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Thread title: “Character’s Name”

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Current/past characters:

Why do you want to join Horizon?
I’ve been looking for a wolf rp for a while now. I’ve looked over your site, and it seems to match what I’m used to. I like the realistic aspect, and I think that I would enjoy it here.

If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!):
  The sun was high in the sky as the young wolf made his way through the thick forests of southern Canada. It was the middle of September and the trees were beginning to turn. He wandered by himself, a habit that seemed to come back to him one way or another. As he walked, he studied the trees that he passed, taking in the forest. No matter how peaceful it seemed, he couldn’t shake the sense of dread that came over him as he approached a particular clearing. He paused and looked around as the features of the forest fell into place and an image formed in his mind. He had been here before. Just as he realized this, he looked down to see his courtship band lying in the dirt. He shifted and stepped forward, crouching to pick it up. He twisted the leather between his fingers for a moment, lost in thought. The sound of a twig breaking caught his attention as someone approached him. He looked up expecting to see her. “Akileigh, I…” His voice trailed off as he found himself staring straight at Damaris. He felt his stomach sink as his jaw slacked, his eyes frozen on the male. His face was a featureless mask as he looked over at him, and somehow Daevyr knew what he was going to say before he even said it. As Damaris spoke, the words echoed heavily in his mind. “I can’t do this with you, Daevyr. It’s been fun, but my heart just isn’t in it. We can’t keep lying to ourselves. It’s not like you really cared, anyways.” Daevyr shook his head as his brow wrinkled. “No… That’s bullshit, and you know it.” He stared in awe as Damaris turned to walk away without a second glance, the motion causing a strong sense of deja vu to flood his mind. “Damaris…” His name slid off of his tongue in what was almost a whisper. He stepped forward with wide eyes as a sense of helplessness and panic rose up in his chest. “You can’t leave.” The words stopped the other male, who only turned with a hard look and scowled at him. “And why not?” Daevyr stared dumbfounded at him and blinked a few times. When he finally spoke, his brows wrinkled together in confusion. “Can’t you tell? I love you, dammit!” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Damaris laughed outright and gave him another skeptical look. “I highly doubt that.” Daevyr shook his head in disbelief as his hand tightened around the leather band. “Is that why you gave this back? You had to have taken it in the first place for a reason. You can’t ignore that.” When Damaris spoke again, his words echoed heavily in his head. “I’ll never love you.” The words hit him like a ton of bricks. As Damaris turned to walk away, Daevyr fell to his knees in the middle of the path and stared in disbelief as the male slowly disappeared into the forest. 
Daevyr woke with a start, his breath catching in his throat as he sat upright in bed. His chest heaved with labored breaths as he looked around, gathering his bearings. When he realized that it had all been just a dream, he sighed and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He hunched over and buried his face in his hands, letting himself be overcome with the overwhelming agony that he felt in the wake of his nightmare.

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Welcome, Hidatsu!     

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