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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

Splash had wandered far today, as she’d discovered the existence of grass. And plants. She’d thought only sand was everything! Now there were plants of shapes and sizes!! Poor Splash was amazed. and the child hadn’t even seen a real tree yet, instead sniffing about at the fascinating, stunted little beach flora. She ate some mint, but it’s spicy coolness was a little strong for her. Very disappointing.

Still, this new beach was almost as cool as her and her family’s home, so Splash snuffed about with tail waving over her back proudly. She nearly got nabbed by a crab, but she dodged the grouchy creature’s snapping advances just in time, squeaking in delight at it. Splash had little fear of the tiny little creatures who could pinch and grab oh so quickly. Of course, she’d learned to give them a decent berth as well, having her ankles pinched a few too many times. However, the dark 3 month old decided to leave the crab be and made her way up the sandy section of the beach to the more forest-ish section. And by that, I mean a few small but strong trees scattered about, standing proudly.
They. Were. The coolest to Splash.
She tried to lick one, but it tasted nasty. Like, worse than rocks and sand. And that greenish plant that was cool and spicy. Ick. But look at the cool little branch things sticking out of it!! Could she climb it? She’d long since mastered several rocks around the Aekyr-Laroche children’s cave, perching atop them with pride to screech for her sisters or watch the sunrise, if she got up that early.
Certainly with the few lower hanging branch type things she could climb this, right? The leaves were a little in the way, but a curious nosing exposed them to be flimsy.
Brazen, the dark puppy lunged up the side of the tree, paws scrabbling for purchase. They found none, and she went sliding back down ontp her haunches. The second attempt did succeed, though, getting Splash’s paws around a lower hanging branch barely strong enough to hold her growing body.
And now she was stuck, paws not very far off the ground but far enough to make Splash feel thoroughly terrified, the branch caught around her underside. Her ears splayed, her body stiffened, and her blue eyes went wide.
Oh no.
Oh. No.
She would certainly perish here, stranded in the horrifying grip of a leafy terror, never to see her dear sisters, her beach, hear the ocean or snuggle her mother.
Tears welled in her eyes as she wriggled, only to slip slightly and feel as if going to FALL FOREVER which made her stop. Send help, Splash had gotten herself into something she couldn’t get out of. Truthfully, she was in little danger, but in the three month old child’s mind, this was a crisis.

Jan 25, 2018 01:30 PM

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Dante Wynter

Dante was running on autopilot, long strides carrying him across the sand as he made his way south, heading toward where he knew a colony of seabirds liked to nest. If he was lucky, he might be able to snag one of them, though it was less a dedicated hunting trip and more something to do with his time. He felt sluggish- he hadn’t slept the previous night, and hadn’t slept well the night before that. It was catching up to him, but he didn’t let it stop him from leaving the caves.

He looked toward a small stand of trees in the distance when a slight movement caught his eye, and spotted a dark, vaguely canine shape perched on its lower branches. His brow furrowed and he squinted. When his brain caught up with what he was seeing, Dante’s eyes widened slightly- enough that he didn’t seem like he was about to fall asleep standing up, anyway. There was… a pup. In the tree.

Okay, then. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen something like that. What the hell was with pups climbing trees? Valerian had done it a few times, and every time he’d gotten stuck. Dante veered toward her and jogged closer to the trees, head up as he tried to determine which pup it was. He was close enough for the smell to tell him that it was Splash. He turned his head to scan for her sisters, or Pace, but found none of them. She wasn’t all that far from the cove, but she was still alone.

He wouldn’t have been concerned about that, once. Kids needed some level of autonomy if they were to grow and develop, and he’d felt pretty good about granting that sort of thing right up until his lax behavior had gotten his son killed.

This wasn’t like that, though. Splash wasn’t going after a deer on her own, she was just up in a tree, and not very high at that.

‘cha doin’ up in that tree, kid?” he called as he approached, and there was amusement in his voice. “Ain’t no birds up there for you to chew on.

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

A single tear slid down her muzzle as she sat in the tree, her distress rolling off her in waves and only making her think less and feel worse. She noticed a small little twig was poking into her side now too. It was not comfortable. She wanted her Mommy. She decided that trees were the worst thing ever. Stick to rocks, Pashie.

Thank the…Well, Splash wasn’t exactly religious, and if she was she’d be more of one of those in-tune-with-nature types rather than truly religious, so she didn’t thank any gods for her rescuer. Instead she yipped for his attention, though he was already speaking. Good old Dan-eh. He could be counted on, she decided, memories of a bloody bird and discussion in the rain surfacing to the youngster’s mind, and his dark, broad form while bad-tasting rain floated down from the dark clouds. Yes. Not as much as Mom, but he seemed to be around often. Thank goodness he was around today. Splash would have died you know.

“Dan-eh! I’m stuuuuuck! I don’t want up here anymore, but I can’t get dowwwwwwwn!!!” She told him, voice slightly shaky with the worry and certainty that this was a significant problem. Then, a slightly stunned, thoughtful silence. “No, no birds. No sand? No sand, too.” Her focus was captured by the idea of what was, in fact, actually up here (you know, up about a foot and a half off the ground.?, calming the pup significantly. No sand either.
The singular plus to this worst of things, remember.

Jan 26, 2018 09:04 PM — Post #2

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Dante Wynter

He wanted to laugh, he really did. He decided against it, because the kid was obviously very distressed, but he couldn’t keep the broad grin off his face as he approached and she told him exactly what the trouble was. She couldn’t get down. And while that might have been a problem if she’d managed to climb much higher, Dante didn’t really consider it a dire enough situation to go rushing to the rescue, but he could be moral support- she clearly needed it.

She’d been a bit more at eye level for him while she was up on her perch, but he dropped down to his chest in the sand just a short distance away, legs gathered under him. She remarked on there being no birds for her to go after, and seemed to calm down a little after that observation.

You can jump down,” he said, looking at the great heights to which she had climbed with the air of someone considering a challenge that was difficult, but doable. “Splashie’s got strong legs, right?

The branches under her could support her weight, but would they hold her if she tried to shift and use them as leverage so she could jump down? He thought so. If not… well, she wouldn’t have very far to fall. Dante crawled forward on his chest, intending to wedge himself under the branches where Splash was struggling to get down.

Step on my back, then jump down. Then we can go find some birds to chase, how ‘bout that?

Feb 01, 2018 11:56 AM — Post #3

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

She could? She frowned at the ground cautiously. The tree was on actual turf, not soft sand, and Splash was really not sure about this.
Really not sure.
Until Dante dared to challenge her abilities, that is. Children often have a curious sense of tender pride that can be so easily manipulated, and Splash was no different. “Yes!” She responded, mildly indignant that he would question her. Despite the fact that the child was complaining about jumping out a tree she gotten herself into in the first place. “Stronger than Mo AND Gull. Her sisters may be her moon and stars, but healthy sibling rivalry was not out of the question either.
Oh! How kind, he would offer himself for her to climb onto.

Unfortunately, Splash missed. or, rather, she flopped off of the branch and tumbled onto Dante, then onto the ground beside him with a series of surprised squeaks and a few grunts. Well. She was down now, despite doing so in a tumble and tangle of long legs and dark fur. There was a moment of silence, then a grateful, meek

“Thank you, Dan-eh.” was murmured from where she was on her back, rolling onto her belly to mirror her uncle with a pleased huff and a wave of her tail.
Ok, so that hadn’t been too bad after all! And now they could chase some birds, right?
If she hadn’t crippled him with her three-month old self dropping onto the poor wolf.

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Dante Wynter

Splash was quick enough to defend her own abilities, and to take him up on his offer to be a stepping stool, and Dante waited patiently for her to make her descent. It didn’t take her long, and he turned to look over his shoulder to watch as she went to climb down, a less than graceful affair. She started off well enough, aiming at his back- he felt a weight drop down onto him, heavier than she would have been when he’d first met her- then he saw her tumbling over him and down onto the ground in a heap in the grass. Dante’s lips pulled back into a sympathetic wince, though he rather doubted the girl had been seriously hurt, and his grimace was tinged with a small amount of amusement. Those strong legs weren’t too well coordinated yet, he knew, and it was going to be a while before she would be anything resembling graceful.

Had he ever been that way as a kid? Dante supposed he must have been, though he couldn’t imagine it. How had he even survived on his own, tripping over his paws all the time? Luck, he supposed. He didn’t say anything, only watched to see if she was going to spring back up or if she was going to complain, and fortunately there was no fuss and no tears. She only sat up and thanked him for providing her with a way down.

You did all the work, kiddo,” he said, tail thumping the ground a couple of times before he backed out from under the branches and pushed himself into a sitting position. He lowered his head and narrowed his eyes slightly, like he was scrutinizing her, pushing his muzzle toward her with the intention to sniff at her face.

All smiles, huh? Ready to go, then, tough girl?

Feb 05, 2018 12:13 AM — Post #5

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche vtkk321

She did all the work? Yeaaaahhhh! She puffed out her chest now, smirking proudly with fur sticking this way and that and even a couple of twigs in her soft puppy fur, completely oblivious to her disheveled appearance and instead simply proud and pleased by her uncle’s flattery.

And, of course, if you’re going to stick your face that close to hers, it is obligatory for Splash to give you a friendly lick! She grinned and attempted to nom swiftly at Dan-eh’s ear, tail starting to wag now.
And birds! That was right, they were gonna chase themselves some birds! She nodded, leaping to her feet with a gasp. “Yeah! Let’s go! Gonna getta the birds, eh, Dan-eh?” She knew full well she was capable of pronouncing his name properly now, but rather liked her name for her uncle. And she liked being called tough, too. The toughest!

After all, someone had to take care of Ma and Mo and Gull, right?

The puppy hopped in a circle, dancing in place on the sand as she waited very impatiently for Dan-eh to hurry up and get ready, throwing glances this way and that looking for possible chasing targets.
It was hard, though, because she was still hopping about. So she finally stopped that nonsense and got down to the serous business of chasing down them seagulls. Not to be confused with her precious sister Gull.

Feb 07, 2018 02:31 PM — Post #6

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Name Player
Dante Wynter

Dante’s face scrunched up exaggeratedly as Splash licked at him and then nibbled his ear, the corners of his lips still pulled back in a lopsided smile. He gave a nod of affirmation and then raised himself up, preparing to head off.

Splash, for her part, was obviously excited to go seeking out the birds he’d mentioned, and he watched her shifting about as she looked for any signs of the winged creatures. Her impatience made him feel just the tiniest bit self conscious. Was he taking too long for her? Was he maybe getting a little slower now as he aged?

Fuck no, that couldn’t be it. As though in defiance, Dante whirled around on his hind paws and began a spirited trot away from Splash, toward the high rock standing alone in the near distance. He’d never felt old a day in his damn life and he wasn’t going to let that thought creep in on him now.

Y’know, I never got to ask your ma,” he began, his tone curious as he turned around to look at the girl. “She say anything about your older brother and sister? Or your dad?

Dante had noticed that they were scarce, but Pace has hardly seemed to worry about that before. It had been… a while, though, and he wondered what she had told the little ones.

Feb 13, 2018 11:07 PM — Post #7

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