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Thread title: Fen

Your name: Adamant

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Why do you want to join Horizon? Beautiful site with an interesting premise. I’m looking to get back into roleplaying.

If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!):

Sand. Nothing but sand in this endless wasteland. Fen paused to cough, her throat dry from her long trek across the desert. Her thick fluffy pelt, whilst very pretty, did not help at all in this sweltering heat. “This desert is stupid,” she grumbled to the arid landscape. But what could she do about it? Nothing, except keeping walking and hoping that that patch of green far off in the distance wasn’t just her imagination or a cruel mirage.

She thought she had caught her sister Tamaska’s scent earlier, but it was so faint it had probably just been an illusion, a symptom of her hope. Fen had been a fool to go chasing after it, only to get herself lost and unable to find her brother Veryn again. He was a far better tracker than her; hopefully he would get a hold of her trail and catch up to her at some point.

A delicious scent caught Fen’s attention, and she lifted her head, amber eyes widening with glee as she recognised it as water. But where was it? The land was flat all around… except over there, where the ground sloped down. A creek? Fen hurried to the cool water, wading in up to her belly – unfortunately as deep as it went. “Ah, that’s much better…” The female lowered her head for a much needed drink, not even caring about the stagnant taste. There was hope for her yet. Following this creek, she would make it through this accursed desert and into the lands beyond.

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