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Noire ShadowQuest

Your name: ShadowQuest

Current/past characters: None in Horizon unless you consider Noire to be a current one~


Why do you want to join Horizon? Because I wanna rp with my characters in an awesome community ^~^


If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!):

It was another usual day for Noire, traveling without any particular destination. She had just finished a light run and was now walking at a slower pace enjoying the scenery while relaxing her muscles. Her tongue was hanging from her maw unceremoniously as she regulated her heavy breaths, and her ears rested atop her head neither on high alert nor completely relaxed. Her head shifted from high to low as she sniffed the flora and the scents of fauna, then back up as she looked around her surroundings. The overcast weather was warm -neither too hot nor too cool- and as she slowed to a stop she glanced up wondering if it would rain anytime soon. She continued to investigate the new area she arrived to, where ever that was, and eventually laid down to rest. Unbeknownst to how long she slept the dark adolescent stretched open her mouth in a bold yawn before slightly re-opening her eyes. Only something was wrong. There on the center of her snout a blurry green mass of fluff sat. Her posture immediately stiffened, eyes now wide open and her ears flattened in horror while her claws dug into the ground where she lay. And then it happened. The scariest thing in the world. It moved. The green mass rose as if it were reaching towards the sky, two pairs of tiny appendages and a little yellow face presenting itself in front of her eyes as if pronouncing its dominance. “#ø~¢•ª!!!~” A silent scream escaped her as she furiously shook her head side to side while frantically scooting -half tripping on her tail- backwards. Fluffy caterpillars… The scariest monsters on the planet. (They always suddenly appear demanding reverence..)

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Stephan Magnusson Sam

Welcome, ShadowQuest!

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