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Leas Fitzroy Matti

The day was warm but clouds provided some pleasant cover. Leas lay in the grass in the little clearing just outside the caverns. She couldn’t go far but it was nice to find a moment to relax outside in the grass, under the sun and clouds. The caverns certainly felt full and pleasant most days, but they were also dark no matter the time of day. She had never lived in a single place for as long as she had been here, and even the small break from the caverns felt nice.

“Puppies! Darlings! Adhara, Auberon, Aster, Adler, Azalea, Sorrel, Mintaka!” Yes, that was all of them. The names rolled off her tongue happily as she summoned what would be a swarm of small wolves - if they all heard her and were’t preoccupied with their own games. She had something she thought would be fun to show them however.

A pair of plump rabbits lay in front of her. Freshly killed and she reminded herself she ought to try to find Murphy and thank him for the hunting he did. She hoped he still felt content here, wasn’t overwhelmed by all of the little mouths to feed. Speaking of feeding little mouths, she pulled one of the rabbits close and bit into it. However, instead of chewing she plucked pup-sized pieces of meat off, dropping them neatly in front of her. She glanced at the cavern entrance, waiting for some small form to appear.

[If a ton of puppies show up we’ll do a loose posting order]

Jan 21, 2018 03:09 PM

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Azalea Vedi-Spree J

When Ma called, spoke, moved, snored, Azalea was there. Always eager, always wanting to please and to be loved back. Despite Da, the “ahh—” sound was followed by “zzaahlleeaah” this time and the black pup could not be any happier.

Standing in the entrance, Azalea smiled shyly at the sight of her adoptive mother. The dark mask that shrouded her face was like a warm hug, it was a cozy knitted blanket that fell over Azalea with ease and comfort.

Instead of calling out, her shorten tail wiggled furiously behind her. Azalea took a few steps, now straddling the outside world and the inside world. She had gone outside before, but not with the mindset she had now. She, Azalea, was meant to stay inside and to follow orders.

Her baby blue eyes blinked at her mother, waiting for a confirmation that the little azalea may reach for the light outside the dark cave and grow.

Jan 21, 2018 11:28 PM — Post #1

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Just one pup arrived at first, but perhaps it was better if the others were all occupied elsewhere and she could spend a bit more time with a smaller group of them - or just one on one with them.

Azalea paused at the threshold and waited, looking at Leas. Had the girl taken the instructions of staying inside a little too strictly? “Yes, come here my darling little flower.” Leas beckoned the girl forward with a nod of her head. “You are such a well behaved, good girl, aren’t you?” She didn’t expect any real answer from the pup, she was just saying it as praise for the quietest but still such a sweet pup.

“Do you want to try something new with me?” She nodded towards the little morsel of rabbit in front of her. If the girl wanted to sniff or chew or actually eat it those all seemed fine with Leas. It seemed about time the pups started eating meat, she felt like they had a growing interest in it.

Jan 22, 2018 06:49 PM — Post #2

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Azalea Vedi-Spree J

At the soothing and seemingly entrancing nod, Azalea skittered in a slow-fast-I-want-to-run-but-I-shan’t. The black pup bobbed her head up and down, but her crystal eyes remained true and clear. Azalea was being good. The gift of mother’s words could only be received with a “Thank you.” She spoke in her childish voice, still on the verge of fully grasping the concepts of language.

“New?” She questioned quietly, turning her attention to the sliced and diced pieces of meat. And like with all children, the first test for something new was to bend down and…


Azalea stopped, tugged by the desire to still be a good girl. Was she supposed to lick and chew and nibble the compromised meat?

Jan 22, 2018 09:37 PM — Post #3

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

The little girl replied with a soft ‘thank you’ and Leas just wanted to scoop the pup up to snuggle and lick at her. All of her pups were adorable and cute, but Azalea’s shy, quietness made her special in a certain way. Instead she smiled and nodded at the girl for her politeness and gave her a little lick between the ears when she was close enough.

She watched as the girl leaned down to sniff at the meat but she came up short before she tried it at all. Were the pups still too little to be eating even small pieces? Leas had made sure the rabbits were fresh, it certainly smelled nice to her. Maybe it was the girls shyness cropping up again? She had not left the caverns without encouragement after all.

Leas picked up another small piece she had plucked off and chewed it herself, swallowing with a pleased look on her face as the juicy meat. “Yes, it’s very good. Go on and try a little bit yourself darling.” She leaned forward to give the piece closest to Azalea’s nose a little nudge closer. If the girl wouldn’t eat it than Leas would accept they were still a bit too small and try again in a few more weeks.

Jan 23, 2018 07:47 AM — Post #4

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Sorrel Vedi-Spree fenshae

Sorrel heard her name, but it did not immediately register. She was quite busy telling herself a story, and she did not want to be interrupted until she knew how it would end.

She was thinking about the pool, and the magical kingdom beneath it where she had nearly been kidnapped, and wondering about what other wolves might live down there, and whether there was a whole upside-down cave on the other side of it, and whether the wolves in the upside-down place could breathe water or if they were all sick or…

Maybe she should go see what was going on.

Maybe Da was home?

Reluctantly leaving her musings—though they continued to play out in the back of her mind, half-formed thoughts—the gray pup toddled out to investigate.

There was Nice Lady, and Azalea, and Sorrel gave a little yap of greeting, and then a sneeze, as her sinuses had not yet quite cleared. Her chest still felt a little funny, heavy with congestion.

“Hi,” she said, almost shyly, and looked around. “What doing?”

Jan 23, 2018 03:47 PM — Post #5

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Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Her name. Mama had called her name.

Adhara was in and out of sleep already when the call came, but after a few seconds, she came to realize that the summoning had been real and not the effect of a dream. Yawning, she rose and dragged herself toward the sound, quick to spot Mama talking to Azalea. Sorrel was there too. But what was even more interesting was… the smell.

It was sharp. Tangy. Somehow tantalizing. It reminded her of the mouse she chewed on that Da gave her. She missed Da.

“Mmm,” she hummed with mild interest. She wanted to know what was going on, too. And since it was only Sorrel and Azalea here, she felt… okay about it. They were beginning to feel more like sisters to her, anyway.

Jan 24, 2018 03:17 PM — Post #6

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Adler Fitzroy Mekani

The pups were all being called again, although Adler had been so deep into the caverns that he barely heard it at first. He hoped Ma wasn’t going to tell them that she was leaving too, like Da did.

Eventually he came charging out of the entrance, yelling “Maaaaa!” to announce his presence. He was late as usual, there were already some other pups here… but not all of them. Now, what was going on? What were those things on the ground near Ma? He observed the meat from a safe distance.

Jan 27, 2018 04:11 AM — Post #7

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Mintaka Slash-GNR

Would someone make up their mind! Was she in trouble or not? Mintaka sighed as she pulled her growing body up and padded towards Leas.

Where was Dion? Why wasn’t he here? If she was calling all these pups, surely the grumpy cloud would be invited. Perhaps he was in to much trouble?

The girl padded around the corner to see two, large.. great smelling things. Goodness! They made her mouth water! However, the sight of Adhara was more interesting.

The brown girl hadn’t spoken to Mintaka in a while and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

She decided to pad up and give a nudge to her friend. “You ok?” She asked in a worried tone.

Jan 27, 2018 04:26 PM — Post #8

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Oh geez, thought about it too soon and now there were far more than just one pup who had made it out to her. That’s what she got for calling the whole passel of them though. All smiles she nodded at each pup as they emerged into the clearing with her.

“Hello Sorrel, how are you today darling?” The little gray girl was very sweet, not quite as shy as Azalea, but a little darling as well. Leas still fretted a bit about her after that bout of fever, but she seemed much better and still improving.

Her own children were clearly not quite as polite. Adhara hummed and Adler bellowed. She gave them each a grin though. “Hello mister Adler, my sweet little Adhara.” She gestured forward with a paw while she plucked another small chunk of meat off of a rabbit, there were various pieces scattered about in front of her now.

“Would you four….oh, five. Hello Mintaka.” The golden girl had upset her terribly before, but she was determined to try to care for them all, convince them all what was correct and good and how they ought to behave. She had not given up hope yet and maybe this would be another chance to connect with her. The thought of the golden pup being so cruel and uncaring again made her wary however. “Would you all like to eat something new today? It’s very good. Come a bit closer.” She coaxed gently for all of them, nodding at the rabbit meat.

[Let’s call this loose posting order with Leas starting new rounds]

Jan 27, 2018 05:48 PM — Post #9

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Azalea Vedi-Spree J

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sorry for taking so long, I was stuck in a place with no wifi and no service. I apologize for the confusion and wait!

Mother was all the more encouraging. Azalea watched closely as she swallowed the juicy, red meat with enthusiasm. She looked down at her piece. She blinked at it. She sniffed at it. And with teeth like chopsticks, she picked it up, only to drop it. It giggled once it fell to the ground.

Certainly, she the experience was new. And while it was something edible, mother could of persuaded her to eat a slug, and Azalea would of done it in a heartbeat.

Bending down, she grasped it with her dainty, velvety paws and pulled a little nibble from it.


It wasn’t the food that was the main attention!

It was mother!

Azalea gazed those big blue eyes back up at her. Even with the rush of her siblings, the uncomfortable tingle of so many things to do and say and do and say and run around and the swirling confusion, settled momentarily. Warmth and love, trust and endearment, glowed from Azalea’s little white heart.

Jan 28, 2018 04:11 PM — Post #10

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Mintaka Slash-GNR

Mintaka perked her ears as the lady began to speak. Try something new? Now this was more like it!

The warm, fat thing lay on the ground and other pups seemed to be taking bites. Where was Dion? Surely, he would enjoy such a find. The beast before her sure smelt good.

Leaving Ada’s side for a moment, the golden pup sniffed at the prey as her mouth watered.

Then Amber orbs spotted a good thing to pull on… The foot. Latching her sharp teeth to the hind leg, Mintaka began to pull and tug.

After some hard work, the leg ripped off… it wasn’t a clean tear, but the child don’t care. She then dragged back the savory meat and plopped down next to Ada.

Mintaka then decided she would bring this leg to Dion. He would enjoy this. With that, she took a bite and hummed happily. “What is it?” She asked without looking up.

Jan 28, 2018 04:49 PM — Post #11

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Sorrel Vedi-Spree fenshae

Wow, there were a lot of pups.

There were always a lot of pups, of course. Sorrel was familiar enough with that. But sometimes the awareness came in waves, and right now it was stronger than usual. As others appeared, and Mintaka especially became emboldened in trying the meat, Sorrel grew self-conscious and uncertain.

The gray pup crept up to Leas and smooshed her face into the wolf’s fur, shy and more than a little overwhelmed at this mixture of “new things” and “lots of people.”

Jan 28, 2018 09:58 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Adhara Fitzroy Madison

Adhara watched silently as more arrived - specifically her brother and Mintaka. She made a point to avert her eyes when Mintaka approached, and even caught herself frowning a little as the girl spoke to her, asking her a question. No, she wasn’t okay, but Adhara wasn’t about to make a big deal out of it.

Her attention shifted back to Mama as she greeted them all, her heart warming briefly as her sweet words, her eyes widening with curiosity as she fixated on the animal and its chunks on the floor.

Mintaka went ahead and tore a leg off the rabbit, taking a bite out of it. She had brought it back to where Adhara was sitting.

Adhara leaned over and sniffed it cautiously, then looked at the carcass and the bits Mama had separated. They seemed to be eating the pieces. She wanted to try one. Just to fit in. But she didn’t want Mintaka’s piece.

So Adhara crawled tentatively toward the rabbit, watching everyone else as she did so. Once close enough, she slid onto her belly and grabbed a chunk between her teeth. She began to chew, cautiously processing the taste and texture.

It was…


Jan 29, 2018 01:24 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Leas Fitzroy Matti

None of the pups really replied to her question, and they seemed largely mystified by the rabbit. Perhaps they were too young to be eating real food yet.

Though, Mintaka seemed to have the idea of it at least. The girl had grabbed the leg of a rabbit and managed to tear it off of the carcass that Leas had been working on picking apart for them. Surely it would have been easier for the girl to take a nice portion that Leas had already dropped on the grass for them, but if the girl wanted a larger piece, she’d let her have it.

“That’s it Mintaka, it’s for eating. This is a rabbit, there are many creatures in the forest that we can eat though.” She looked across the other four, beckoning them closer with a paw while she nudged the pieces of meat out towards them.

“Adhara, Azalea, good girls. Go on and try some more.” She turned her head back to Sorrely who had squished in close. The little gray girl had not seemed this shy before, but Leas didn’t mind. She gave the girl a lick across her side. “Would you like to eat a bit Sorrel?” She asked gently, letting the girl decide what she wanted.

Jan 30, 2018 06:58 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Adler Fitzroy Mekani

Ah, he was Mister Adler. Very grown-up and important-sounding. He approved of this greeting. Also, Ma was inviting them to eat something new and very good. Adler still wasn’t sure about it at first. If it was so good, how come they never ate it before? Can’t explain that.

But he watched as some of the other pups began to try the meat, and nothing bad happened to them. It appeared to be safe. Ma said that it was a rabbit and there were other things they could eat. “It’s like squirls!” he realized aloud, remembering the squirrel that Da had shown them and said they could eat, but only when they were older.

Did that mean they were older now? Were they grown up?! Or were they only grown up after they actually ate the meat? Well, that was a pretty good incentive to try it, along with needing to prove that he was just as brave as the others.

He came closer, and grabbed one of the small pieces. He pretty much instinctively knew how to chew it, but it was still… weird. And chewy. But it kind of did taste good! But chewy. “We grown up now,” he declared between chews, glancing at his mother. When would he be as big as her? He wanted to be big.

Jan 31, 2018 03:20 AM — Post #15

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