted? His muzzle scowled, but he looked at Skuld again. You okay? he attempted to mouth, actually, genuinely concerned.

No matter what, she was still his friend.

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Xavier Hound

Something in the caves smelled of dad.

Enough to ruse Xavier from the wall he’d been blankly staring at to investigate further down, because dad smell was rarer than mom and sister smell, and the boy wouldn’t miss a chance to hang out with his old pops!

Something big and black turned the corner just before him, and Xavier found himself speeding to catch up, increasingly yellow eyes watching intently as the large shadow settled down beside dad.

She looked familiar, for sure, but the boy couldn’t remember if they’d ever really talked, head cocking at the weird gurgled noise the giant emitted.

Weird. Was she okay?

Padding closer, the boy let out a soft “Hi dad.” in their direction, announcing his presence gently so not to spook them, matching the quietness in their tone.

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Skuld Vollan Spry

After taking a few moments to soften her jaw so her teeth weren’t grinding together from pain, Skuld finally looked to Fray. He stopped himself from speaking too, a pretty solid sign that they should remain quiet.

He mouthed something at her too, which was easy enough to understand. Skuld responded with a roll of the eyes and a head tilt from side-to-side. Essentially the mime equivalent of ‘meh’. Although considering the recent weeks, ‘meh’ was pretty fucking good.

Wanting to sort of.. well, not exactly ‘talk’ to Fray more, but ‘chat without talking’, she opened her jaw to mouth something back, but it quickly shut when she heard a voice she didn’t recognise. However, it was young, and squeaky, meaning it must have been one of their pups.

Oh god.. which one? Skuld perked up and looked at the boy. She’d barely interacted with them, well, she hadn’t interacted with them at all. It was rather sad really. She was meant to be their aunt or Oracle or whatever, and all she’d done was stare at a wall like a depressed bush.

She smiled at him, looking between Fray and the kid, trying to subtly let Fray know that she needed help here.

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Fray Atari

His name, well, his name to the kids was called, and it made him startle just a bit. Silence to a squeak. Well fuck. He looked at the cougar again, panicked, but either it still hadn’t heard anything or it gave no fucks. Still crouched, and now shuffling its hind legs a touch as if readying to leap.

Alright, good, go hunt and go home.

Fray turned to the kid then, nodding towards the ground between him and Skuld. “Be very quiet, and come watch.” His voice was a little gruff, as he said it, making it very clear the boy should be listening and obeying.

This could be like, a good lesson right? Besides.. Seeing Skuld’s look, he knew she needed to step it up a bit. Stop ignoring the fact that her best friend had kids and like. Talk to them.

Be the aunt dammit.

Fray wasn’t an ass though, and could help with the introductions. Smiling just a bit back at her, he spoke to the pup in a soft, but light tone. “Xavier, you remember Auntie Skulders? She visited you once when you were a tiny lump.” And then Daddy killed her ex and shit got complicated.

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Buffy Sam Staff

Buff may or may not have gotten lost.

Like, no, she totally did not get lost. She just had no idea where she was. All the walls looked the same. Scents were everywhere. All over the place.

And she was…



She totally was not scared, either. Nopenope. Just in need of a little direction. And then everything would be good. Big tough Buffy did not get scared.


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Xavier Hound

Dad spoke while the weird one remained silent, but Xavier offered her a smile regardless, tail falling into a slow wag as he padded his way towards them.

Being told to be quiet in a tone more serious than he was used to, the boy readily obeyed, making sure to keep his steps as quiet as possible as he gently plopped down in between the pair, giving dad an affectionate nose poop at his side.

And then. He was asked to remember something he had literally zero memory of, leaving the boy staring in awkward silence back and forth between them. “I. Uh.” Gaze kept mostly to dad to avoid the shyness that startled to tickle his chest, he softly admitted. “N-no.”

Did that mean he had to introduce himself again?

Eyes shifting to the lanky giant, he decidedly gave it a try, however quiet. “Hi. Am Xavier, imp.” Tail giving a reassuring wag, Xavier desperately hoped for something other than jumbled words to come as a response.

P.S, did he ever mention another thing he hated about the caves? They echoed. Like, A LOT.

So when Buffy yelled out behind him, it really was as annoyingly loud as he was used to from her, brown ears sliding back in annoyance. Did his sisters really have to come and ruin this moment? Making little effort to move, Xavier instead waited for dad to handle it, and hopefully shut her up.

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Skuld Vollan Spry

Xavier! That was his name. It was all coming back to Skuld now, and she smile lightly as she was re-introduced to the kid, especially as ‘Auntie Skulders’. Man, she missed that nickname.

At least she was able to sigh in relief, because Xavier didn’t remember her either. Skuld cleared her throat quietly, and was able to put on her best soothing voice again. The most welcoming, the good side of a monotonous tone.

“Hi Xavier. I’m Skuld, a friend of your mom and dad. I’m also the ‘Oracle’,” the last word she said with a hint of a ‘magical’ tone, trying to make it sound exciting.

She was happy just talking with the boy, but then there was a shouting squeak from the caves, one that made Skuld wince, especially with that cougar nearby. Her eyes darted to Fray, along with Xavier’s, then back to the cougar to see if it was going to make a move.

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Fray Atari

Who the fuck raised this kid?

See, Xavier was nice, polite, well behaved when faced with a practical stranger he hadn’t seen since he couldn’t.. Well, see.

And then we had Buffy. Who was fucking shouting in a cave so it echoed really loudly in front of a FUCKING COUGAR.

Brain spasms occurred, his eyes darting over to the feline which was now looking directly at them. So much for going undercover. It must have reckoned there was an easy, tiny, squeaky meal nearby, because it made to move towards the caverns with it’s blunt snout peeling back. Yeah, not gonna happen kitty.

Fray shot up, bristling, not making a move to attack but making it very obvious the rabbits were a much easier meal to try for. Any need for silence was lost, and he stood over Xavier, snarling viciously at the cat.

Just leave, come on. Don’t make this difficult dammit.

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Buffy Sam Staff

Was no one really coming?

Buffy was freaking out. She blew a raspberry at… no one. With a sigh she continued wandering around, going deeper into the caves. She kinda forgot where their sleeping spot was; she wasn’t trying that hard to remember.

She wasn’t scared anymore—if she had been, because she totally wasn’t. Now she was just bored. Did no one like playing with her anymore?

And now she was jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Who didn’t like playing with Miss Buffy?

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Xavier Hound

Whatever Buffy had caused, it wasn’t good. Not good at all.

Xavier hadn’t really been paying attention to the cat further down, more so occupied by the dark wolf, the Oracle. He remembered that title!

But before his brain could react and proudly exclaim he at least remembered something, Dad suddenly shot over him, leaving the boy reeling backward with wide eyes and slid-back ears.

And then he saw it.

Big and menacing with bared canines and a lashing tail, something Xavier had never seen before was readily closing in on their small company. Generally curious about the world, whatever this thing was .. Xavier wanted nothing to do with it.

Lacking any natural protectiveness or aggression, the boy instead slunk further back into the caves, just enough to still be able to lean against dad’s back leg while the cat made its move.

What was happening?!

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Kamaal Kam

She’d been gone for a couple of days and the lack of high-pitched voices keeping her on edge was rather refreshing, truth be told. She would’ve extended her absence from the grotto and the northern mountains if it wasn’t for the kids, but.. they needed her and she wouldn’t be a dick to them like her father was before her.

With a relatively small fox clenched between her jaws, she ascended the slopes of the mountain, head and tail aligned with the rest of her body. It’d been a while since she’d actually killed a fox and whilst the fucker managed to get a bite at her right foreleg, it was rather light and the sting that was caused from its teeth soon became insignificant.

She was pretty damn sure the kids hadn’t tried fox meat, so at least.. that would add to the their excitement aside from realizing that. hey mum didn’t actually abandon you.

(Will be there in a couple of rounds! Skippable for now!)

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Skuld Vollan Spry

Well this was just grand.

It was everything Skuld wanted after coming out of a heart-crushing depression. A cougar to attack her and her friends. Oh joyous day, what a gift.

Fray shot up to challenge it. Hopefully it would learn its place, or rather, learn that here wasn’t its place. Skuld stood up slowly too, to avoid any aches, but then backed slowly. She couldn’t fight a cougar. She could barely fight a smaller wolf. Skuld was not a fighter, look at her for god’s sake.

The kids. She had to keep them safe. She could do that. Skuld looked down to Xavier, leaning down to his level, her next burning as she did. “Xavier,” she whispered, with no emotion, “Go inside. Tell your sister to be quiet, and hide.” Her vibrant blue eyes stared right into his tiny yellow ones, hoping he’d understand the brevity of the situation.

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Fray Atari

He could hear his heart thumping in his ears, everything around him going weirdly hazy as two cat-eyes narrowed in on him. Crinkled in another snarl, threatening his home and family. Fray wasn’t scared, per say. He was never truly scared when it came to fighting, because fear was only a downfall. If you acted invincible, you were invincible.

To an extent. And he knew he’d pushed his luck far too often, and one of these days that luck was going to give out.

Was that what was happening now, with Skuld backing away and telling Xavier to hide? With this fucking creature staring him down, making taunting noise that prodded him forward a step, asked of some defiance on his part?

There was really only way to find out, and standing like a deer in the headlights wasn’t about to solve the issue. Knowing Skulders would keep Xavier safe, his ears fell back, his muzzle peeled up in a snarl, and Fray charged forward with a cacophony of noise.

Scare the fucker away, hopefully. Not worth the fight, kitty cat.

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Buffy Sam Staff

The cave was boring, she decided; the forest was much more interesting. Sure there were some cool wolves inside, but apparently they didn’t like playing in here. Le sigh.

There were some funky-looking ice pillars. But they were boring, too. She scratched them with her forepaw. Nothing happened.

When bored, there was only one thing to do: chase your tail. With little enthusiasm, Buffy began to go around in circles, snapping at her own tail.


Oml sorry for the wait x.x I forgot it was my turn.

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