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Twilight, ES | Warm, light rain | Little outside the entrance

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Fray Atari

Caught sleeping, he had a tiny bit of a rude awakening.

The scent had reached him first, from his spot partially in the entrance of the grotto. It was a lot wetter here, closer to the heatwave wafting in from outside. But, the water melting from the walls, the floor, it helped cool him off, so he didn’t mind resting here. Plus, you know. Guard duty. Sort of. Wasn’t much to actually keep out, anyway, but he felt better knowing anyone coming in and going.. Especially with the pups now residing in the caverns.

And right now, he was supposing it was a good idea he had. It’d only taken a moment for Fray to lift his head up, partially drowsy from napping, and narrow in on the.. Really big cat a ways away.

Cougar, right? He hadn’t seen one up close, but Fray had heard of the feline predator. Dangerous, not something you wanted to mess with. Not something you wanted lingering close to their home, their kids.

Maybe a few months back, he’d have been cocky enough to try and chase it off. Now though, he flattened down, warily trying to blend in and not draw attention to their home. It seemed the cat wasn’t actively paying attention to them, anyway. It was hunting near the spot Fray himself sometimes caught hares and those pika things, and he stupidly felt a flare of annoyance that it was taking away from one of their food sources.

He grumbled, lowly, but held still and watched. Hopefully it would just catch something and go.

Jan 08, 2018 01:20 PM

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