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Shaim Ember

Your name: Ember

Current/past characters: This is the first of, hopefully, many!

Why do you want to join Horizon? This community appears to be a lively place that I would love to be a part of.

If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!):

        He had wandered into the region in pursuit of the beach; it had been too long since he had felt the salt water against his skin. He missed the stiffness of his fur in the saltiness and the sand that caked the underside of his paws.
        The forest surrounding him was thick - a choir of birds and bugs sounded out at every moment. They seemed to have found a rhythm together, despite all being hidden away in trees and burrows. The smell of salt and fish lingered in the air; it melted together with the fragrant scent of new leaves and their brown ancestors. Hardly a silent track could be made, as each step the white wolf progressed was met with the subtle crunch and crack of leaves. Still, their magnitude was drained out by the on-going symphony of wildlife.
        A few moment after he had spotted a clearing that symbolized the genesis of the beach, another voice sounded out, this one much stronger than the small tones of the birds and bugs. The pitch belonged to a wolf - that much was clear. He halted, pausing for a moment to listen more closely. When he did, however, the howl had already passed. Having only the location to go off of, he strolled onward in its pursuit.

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Welcome, Ember!       

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