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Uuuhhh Cae, Blaise, Tidus, many more I can’t remember
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My schedule finally fixed itself
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Just as quick as they came they were gone. Crescent’s knees locked, hearing a muttered “oh gods” from her familiar. But she couldn’t move. Her scythe clattered to the ground, turquoise eyes wide and slightly glazed. Kirins. Common horses, like she herself.

It wasnt until she realized her world was moving that she realized she was being wracked with fullbody shivers, tears spilling unbidden from her eyes. Then the blood hit her nostrils and she gagged, sinking to her knees to spill bile across the already bloody ground. She remained awkwardly half kneeling, too startled to do much else. Her eyes remained locked on the figure of the child. Tiny. Fragile. Dead. Turned to mere dust by the fire. It was so quiet. Her breathing was fast, too fast to be healthy, as her stomach rolled and her heart beat frantic in her chest. Another gag, as Crescent struggled to get her hooves back under her, shaking all the while. She tugged her cloak ever closer to her.

Shock. Nothing registered to the buckskin as she finally stood, white noise buzzing in her head as her turquoise eyes remained locked on the child. Her ears were flat against her skull, Milo trying frantically to bring her out of it but to no avail.

Crescent remembered fire. She remembered it well. It killed her father. Her sister. And now…it killed swaths of horses like her.

Her mouth opened in a silent wail, too shellshocked to speak. It hurt. It hurt worse than anything. Then, Milo bit her. Not hard, but enough for her to be slammed back into reality, hard enough to stumble into the horse next to her.

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