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Padding through a rather damp forest came young Kyra Daniels, head down, jaws parted, and an intense look of concentration on her face.

She didn’t spend a lot of time at all in the caves anymore, even though Nero had told her to simply bite any of the mean puppies in there. Nero was really the only one Kyra was close to. Her littermate-sister had pulled away some, though they still spent time together when Kyra visited the caves, the girl had come to realize something. Much as she loved Althea and admired her older sister, she and her twin were not at all alike. Althea liked the other puppies. She liked romping and staying in the caves, and getting messy and dirty, and she would barely hold still for Kyra to clean her afterwards. But even the other puppies who had never been mean to her barely talked to Kyra. Was it because she was the youngest and smallest? Did that mean she didn’t matter to them? Kyra wanted to matter. She wanted to be brave and important, like Daddy. 

Today, Kyra was on the scent of something. Her mother had kept herbs around that were still scattered in the sleeping nook she never went back to. It was funny, her mother’s face had completely faded from her memory now. But she still, just, remembered her smell, and she had smelled like…

aha, like that! Kyra leaned her head down and snuffled at the peppermint leaves. Mmmm. They smelled nice. Homely. She began to pick the leaves. She would put them in her collection in her special place, the hollow tree she used as her private cubby.

Jan 11, 2018 09:35 PM

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