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[continuation, summons] Shimmering Shoal | Early summer | afternoon | Sunny | With Nomad, Percy and Bayley, calling Fawneon Fam!

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Bucky put down the beaver he had in his grip, which he’d been carrying to Fawn and Efeon and he imagined their girls were eating meat by now too. Standing atop the easier south face of the cliff, he put out a cautious paw in case Bayley and Percy’s excitement got the better of them.

“Okay boys. Now Fawn and Efeon’s pups are a bit smaller than you and two of them are pretty shy. You’re the first wolves their age they would have met. So it’s up to you two to be the gentleman here, yeah?”

He smiled at the irrepressible duo, then up at Nomad. His best friend had been so right - this would be good for Percy and Bayley. Taking their mind off their mother for a while, giving them something positive to focus upon.

Then he let out a short howl. “Hey Eefie, Fawn, pups? Brought you some friends to visit!” His tail was already wagging. This was a lot of pups, but Bucky felt pleased and proud to be here. As part of his extended family. “Okay boys, you ready?” He picked up his beaver and began to show Percy and Bayley the easiest way down the rocks, though he suspected they wouldn’t be slowed down for long. 

((Okay since this could get beyond massive let’s do once per round posting, no posting order between rounds, Bucky starting new rounds <3))

Jan 12, 2018 10:30 PM

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