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Kaya Silvano Chris

Kaya surveyed the open hillsides with little pleasure. Her pale green-blue eyes flicked over the terrain, pausing briefly upon the spots of greenery that meant shrubbery and small tree groves. She tsked softly, a habit she had whenever something didn’t meet her punishing high standards. However unfitting these hillsides were, a valley this wide would offer a multitude of terrains, and she had nothing binding her anywhere, not anymore. She was free, to chose for herself, to begin afresh this, potentially the last chapter in her life. Not that she intended it to end any time soon. 

Kaya Silvano was well aware however, she was showing her age a little to those with a keen eye. Her lips were no longer quite so tight, her abdominal tuck was… well, no longer tucked so snugly. Despite this, there was a steely look to her pale gaze that warned not to underestimate. She had not reached her sixth year by slacking off, and her hunting skills remained sharp, allowing her to maintain a healthy weight - which was considerable, for her. Though her eyes had taken on the faintest hint of cloudiness indicating the onset of cataracts, it had only just begun to dull her long distance vision.

Yet another reason she wished to get out of the open areas. And so she headed for the distinct line of green she knew meant a body of water. Kaya had a feeling life in this valley would be promising.

Jan 12, 2018 11:09 PM

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Anzan Bee

Finally! Finally, a wide, open area that wasn’t just the dust, dirt and arid heat that made the brittle pads of his paws split like overripe fruit. Muzzle lax and tongue lolling out one side of his mouth, Anzan sped up from a dawdling walk to a dash down the rolling hill he’d climbed up.

Behind him had been nothing but wasteland, but ahead… ahead was green.

Looking every bit the yearling that he was - long legs and a broad frame that had yet to lose its lankiness - the young male threw his reserve to the wind and ran. Picked up speed. Raced until he felt like he was flying!

Grass underfoot, sparse though it began? Glorious. Sunlight that didn’t burn and blister its way through the cloud-line to lay siege upon his tender back? There had never been anything so fine.

The world blurred past him, transitioning from browns and reds to bright, cleaner greens. Up hills and downhills he went, until he was panting so hard for breath, legs wobbly and muscles weak, that he had to slow to a halt in a shallow valley.

Sides heaving and head low, he caught it: the scent of a stranger.

Oddly exhilarated after his mad sprinting, Anzan gave in to uncharacteristic whim and, once his breathing had eased up, lifted his muzzle to the hills. He released a long, wavering howl to break up the rustle of a gentle breeze through the grass and the thumping of his heart in his chest.

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Kaya Silvano Chris

Kaya heard the crunch of the grass under his dancing paws before she heard the howl. He was not so far away, but she showed no sign of any alarm. Young wolves were often slaves to every fleeting fancy; they also made notoriously poor fighters if things did turn physical.

“Ah, the boundless energy of the young.” She offered by way of greeting, her aqua gaze sweeping over his stocky, ready frame, in a calculating sort of way. She inhaled, considered, weighed.

“You carry desert scent, certainly leaving such a desolate land deserves celebration. Come then, there is water ahead.” She nodded, just once, in an indication he could walk with her if he so pleased.

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Anzan Bee

In a matter of heartbeats, Anzan went from exhilarated and wild, to surprised. Clearly, he hadn’t been using his eyes properly; barely any distance away at all was the stranger he’d scented. An older female, large and well muscled and not at all skittish or aggressive the way Anzan expected most rogues to be, these days.

As he returned her calculating gaze with a studying look of his own, he took in the straight back, high-held head. The ease of movement as she turned her attention from him spoke of a confident fighter. She hadn’t considered him a threat at all. (Not that the she-wolf was wrong. He was the furthest thing from a threat that there was, if he could help it. Anzan wasn’t one for pointless fighting.)

Her eloquent offer left him blinking at her back, no small amount surprised by how hospitable she was to him. Of their own accord, his legs carried him forwards, and he fell into step behind her. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off and he was in the presence of a much older wolf, he grew quieter. More thoughtful.

“Thank you,” he said at length, amber eyes on her broad back and well muscled shoulders. “That would be appreciated.” He may have drank from the creek in the wastelands, but that was some time ago, and the mention of fresh water made him acutely aware of his dry mouth.

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Kaya Silvano Chris

She was amused by the way he settled so easily at her side, but she noticed how he relaxed. He also stared, a rather great deal for somebody so polite of speech, but Kaya took that as a compliment. She knew she was an impressive looking wolf, age aside.

It tickled her ego more than a little to realize she still drew appreciative looks, even from yearlings.

Kaya was not a chatty wolf by nature, and so she simply strode in silence for a few minutes, sending thoughtful glances sideways at the male. He was no small specimen himself. But it was not his size she was observing. It was his well-tended coat, the way he carried himself.

“Young man, you have not been a rogue all your life. Tell me, what is your name?” There was a beat, and she graced him with the hint of a smile. She did not usually warm up to others quickly. He might prove an exception. 

“Mine is Silvano. Kaya Silvano.”

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Anzan Bee

Appreciating the easy silence that had slowly fallen over them, Anzan followed. There was something incredibly settling, being in another, accepting wolf’s company after so long spent on his own. By nature, Anzan was not a rogue. He craved contact and company in the way that many wolves raised in a large pack did. His family had been his lifeblood, and without them he was left to stagnate. Something as simple as sharing a quiet walk eased a weight that he had not realised had been on his shoulders.

Upon being addressed, the yearling’s head lifted a little, amber eyes meeting blue. He inclined his muzzle in agreement to her observation. “My name is Anzan,” he offered quietly, almost loath to break the silence that had so naturally wrapped itself around them.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you—” He paused, not sure of the correct etiquette in a situation like this. It had been so long - so, so long - since he’d had any kind of structured conversation, and he was worried he might offend. The potential of driving the older she-wolf away was enough encouragement to make proper use of the (admittedly rather rusty) manners his mother had taught him. “May I call you Kaya, or would you prefer to be addressed by Silvano?”

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Kaya Silvano Chris

Kaya appreciated a wolf who didn’t have to fill silences with chatter. It allowed her time to get a measure of another wolf. And it was rare indeed a trait, in one so young.

Promising. This one, he was promising.

Moreso when he offered her his own name, and she repeated it mentally, rolling the strong sound through her memory. Anzan. Unusual, but she had heard a lot worse. Some of the young wolves these days came up with such far-out names for this children, as if there was anything wrong with good old fashioned names.

Speaking of names.

“Since you ask Anzan, I do find myself rather partial to Silvano.” It tickled her fancy some, though it didn’t sow on her face, to be called by her surname. A gesture of respect.

They had reached the river, and Kaya preformed an automatic check, her broad head swinging to and fro, jaws parting to taste the scents in the area. No other predators, no rivals, allowing for the moment of weakness a drink provided. Such caution was second nature. She had led many a patrol in her time, been responsible for many young wolves under her command.

She crouched like a lion to drink, already mulling over her next words.

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