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When you face the fear that keeps you frozen, chase the sky into the ocean
HY4, Early Summer, on the very edge

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Branwen Ravencall Box

The air tasted strange here. Branwen had never been to this strange water, the way it thrashed and hissed against the rocks she stood on. The wind tugged at her fur, whispy black being pulled, flattened, thrashed this way and that. Icy blue observed the way the water tried to climb the rocks to reach her, trying to pull her under.

The ongoing narration tittered. The story powered forwards, driving ever closer to her end. But this was not her end was it? This was where the story placed her. A reason danced across her tongue. She had avoided the scent of a pack with an almost religious fervor. She paced the edge of the rocks, dancing dangerously on the edge of oblivion. One wrong step and she would be sent tumbling into the angry water below. The dark woman toyed with her own mortality in this way, daring the story to end here.

Branwen would not end here. But she wanted to fade into the background so bad that she would try it.

Jan 10, 2018 01:01 PM

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

As usual, her hunts for herbs brought her farther and farther from the places she was trying to become familiar with. But that was always the case. Back in the labyrinth, she had to travel far, sometimes for an entire day to find the herbs she was looking for. It would get easier over time, she was sure, once she began to remember where the plants were located. Or once she found them at all. But until then, she supposed she would have to wander aimlessly.

The expanse of the plains she traversed reminded her a lot of the meadow in which she’d found Dalus and Poet, only there was a salty quality to the air here. She realized what it was before long, the closer to the edge she came - the ocean. A friend of hers, though they hadn’t spoken in ages. Sometimes when she thought of it, she thought of Karevik, and of her birth pack, but those were happy memories. Unlike many others that came as reminders. Even so, she was trying to train herself not to sink into memories when they came. So when she saw the ocean, it was at first bittersweet - and then she brushed it away, and found herself enjoying the view instead. The smell. The sound.

Her paws continued to carry her after a while, her thoughts traveling to what kinds of herbs she could harvest from near the ocean, when she spotted the black blot near the edge. Josalyn barely thought of it, was tempted to even pass it by, before realizing that it was a wolf.

A wolf near the edge of the cliff. Dangerously so.

Her eyes widened as she paused, momentarily unsure of what to do. She was still really damn weird about talking to people. But what if the wolf was going to jump? Oh my god, she couldn’t afford to be traumatized more. The risk of failure hovered over her head as it always did. But she acted more out of instinct than thought at this point.

“H-Hey!” she called with worry, beginning a jog toward the wolf, and hoping desperately that they would not do something rash.

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Branwen Ravencall Box

Branwen’s ears tilted towards the approaching pawsteps. Slowly, she stopped her dangerous dance, as if realizing for the first time how dangerous it was. The calm had been eerie, and it had pulled her into a trance. She was sorry for testing the story.

The narration merely tisked. Branwen turned her head, staring over her shoulder. And her eyes widened. A female, gold. It was an unfamiliar color beyond sunsets and the sun herself. And her eyes, a shade of orange she only observed in the clouds sometimes. In short, Branwen found her very, very pretty. But, she shoved it down.

Yes?” She called, ears tilting forwards. What did the beau-I mean, other woman want from little ol Branwen.

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

She didn’t want to admit it, but her heart was going crazy in her chest. She felt nauseous. Her mind got away from her, daring to imagine the sight of her lobbing herself off the edge. The grisly aftermath below. She’d seen enough death and destruction to know what it would look like, an unflinchingly realistic rendition flitting in and out of her thoughts. Enough to make her want to cry out.

But the woman noticed her. Slowly stepped away from the ledge.

Josalyn uttered a sigh of relief and slowed, the fear that quickly seized her ebbing away to remind her of the ache in her jagged pace. Her twisted hip. She swallowed and tried to hide it through the last few steps she took in her approach, but wasn’t sure how successful she’d be. She did, kinda, nearly have a heart attack just now.

“Awfully windy up here, isn’t it?” she called back, trying not to focus too much on the impending ledge. She needed the stranger to come closer, to safety. But. She needed to be careful.

Her track record of social interactions was looking rather poor lately.

Jan 10, 2018 02:11 PM — Post #3

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Branwen Ravencall Box

Branwen hummed an affirmative.

I suppose it is, isn’t it?” She said, twisting her head to get a faceful of salty wind. She closed her eyes against the sting, tiny tears welling up. Okay what was she thinking, being up here. Slowly, the woman backed from the edge, twisting her head to look up at the sky.

Then, to the woman. She cleared her throat. She could smell herbs on her coat, very faint in this wind.

Are you a healer?

Jan 10, 2018 02:21 PM — Post #4

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

Leaving Damien’s cave for a short while was the only way to keep her sanity.  Being holed up just about anywhere would drive her to the brink of madness.  She travelled southeast towards the Lookout, the place that reminded her the most of home besides the mountains.  The only thing that was missing here was the ice.  The cold.  The stench of death.

The blonde lass walked slower than her usual pace, hence her injury, but made good time nonetheless.  She wasn’t far from the smell of salt and the sea when other odors reached her nose.  Lupine smells.  And more than one of them.

Her first instinct was to growl and grab backup.  But she’d made a promise the night before, more to herself than to Damien.  Astred could change.  She could put her worries beside her and become someone else, someone she’d always wanted to be, instead of being stuck in the past, a past of horrors and darkness.

So, with an open mind and no physical aggression shown on her body, Astred strode through the trees, intending on seeing who dwelled so close to pack territory.

Keeping things vague because of other thread, arriving next round! ^u^

Jan 10, 2018 04:13 PM — Post #5

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

Josalyn found herself nodding in agreement, even though she was the one who made the statement initially. Her ears twitched, testing for the wind, as though she even doubted herself, as though thinking she’d just made it up to try and convince the girl to withdraw. But it was there. She felt it, a cold breath trickling across her back.

Relinquishing a couple more steps, she found relief settling that much easier as the stranger moved away from the edge. Good. She could begin to swallow that fear down and fret over the next thing to come. Communication, not making an ass of herself. Since apparently she was really good at that at the Rise.

But the stranger was the first to speak again following the interim. A question, one that was pointedly observant, leaving Josalyn to wonder how she knew.

“Yeah, I am. Are you… do you need help?” she asked, at first worried. Then she added, “My name’s Josalyn.”

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Branwen Ravencall Box

Branwen ” The raven colored female said, icy blue focused completely on the golden woman before her.

The story reprimanded her. Told her to keep on going and going. But she could spare a moment. The story could wait.

Branwen was good out here.

No, its just…where im from, healers are rare.” She said, ears flicking forwards. Branwen’s old home relied on a spiritual version of healing. Its probably why most of the wolves there died.

Jan 10, 2018 06:52 PM — Post #7

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

She came through the trees like a silent wind, counting on the crashing of waves to keep her cover for at least a little longer.  Of course, this was her land.  Her pack’s land, just beyond the Lookout.  While Astred was injured, there was no reason to be afraid. 

Reaching the end of the treeline and the beginning of the barren cliff terrain, Astred’s ice blue eyes were quick to spy two females.  It gave her somewhat of an assurance to be larger than the both of them.  If a fight should occur, she would have that one advantage.  The taller of the two—the black female—had her back to the cliffs, standing rather close to the edge than Astred would have been comfortable with.  Yes, they were strangers to her.  But no, she didn’t want to have to explain a dramatic cliff-jumping experience to Relic.

The smaller of the two bore colors of the sunset so striking that Astred had to wonder where she came from.  She had seen wolves of all colors, brown, gray, black, but certainly not a gold that this female possessed.

Her cold features remained impassible and monotonous as she approached, neither welcoming nor hostile.  She was simply curious, and there to address if backup was needed so close to the Covenant borders.  As she had promised to Damien the night before, she was trying to become less… Astred.  The old Astred.  Ice could melt.

“Hello,”  She commented politely, trying to shut away her inner alarms.  They weren’t helping.  While this was a large leap for a being as reserved and frigid as Astred Ísbjörnsdóttir, the physical and mental attempts were present.

Jan 10, 2018 07:12 PM — Post #8

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

The inky female returned her name easily, Branwen. Josalyn mustered up a smile and tucked the name away. At least she was sociable. She was beginning to think her concerns were all for naught; after all, the woman could have just been staring down into the waves, observing, with no intention to harm herself. It was Josalyn who was leaping to conclusions. She tried to convince herself of that, allowing herself to relax, her shoulders sloping into a comfortable arch and her haunches falling to the earth.

“That’s unfortunate,” she answered thoughtfully, then her gaze brightened. A heartfelt attempt, a chuckle. “But I bet you could stand a cold like nobody’s business!”

You know, because. You didn’t. Have medicine or anything. Okay, anyway.

Her ear twitched back at the sound of another voice, and Josalyn once more found herself rising, turning to plant her gaze upon a light-coloured woman approaching. She noticed all too quickly that she had strangers on either side of her. That could corner her, push her off the edge. Her expression flickered, but she fought to keep it healthy.

There was nothing to worry about.

“Hey there,” she greeted, the tip of her tail flicking amicably. “You here to watch the waves too?”

Deeply, she wished to descend and frolic among the ocean waves themselves, rather than just observe from afar. But they were too high up at this point.

Jan 10, 2018 07:26 PM — Post #9

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Branwen Ravencall Box

Branwen turned her eyes onto the approaching wolf. A female, light in color, with striking markings. Pretty blue eyes met her own iced blue. The dark woman merely arched a brow.

Hello. ” She said back, polite. This female had a look to her. She really didn’t wish to play with fire. Not so soon into her story.

Branwen waited. She wasnt going to allow her story to end.

Jan 10, 2018 07:51 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Astred Valfreyja Lilja

Astred watched them closely, waiting for one of them to make the wrong move.  However, neither of them did, resulting in the passing of one of Astred’s many tests.  The darker female had more of a look to her, as if she appeared to be wary of Astred.  Like she was a bonfire waiting to light up.  Astred almost smiled.  She was no fire.  She was ice.

“You here to watch the waves too?”  The sunkissed female asked politely, and daresay with a hint of naïvety?  “No, I’m afraid not.”  She replied simply, but this time with a hint of a smile.  These wolves showed no hostility so far, so Astred would return the same courtesy.

“May I ask what brought you here to the Lookout?”  Her polite tone stayed in check, though her mind wavered.  Never had she been this… accommodating towards strangers.  But she supposed it was nice… for a change.

Her azure eyes continued to flit from female to female, noting the way they were all surrounding each other, in a way.  The black female, if turned bitter, could easily be thrown over the cliff from her close stance to it.  Astred would take her chances with the golden wolf, whom was much shorter than she herself.

Jan 10, 2018 08:14 PM — Post #11

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Josalyn Vedi Madison

This whole situation felt strange. Tense, even, as though the three of them had suddenly entered a stand off. She felt the air of suspicion settling between them, eying one another up; in a treacherous place like this, it was easy to unleash an act of finality. But she didn’t want her thoughts to venture that way. She didn’t want paranoia or fear.

She just wanted… a conversation.

Her toes kneaded the dirt idly as she turned her gaze to the blonde, thinking little of her answer - no, she wasn’t here to watch the waves - and focusing more on her next question. The Lookout, she called this place.

“Oh, I’m getting to know the area. I just moved here,” she said cheekily. “Used to live up in the Northern part of the valley, so down here is like a whole other world. What about you guys?”

Don’t come off like an idiot, Josalyn. Don’t think about things that’ll make you cry, Josalyn. Just try to be normal. Like how you used to be before everything went horribly wrong.

”I’m Josalyn, by the way,” she added, realizing the newcomer might not have heard her introduction.

Jan 11, 2018 11:48 AM — Post #12

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Branwen Ravencall Box

Branwen hummed.

Branwen. I was here to think. Watch the water. Never seen it like this before.” She said, ear faintly tick tick ticking. She was aware of the other wolf’s eyes flicking from her to the woman in front of her. Vaguely, she was also aware of her proximity to the end of her story.

And you?” She asked back, eyes on the larger woman. Her heart anxiously leapt, but she ignored it, her face schooled to impassive.

Jan 11, 2018 11:53 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Astred Valfreyja Lilja

The sunkissed woman talked a lot.  Enough that from her explanation and openness of conversation that Astred figured that she was either terribly extroverted or had something to hide.  ”I’m Josalyn, by the way.”  Astred flicked her blonde tail and considered the female again.  ”It’s nice to meet you, Josalyn.”  There was no exchange in names back.  Astred didn’t have enough trust for the female… yet.  That could change throughout the meeting if she made the right moves.

“And you?”  Astred had almost completely forgotten about the other woman, clad in a black pelt.  Branwen, her name was.  Surely she could smell the pack scent on Astred’s exterior.  If not, she assumed the other woman was simply unaware, or just not paying attention.  Contrary to her beliefs, Astred held no ill-will towards either of the females.  She could just be… overprotective, at times.  Harsh.  Blunt.

”The Lookout is considerably close to the Soulfire Covenant and my pack’s territory.  It’s one of our patrol sites, actually.”  Her voice remained neutral, no positive nor negative tinge to it.

Astred would wait idly by and await their reactions.  In this moment, the outcome depended on them.  Personally, however, Astred hoped that it wouldn’t turn ugly.

Jan 11, 2018 12:26 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Stephan Magnusson Sam Staff

A good walk was in order for the brute. It had been far too long since he last traipsed across the plateau. The last time he had been out here was when he met Valerian. He had noticed his scent around the basin, but; alas, kept missing him. Busy with pups and hiding from mental problems.

He had hoped for some time alone. Maybe come across another stranger. But he caught the scent of the basin’s bloody watchdog and two strangers. Ooh what heads was the blonde planning to rip this time? The thought made the Archon giddy from the prospect of drama that finally did not involve or was spurred by him.

Stephan’s tail wagged lazily at his legs. Ready to be the angel to put the demon in its place. Again.

Arriving next round.

Jan 11, 2018 12:40 PM — Post #15

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