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it’s so good to be home
[summons] TWILIGHT VANGUARD FOUNDING/EMERALD LABYRINTH CLAIM - early summer, twilight, clear; calling all inhabitants of the labyrinth! at the Ol' Great Big

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Icarus Dusk Madison

(Calling all inhabitants of the labyrinth! Creation of the Twilight Vanguard is underway! Rounds will follow a loose posting order, starting with Icarus!)

Everything was falling into place.

He couldn’t have asked for better circumstances. He was back at the labyrinth, the only place he ever could have called home. He was with friends that he loved, trusted, depended on. The lands were fresh with life and game had never been healthier; in the heart of summer, their group was flourishing. It was time to bring the Twilight Vanguard to life.

Naturally, he had to wait until the perfect moment, to do so. They couldn’t become the Twilight Vanguard unless they were truly forged in the time of their namesake, doing exactly what they promised to do. After soothing his worries with Opal, Icarus spent the last couple hours he had thinking, rolling everything he knew over and over in his mind. Making sure that he had taken the right steps. He had never been so certain of anything in his life. He took care not to run foolishly headlong into it.

He made that mistake once. He was not going to make it again.

Waiting patiently at the massive tree he once designated the Ol’ Great Big, where he and his siblings and the Holt and Yahn kids had played, where the Order had once held their meetings, Icarus now stood watching the sun fall through the trees. The clearing was vast and sheltered, but central, and easy enough to find for anyone that had been there with him before. The moment seemed strangely saccharine. Almost too perfect, the way the burgeoning sunlight fled across the ground and up the twisted trunks of the trees, painting everything vivid shades of a whole new world. So tranquil.

So safe.

That was what this place was meant to be. Not cursed, like some said it was. Not haunted, not a bad memory.

The labyrinth was home.

And it was time it became known.

Icarus sucked in a breath and tossed his head back, uttering a long, powerful howl, a song that had never been so meaningful, a projection of himself. It was a brand new step. An evolution. It was for everyone; he called them all here so that they could take that step together, and grow.

This would be for them.

Jan 17, 2018 08:36 PM

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross had been strolling through the Labyrinth when he heard the call. Not at the heart of the tangled wood, but certainly not at the edges where he normally found himself, he was quick to heed the summons. Icarus had tossed up many a howl before, but none were ever so significant, as evidenced in this one’s pitch and length.

Something special was occurring, he knew, and it was without his usual reluctance that he turned to head toward the source of the summons. As he picked along the undulating forest floor, passing between and through long shadows cast by the falling sun, he began to recognize the trail he found himself upon. It led toward a clearing, where an ancient oak grew, anchoring that one grove in a powerful sense of awe that felt both mysterious and safe.

It was a place he’d been to, once, when he and Icarus and Aksel and Nayomi had first arrived here.

He tried not to dwell on the thought of Nay. Doing so would make his footfalls heavy, and he wasn’t about keeping Icarus waiting. Not tonight. In the wake of her memory, he picked his paws up into a light trot.

The undergrowth gave a coarse hiss and clawed at him as he passed through its threshold, bringing him at last to the patch in the woods where he spotted Icarus, standing tall with the Ol’ Great Big at his back. Flashing a toothy grin, and not bothering to shake the deadfall from his coat, Ross sauntered into his friend’s midst.

“Yo, Chief.”


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Epidemic J

She strode like she was the setting sun: slow, burning, leaving darkness as she drifted. Upon her shapely back stretched the passionate reds, fading and dancing with the settling black and the flash of white. A Queen, all her own. An Empress, in her own mind.

Confidence was her domain. It rose with the roots, it lounged in the tall branches, and more importantly, it paced over leaves, grass, twigs, with heavy, comfortable red paws. Icarus had been the one to introduce Epidemic to the rally of wolves, and now he united them—regardless of her own stance and inner turmoil to dominate, yet preserve.

Epidemic arrived shortly after Ross, her mind clear and her goals set.

This was happening.

Her gaze flew to Icarus, and it smiled upon him. Epidemic gave him a solid, dutiful nod.

Jan 18, 2018 03:38 PM — Post #2

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Opal Lullaby

Ebony nostrils flared as she touched the few plants that she had dried out in the sun yesterday morning, a smile came to her lips as she gingerly removed one of her favorite herb. It was the fragrance that always drew her in and when mixed with a soft leaf of mint, it gave off a sweet, yet ponantant flora aroma. With precision she removed just onw dried bud of the purple plant, though she did not know what that color looked like, one was all she needed to make this perfume. She took two small leaves of dried mint and, she moved outside if the den as she let the leaves and petals crumble and spread on the wellworn earth. Only then did she fall into the mixture, rolling along her back before coating her other side.

She made the mixture weak and more mint heavy, she did not need the lavender skewing her sense of smell up. It was then his call came, strong and summoning. This was happening now, the Twilight Vangaurd was going to be official. Quickly she got to her feet before shaking her fur vigorously to remove both dirt and herbs from her pale body. Sniffing a the air she could tell she did well, her new aroma was very subtle.

Only then did she head to the area she heard her chieftan’s call. Though she picked up her newest stick, she was rather aware of her surrounds. She never really left the l
abyrinth but this was due to the fear of the unknown, so she had time to explore and get use to the tangled roots and spiraling trees. Pale ears shifted at every sound as she came up to the place she had been heard called Ol’ Great Big, she moved slowly but moved along the side of Ross. If he allowed her to touch him, he was not one that liked the touch of another. A smile came to her face as she nodded in the direction of the newcomer before moving to her chieftain. She aimed to press her nose into his fur before lightly brushing her head against his shoulderbefore sitting somewhere close.

“Hello Chieftain.” she spoke softly after placing her stick at her paws. She would tilt her head slightly so that she might gain knowledge by the smell of those that arrived, to tell who they were.

Jan 20, 2018 11:24 AM — Post #3

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Icarus Dusk Madison

Icarus tried to wait as patiently, as silently, as motionless as he could, but the first minute or two after his howl had faded away, he found himself restless. Anxious.

Of course his friends would come. They had lived here with him in the labyrinth for weeks now. What reason would they have to disappear now, or suddenly decide they no longer wanted to be here? They were all on the same page, were they not? Subconsciously, and in his heart, he knew his worries were for nothing. But outwardly, he was beginning to fill his head with thoughts they still weren’t ready.

He had been kneading at the dirt when the undergrowth rustled. Icarus’ gaze shot up to the trees, watching Ross take shape from them. Icarus rose to his feet and tossed him a grin back.

Before long, Epidemic had arrived too, her fur a flash of brilliant fire through the scarlet glow of the surrounding forest. He smiled at her, too, and then observed the arrival of Opal, who easily walked right up to him and greeted him as she usually did.

“Thanks for coming, guys,” Icarus began, and despite his talk with Opal earlier, was finding his voice still wavering with nervousness. He swallowed, trying to summon all the confidence he ever had before. Why was it so hard now? “I’m really glad you’re all here with me,” he added.

But there were still others yet to arrive. He turned his gaze back out to the trees, seeking sight of Aksel and Artem, who he knew for sure would arrive. He wondered if Atalya would make her way over with Aiden, and if Kronos, who had been keeping close to Epidemic, he observed, would appear as well. He could only hope so.

(Ross, Epidemic, and Opal - no need to post again in this round, i’m just keeping it going while we wait :D)

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Kronos Aelius Sabrina

Kronos hadn’t been in the Labyrinth long, though he knew that something important was happening when he heard Icarus’s howl.

He ghosted through the forest, quietly picking his way through the roots and foliage, using the pale, dimming light as his guide. It was a beautiful, serene evening; had Icarus not called, the boy would surely have set out to enjoy the night, maybe to do some hunting.

Kronos certainly wasn’t upset that he’d been summoned, however. As he drew nearer to the crowd and picked up on Icarus’s greeting, the male thought back to how aimless his life had been when he’d met Icarus and Opal, and agreed to return to the Labyrinth with him. If nothing else, he’d been given a reason to live when he settled down here. There were other wolves around to keep him active, to remind him that life wasn’t boring and dull all the time.

As he joined the gathered crowed, he tipped his head to Icarus in greeting, a ghost of a smile on his face. The yearling spotted Epidemic in the crowd and, being closest to her out of all the wolves present, seated himself beside her. If she noticed him, he’d acknowledge her with a quick nod and the same smile he’d offered Icarus.

He wondered idly what the meeting was about. He hadn’t talked to Icarus in some time, but he recalled the time when he’d referred to the Labyrinth as ‘a gathering of friends.’ Perhaps he was interested in unifying them all, turning them into something more. Kronos turned his attention to the male who was at the helm of the group, interested in discovering what he had to say.

Jan 20, 2018 02:45 PM — Post #5

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Icarus Dusk Madison

And then, ‘lo and behold, Kronos arrived! Icarus straightened up and wriggled with excitement at the sight of the younger male. It was no surprise that he took a seat next to Epidemic - the two of them seemed to be rather close, which Icarus was in no way jealous about, no sir. In fact, he was glad for it. Having friends was a great excuse to stay in a place. And Icarus definitely wanted Kronos around.

Though he tried to be patient, he couldn’t deny that he was getting… antsy. He was still waiting on Aksel and Artem, two wolves he knew would show up no matter what. But where were they? He wondered if they were somewhere further away, perhaps at the borders, or even beyond the labyrinth. What about Atalya and Aiden? He hoped to see them here, too.

“So…” he blurted, gaze passing between his friends. “You know, this place used to be the territory of a pack called the Northern Order. It was led by our Chief, Solomon. I was born here, so was Aksel. We grew up here. And then… I don’t know, everything changed… somehow we each drifted away. And we… matured. We endured things we never thought possible. And inevitably, we were pulled back. When we arrived, the labyrinth was empty. And now, somehow, its full of life again. Just like it used to be.”

He was smiling as he spoke.

“Maybe it’s the nostalgia, but I think this is the way it should be. Cursed or not,” he laughed, this time glancing at Epidemic. “There has to be a reason why we keep coming back to it.”

(just posting again to keep it moving while we wait for Aksel, Artem, Atalya, and Aiden! everybody can feel free to post again if you like~)

Feb 04, 2018 08:59 PM — Post #6

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Epidemic J

As Epidemic stood proudly, her gaze was cut and sharpened to another arriving wolf: female, creamed, and carrying a stick. She couldn’t help but NOT stare. The red woman suddenly had many questions and concerns to ask not only everyone around her later, but also the character before her. With the stick. And the concerning look.


Kronos diverted her attention, even placing himself by her side. Epidemic regressed onto her hinds, twiddled her ears, and readjusted her focus onto Icarus. The history he was to tell.

Sadly, it did not include rats that scared the trees.

Feb 05, 2018 11:47 PM — Post #7

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross tossed a glance in Epidemic’s direction as she settled in their midst. His mouth didn’t curl into its usual grimace at the sight of her, but he did quietly promise to himself that, if she started shit during the meeting, she’d be getting a nip on the shoulder to make her behave.

His gaze roved to Opal as she arrived next, and to her, he had no such callous considerations. She was a kind girl. Kind… and blind... and, okay, he wasn’t really sure why he was hung up on that. But it kinda made him nervous.

He blinked and turned to look at the third to arrive, a big, silver-furred male he thought he might have met before. But Jill is gonna be vague because that thread is ongoing. ;)

He did wonder, just briefly, where Aksel and Atalya were. Well, Atalya had a pup, so he supposed she might not come. But Aksel. He had to.

Icarus began to speak then, and truly most vested in his masked friend, Ross was quick to award him his attention once again. He talked of the Northern Order, of facts Ross had learned about when he first came to this wood with the group. And now, like Icarus said, this once-abandoned place was full of life.

A home.

Ross began to smile, warmed by the thought.

And then he glanced around nervously, making sure no one had seen that.

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Name Player
Kronos Aelius Sabrina

Kronos, now settled in, was at-ease in the crowd. All the wolves here were familiar, though the yearling couldn’t quite put a name to the brown-furred male. He was many things, but social was certainly not one of them. He’d probably have to be in the Labyrinth for a year before he spoke to all its inhabitants. That was his own choice, though. He preferred to keep to himself.

He was glad to listen to Icarus’s story. It was touching, really. It was also in stark contrast with what he’d said about the rats when he first had brought Kronos here. He liked the genuine story much better.

It was certainly a story that he might tell before unifying the group. Kronos was almost certain that he had the purpose of this meeting figured out. He’d never pegged himself as one to join a pack, though there certainly wasn’t anything off-putting about the idea. Not when Epidemic and Icarus and Opal were here, who’d all done their part to make him feel so much better after such a long time alone.

It was the least he could do to show his gratitude. Icarus would have his full support.

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Atalya Zesty

//with Artem and Aiden

It had taken a while, but she was coming with her family. The journey had taken a little while longer, as she wanted to make sure her son could cope with the terrain, but she knew Icarus wouldn’t mind. It was impossible to rush a child, after all.

As she entered the little clearing, she recognised the large tree she’d seen while searching the Labyrinth. Big, and powerful. A good place to start a pack. In the clearing, there were wolves she’d never met before, but there were similar faces here and there. Icarus, of course and Ross. The others, however, she did not know. A white female, a multi-coloured male and brown female. Icarus seemed to be in the middle of talking, so she simply kept quiet. She did nod at the boy, though, as a silent greeting.

She bent down to whisper in Aiden’s ear, “Here we are, love. Remember Icarus and Ross? They’re here tonight as well.” She then looked at her mate with a slight smile on her face, somewhat happy their son would have a pack to grow up in. She couldn’t exactly explain why they were here in detail, as he wouldn’t be able to understand. But they could at least try at a later date. Atalya went to sit down closer to Ross, and beckoned her son with a paw in case he wasn’t following.

//UGH sorry if this makes no sense, i had no idea how to join,,

Feb 12, 2018 09:08 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Artem Vibe

While the trip here had taken a bit more time than Artem would have preferred it to, at last, he, Atalya, and Aiden were nearly to the meeting place. Most of his attention throughout the short walk from the den had been on Aiden, ensuring he was on track and helping to guide if necessary, but now that they were nearing the meeting area he instead focused on picking out any recognizable faces or scents.

A number of wolves seemed to have already gathered in the place, and each of their scents were at least somewhat familiar, although only one face was instantly recognizable to Artem. Which was, of course, Icarus - who had placed himself at the base of a large tree that designated this particular meeting area.

Then, however, his eyes were drawn to another familiar individual as Atalya made her way towards him. It was the one eyed male, the very same wolf he had met briefly along the coast, though that had been some time ago.

Possibly Ross, if what he had learned since then, and what Artem could now put together in his mind was correct. It wasn’t too surprising to see him here, considering he had said he was familiar with the Labyrinth as well. Although, Artem had a feeling that his appearance might make things interesting.

Feb 13, 2018 05:36 AM — Post #11

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Name Player
Aiden Sam Staff

The boy was positively ecstatic. In his own, quiet way. He didn’t entirely understand what was happening or why they had gone so far from the den. Aiden wondered if they would return to it at all. If he could ever find it again. But he knew that it was best to stay with his parents. As well as he could, at least.

There were so many things to look at. All the trees and their funny roots. The thick, leafy branches. Various plants and undergrowth that he could easily get tangled in. He liked the roots, especially. They were fun to crawl under and clamber upon. He seemed to be the only one tiny enough to do so.

As they drew nearer to the meeting place, he could smell more scents. More wolves. There was something familiar about them. Vaguely. His little ebony nose wiggled as he sniffed audibly.

When they finally arrived, a sudden shyness swept over him. Not the cowering, trembling sort. More awkward and hesitant. There were so many of them. Big ones, too. He felt even tinier.

The boy’s ear twitched under his mother’s voice. She told him names. Familiar ones. Icarus and Ross, they must have been what he smelt. Everyone else was unknown to him. Aiden didn’t fear them. He had no need to. But he felt a little overwhelmed. New place, new faces. His thin tail was held low. Puppy blue eyes glanced between his parents before following after his mother. He brushed against her hind leg after she sat down. The boy had yet to do the same.

Feb 13, 2018 05:58 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Icarus Dusk Madison

Yaaay, round 2! We’ll do a loose posting order, with Icarus starting rounds. I will give this round until February 19th. The goal of this round is for every character to specify their desired role - if they have a specific title in mind, they can say it, otherwise Icarus will give them a title himself.

Icarus returned to silence easily enough after he said his story. He couldn’t imagine that anybody other than Aksel - and maybe Opal - might have been interested in it, but Aksel hadn’t yet arrived, and he wasn’t sure how to read Opal. In any case, he was sure if anybody wanted to know more, they could ask him about it later. He had quite a selection of stories he could tell.

It took a little while longer than he expected for everybody to show up, but eventually, even Atalya, Artem, and Aiden arrived. Icarus nearly leaped to his paws, tail wagging with delight at seeing them. He couldn’t help but shoot a bright smile Aiden’s way, hoping the boy recognized him. He was young enough that Icarus didn’t know if he’d realize the significance of the meeting, but it was nice to have him here all the same.

They were still waiting on Aksel, but the other boy already knew well enough what Icarus’ plans were. Surely he wouldn’t mind if Icarus started without him? He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait, now that most of them were here.

So, he cleared his throat.

“As most of you know, this has been a long time coming,” he began, but suddenly his voice felt weird, and his heart fluttered and he was horribly self conscious of his words. He wasn’t used to trying to sound formal. Icarus paused and cleared his throat again. “Back in the spring, Ross, Aksel, and I settled the labyrinth after the conclusion of our own long, personal journeys. We discovered soon after that the labyrinth was already home to two lovely, expecting parents, Artem and Atalya - who brought their son Aiden to join us here this evening. Then came Opal, a generous spirit who has offered us her healing skills, and Epidemic, a cunning runner, and Kronos, a kind companion. All of you have chosen to stay in the labyrinth - for that reason, all of you deserve to call yourselves so much more than just… rogues or wanderers. Because you’re more than that. Look at what you’ve made. You’ve made a home.”

He smiled proudly at them, hoping they would take his words to heart. Because without them, there would be nothing here.

“Tonight, I want to unite us under one name, so that what we are, who we are, can become real. I ask you all to stand with me as the new guardians of the labyrinth: as the Twilight Vanguard. And I, Icarus, as your Chief.”

It sent a chill down his spine to speak it. He had spoken it so many times before already, but now, in front of everyone… it felt both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. He could only observe their faces, to try to know what they all felt about it.

“If this is the home you wish to protect, then declare your skills for the Vanguard.”

Feb 13, 2018 06:54 PM — Post #13

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Epidemic J

Epidemic’s eyes widened at the sight of another female, her pup, and she guessed the baby daddy walked in—by the way the cohort moved. It made sense that they’d be late to Icarus’ call, considering the tiny fat wolf they had to carry around. After squinting her face at Opal and then squinting her face at the pup, her attention flickered back on to the Chief.

A wiggling smile and a heat to cheeks both rose simultaneously. a cunning runner. She sure fucking was. And with his continued speech, Epidemic’s head expanded like a hot air balloon. There were so many options. There was such a bright, sparkling future.

Good luck.

Her black nose wiggled, trying to contain the runny snot that came with waves of emotions. Epidemic was safe, now. No Kyoren’s, no Tiberius’, no Adrian’s. It was those she held close: Icarus, Kronos. And of course, with a disdainful taste, Ross. The rest, Artem, Aidan, Atayla, Aksel, Opal, they too were united.

Epidemic couldn’t contain her zealous excitement. Rising from her haunches, she took a prideful step forward.

“The labyrinth has become my home—regardless of its past to me. I want to make it safe for any one that also chooses to call the labyrinth home, too. I, Epidemic, want to protect the borders to the best of my ability with the best interest of the Twilight Vanguard.”

not sure how what Epidemic wants will fit into what you, Madison, have for the pack roles, but it’s chill, and it can be worked out IC if ya prefer

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Name Player
Aksel Holt Aeon

Sorry for the long wait, everyone! Jumping into this now! // Edit: Sorry in advance for the novel!

To say he was noticeably late was an understatement. Aksel had been on the far side of the Labyrinth, stalking and patrolling and scent-marking around the pines. He’d been curious to see how many wanderers had passed through on this side of his home, and within the same mindset, so desired to make it clear he was claiming the land for his newfound family. He wanted to keep them safe, away from the danger of the outskirts of their home. News around the Labyrinth spread like a wildfire, and it hadn’t taken but a day to find out that Atalya had given birth. There was something about the new, little life that urged Aksel to push himself to make his home better for the boy, better for all of them. Looking back through his memories, the ones he treasured most had been spent with his biological family. Treasured family ties cut short and severed by loss. The Holt boy vowed to do everything in his power to keep it from happening again in their home.

When the sound called out, it was the familiar chime of Icarus’ voice. But there was something different- something important, and urging. His paws, slow and paced as he glided through the tall and lanky trees, turned around and headed off back home. He pushed his speed, just a bit faster than a gentle jog, but not quite a sprint- trotting back to the place where the howl came from, to the place where it all began. At the forefront of his mind, he felt slight guilt, a thought that plagued him the further towards home he got. His coat was typically rather unkempt and coarse- but today, it was quite out of sorts. Rubbed against the pines, his fur sprouted out in odd places, covered in small patches of sap he’d picked up from the pale bark of the pine trees. The heavy musk of the Labyrinth that he carried now clouded over with the sweet, sticky scent of where he’d been the past couple days. Icarus’ call had seemed rather important, and he would come home the same mess he’d been when he’d first returned to the Labyrinth.

Something about the thought of it, the idea of disappointing his friend, kept him at his own pace rather than rush and hurry about. It wasn’t often that Aksel felt insecure or anxious these days, not since the day he’d come across the grave of his mother. But every so often, especially when he secluded himself even just for a few days time, it would creep back into his soul like a starved, bad habit. It sunk in now, that maybe he wasn’t what his friends thought of him. That maybe he was still that lost, crazed boy who didn’t know more than his own name.

With a deep inhalation, the familiar aroma of the Labyrinth soothed his nerves. He knew more than his own name now. He knew he had Icarus, and Ross, and Opal. He knew there were others who relied on him now to protect their home. He knew he was cared for, despite the history that home had left him with. He knew he was more than he let himself believe, and the fear of shame or rejection seeped slowly out of his pores, drifting into the rushing wind as his pace gathered enough speed to send him into a sprint. Breaking through the trees, his lean and nimble legs rushing over fallen log and twisted root, ducking through every tangled vine and woven bluff, under the familiar canopy of emerald- muscle memory surging his emotions into remembering every reason as to why this was home.

The heavy congregated smells of his family made him smile, and slow as the bodies began to find their way into his field of vision. Someone was talking, and Aksel cupped his ears forward, somehow outstretched even as he neared the group with every stride forward he took.

’...then declare your skills for the Vanguard.’

Icarus. At long last- his friend, and now his Chieftan, claiming their home. Asking their family to claim their home together. Another voice spoke, one that rang with familiarity but not one he could specifically place. In a passing moment, his curiosity was satiated when the wolf declared her own name. Within the line of view now, his steps halting and finding himself a space between Ross and Icarus. Ears erect, perked with excitement, he couldn’t help but chuckle at himself, even out loud, despite how momentous this moment clearly was.

Cerulean lenses wide with joy, and a jest, he tilted his head as he glanced around at the group. “Sorry I’m late! Didn’t miss anything important, did I?” The end of the question almost cut off in his own, gentle laugh. It faded out as he straightened himself out, clearing his throat as he adjusted his posture and tried not to think about the mess his coat was in. The quick mental note lodged itself in the back of his mind that he would need a bath soon.

“I know I’m just catching the last bit of what you said, Ic.” he started, rolling his shoulders and standing up tall with his chest puffed out some, hoping to showcase his pride despite having just interrupted the meeting. “But I know in my heart that I would do anything to be here with you, with all of you, at all.” he paused, his eyes flitting to each individual that stood there. Between Artem and Atalya, down to little Aiden. Across to Epidemic and Kronos. Then just beside him, from two heads over to Opal, then to Ross on his other side, before meeting the amber gaze of his Chieftan.

“This was our home when we were as little as Aiden, and this is where I want my home to be when we’re as old as Solomon. I, Aksel Holt, declare my heart, my compassion, and my protection, to the Twilight Vanguard, and to the Emerald Labyrinth. My allegiance is with everyone who joins us now, who will come to join us later, and to you, Icarus, our Chieftan.”

His paws pushed a step outwards, closer to Icarus, closer to his friend, his brother, his Chieftan. A small, forward movement as if he were saying with his feet that he was here, and he was staying here.

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