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Ross Thorn Jill

since the twilight vanguard’s claiming thread is still ongoing, i’m not sure if this should come before (early summer) or after (full summer)—timelines may need to be jiggled. xD just an fyi.

Ross felt okay for the first time in a long time. He’d cemented a life here in the northwestern forest, pledged himself to his friends and a pack, decided that he really didn’t want to let the tragedies of his past define him any longer. And with everything falling into place so nicely, for the first time in a long time, he felt… inspired.

It’d been a long time—since he and his brother had sung together. Maybe, despite how overshadowed he often felt by his older sibling, he missed it. The creativity and camaraderie. He’d been given a second chance in this valley, and he wondered if his talent shouldn’t be given one, too.

But inspiration was a fickle thing, and though it came to him at last on this summer’s afternoon, he quickly realized it wasn’t going to cooperate with him so easily. Ideas just weren’t… flowing like they should be.

Lying on his back, Ross puffed a frustrated sigh. He’d plucked a pine cone from the ground and balanced it between his forepaws presently, holding it at arm’s length to examine all its spines and scales. He wondered if the pine cone was a metaphor for the obstacles he was facing. Maybe he’d need to peel away the outer layers to get to the really good stuff that lay hidden within. Figuratively, of course.

In the meantime, to purge his irritation, he lifted his hind paws and scratched at the pine cone with his claws. It was a temporary cure, but the small act of destruction sure felt nice.

With his stomach covered in tan flecks and old pine needles, he let his head fall back, limp, onto the soft earth. Transferring the pine cone to his hind paws to hold it aloft, he allowed his forelegs, too, to drop to his chest. Prone and seemingly upside-down save for outstretched feet, he closed his eyes and began to hum a soft tune. The muted droning of the ocean waves acted as his metronome, keeping time for his velvety voice.

He was convinced some profound connection existed between the notions of twilight and friendship, and warmed by the sun that filtered down from the canopy, he began to search for it in earnest, solitary.

Maybe it’d be worth singing about someday.

Jan 28, 2018 09:45 PM

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Epidemic J

While Epidemic loved to patrol the territory and let everyone know that YES, EPIDEMIC LIVES HERE, and also that, EPIDEMIC WILL DO HER JOB BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, the two truths of her currently life sometimes became a burden .

Sometimes, she wanted to travel outside the confines of her home. It was always smart to recognize the area around you. Nothing like good ole’ scouting and getting a good grasp of the land. Epidemic had intended to spend a short afternoon stroll to warm her muscles—ya know, get them tense and feelin’ like she was as defined as she had been.

But, instead of her own internal monologue, there was a humming. A gurgling instances, interesting in its own way. Along her walk, she stopped multiple times. Her head perked up, her ears flicked like leaves on a tree during a light breeze. Epidemic stood still a few times, unsure if what she was hearing came from the ocean and its lulling melody.

The red woman hoped that it was sea monster, because she cleverly knew that she could now tease him for being a siren, instead. All the demasculinization of her friend would follow with a great amount of joy on her part.

Settling a smirk on her lips, she bounced forward with an eager quietness. And as she neared the siren, her shit-eating grin only inched more.


Instead of the lard of a fat grey wolf with different color eyes she expected, she found in the nest of the earth a Ross. Ross, the tiny angry boy who apparently was serenading a pine-cone. Fuck, did Epidemic miss where he had sex with it too?

Stopping, the large woman’s gaze stilled at the wondrous sight, a more quiet smirk tickled her, “Are you on your first date?” Snide, sarcastic, sardonic, you name it.

Preferably, Epidemic had other openers. Like, “Am I interrupting?” or even better “Ross, I didn’t know you had a thing for pine-cones, it /honestly/ explains soooo much.”, or second-runner up,“I take it this is the after party?”.

How many times would Epidemic get to experience Ross, on his back, with a pine-cone, singing. Never. Consider it a favor she didn’t say all of everything at once.

Jan 29, 2018 11:57 PM — Post #1

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Ross Thorn Jill

At the sound of her voice, every muscle in Ross’ body tensed. His eye flew open. It was so jarring, being shaken from his self-imposed stupor, that he was left flinching in place like a frightened cricket in the pine needles. The pine cone dropped from his hind paws, thudding against his stomach once and leaving more debris there before it rolled onto the ground.

A moment later, her scent registered in his mind. Epidemic.

Of-fucking-course, it was Epidemic.

With a groan, Ross rolled onto his stomach, canting his head to look upon the red-furred she-wolf with a glare that bordered on caustic. Here he was, in the middle of a perfectly fine brainstorming session, and of all people, she had to barge in.

And what was that she said? Something about a first date? He chuckled deep in his belly, a sneering grin splitting his muzzle.

“Aw, what? You jealous, Demi? That’s so fuckin’ cute.”

His expression went deadpan. Not.

The pine cone had landed not far from him, and Ross’ eye fell to it. Lifting a paw, he swiped at the thing, sending it flying toward the she-wolf. Maybe it’d hit her face or her neck or those obnoxiously broad, manly shoulders of hers.

“The fuck do you want.”

Jan 31, 2018 08:18 PM — Post #2

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Epidemic J

The poor sight of the angry boy made a cocky grin twist the edges of her lips. Her amber eyes narrowed in a mischievous gleam.

Before she could respond, Ross sent a pine-cone her way. Not daring to flinch or allow Ross to be the one to direct it’s path into her face and/or shoulder, Epidemic stepped into it’s path, letting it thud against her broad, beautiful swirls of crimson and white chest. There. Epidemic had the control now considering Ross tried to take her dignity by the power of pine-cone.

“Cute?,” she snorted, swishing her magnificent tail. “Thank you, Ross. I didn’t think you had the ability to speak anything else besides ‘the fuck do you want’, but I’m glad that you also have the voice of an angel.”

Deadpan to deadpan, an innocent pine-cone laid between them like a child in the middle of parents arguing.

Feb 02, 2018 05:00 PM — Post #3

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Ross Thorn Jill

Ross’ eye trailed the trajectory of the pine cone, and he blinked as it hit Epidemic’s chest. He realized a moment later that she’d purposely stepped into its path.

...Okay. What a weirdo.

His singular gaze flicked up to her own, though in his peripherals he caught sight of her swishing tail. So restless, she was. Annoying. Irritating. Meddlesome. It nearly had his muzzle twitching into a barely-suppressed snarl.

That expression was quickly exchanged for another face-splitting grin when she complimented him. Whether or not it was meant to be sarcastic didn’t matter. He’d take it all the same.

“So you are jealous.”

He kept his gaze pressed on her for a long moment.  And then he lifted his brows, seemingly contemplative, before rolling once more onto his back. He heaved a throaty groan as he settled upon the pine needles again, where his earlier lazing had warmed them in a way different from the setting sun.

See, Demi? He didn’t care you were here. He’d even go belly-up.

“Y’didn’t answer the question.”

Feb 03, 2018 11:07 PM — Post #4

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Epidemic J

“As jealous as you are mute and oblivious.” She retorted quickly with savage-like reflexes. Epidemic watched him roll over, careless to her embodiment of /the/ courageous woman. She strode forward, careful with each placement of her paw. It was as if she strode upon ice, and that she might slip. But! That would never happen—Epidemic would never slip—right now, she was the ice queen.

Making her way around, cocking a disgusting brow as her lips twitched back a smile. “Did you already forget that you didn’t answer my question first? Or! Do you only hear your own voice?”

Epidemic inched in closer as she began to round around him, drawing a tighter circle. Her amber eyes preyed down upon him, a hawk on a rodent. “Or should I just use a singing voice? Would that help?”

She had a better insult.

“Ya know, now that I think about it, you probably were never meant to be a wolf—no, you were probably meant to be born as a little baby bird.”

Epidemic stopped momentarily, lifting a poised paw. “You’re just as small as one and you can probably sing just along with your siblings that fell out of the nest.”

Feb 04, 2018 02:38 PM — Post #5

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Ross Thorn Jill

Her comeback didn’t even make sense, and he narrowed his eye. Unless he was sadly mistaken, he wasn’t mute, and he wasn’t oblivious. Ergo, she was jealous.

It took everything in his power not to snicker. Instead, he simply let her carry on, making a fool of herself with each pitiful insult that flew from her gabbing lips.

He’d grown up with a brother, and a dozen cousins, and more than a few rambunctious uncles. Did she think her retorts were anything so original or special?

Ross lay, perfectly still, as Epidemic circled him. Only his eye shifted, rolling in its socket to follow her path around his body. He was dimly aware that… well, he was rather exposed, but fuck it. He had faith he’d be quick enough to bite her if she dared to target anything of his that was particularly sensitive.

And as she lifted a paw over him, Ross jerked his head up and snapped his jaws shut. They clicked on the air, intentionally missing her pale toes by a few centimeters.

“Sounds to me like you’re the one who likes to hear her own voice,” he growled.

Feb 04, 2018 04:06 PM — Post #6

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Epidemic J

Epidemic knew that she fucked up the punchline. It didn’t really matter, though. She made him wiggle and she made him squirm.

Ross was weak and squishy and Epidemic was sharp and pointy. And maybe they were more similar than they each thought.

“Oh?” she exclaimed in a faux confusion, her voice rising obnoxiously high as she was indeed surprised by Ross’s blunt feint of a paw bite.

“Don’t worry Ross, when it comes to my bite—as well as my bark—I for one, follow through.” Epidemic glared down at him with sugary-coated eyes. She wanted his teeth to rot. His skin to peel off. Epidemic was to be the boss, and she refused to be dismissed and left behind—physically or socially.

Feb 05, 2018 11:43 PM — Post #7

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Ross Thorn Jill

“Do I look like I’m worried?” he shot back, almost instantly.

Here he was, lying belly-up, his breathing even, his single eye half-lidded. Of course, that probably had to do more with him being not impressed by Epidemic’s teasing than any attempts to remain relaxed in her presence. Which, much as he didn’t want to admit it, was difficult.

She was so fuckin’ annoying.

With a grunt, Ross rocked onto his side. He hoisted himself to his paws in the next moment, and little brown, brittle pine needles, the sort that probably persisted from last autumn and had been frozen over during winter, clung to his coat. Without shaking them off, he turned to look upon the ocean to the west.

The shore looked inviting. It was a short ways away, and he’d need to roam down some gentle hills, but whatever.

Without looking back at Epidemic, he began to walk in the direction of the beach.

Leaving her behind.

(Ha, who was he kidding, she was totally going to follow him. He knew it.)

Feb 06, 2018 05:41 PM — Post #8

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Epidemic J

Before she could even reply, he arose from his pine-cone loving position—not even daring to shake away the debris—which honestly made sense because he was only literally embodying a mess.

Epidemic stood with a smug look and confidently placed her paw back upon the earth as she predicted Ross to quip something else.

But, he didn’t.




Like Kyoren, like Tiberius, and like Adrian. They all fucked her over somehow. Let her know that she wasn’t shit, except that she was shit. It was good that Ross didn’t look back. Her smile immediately dropped, her tail grew idle, her shoulders along with her entire body sagged. Epidemic somberly watched him walk away.

It was a wound reopened. She wanted to cry and sob and scream into the ground. She wanted to disappear into a hole where there was no light, where no one would see her now. Epidemic pinched her bottom lip with her teeth to catch it’s quivering before she wouldn’t be able to control it anymore. She couldn’t take a step to follow, but she couldn’t step away. Epidemic was locked into place.

She wanted the ground to swallow her whole, but instead it felt like it was nibbling chunks out of her. Epidemic was a fucking child. She was a scab. An ugly brown stupid fucking scab. And every time she met someone, the scab itched and burned—but only the new someone could fulfill that itch. And each time, when she got the scab scratched, it ripped her open to where she all started: vulnerable, self-conscious, loathing, confused, angry, hurt, borderline hubris.

It was harmless banter. It was harmless fucking banter. Wasn’t there a reason why none of her teases made sense? Epidemic didn’t want to actually hurt his feelings, she wanted to play around with him…right?

She threw her sight to the ground like an upset child with a new toy. For some reason, she couldn’t get mad, all she felt was the rush of a strangling.

Feb 08, 2018 12:07 AM — Post #9

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Ross Thorn Jill


Though the distance between them grew with each step he took, Ross remained acutely aware of Epidemic’s presence at his back. One ear turned toward her, attuned to the faintest noises she made. He suspected he could hear her breathing, the sound of her high-and-mighty attitude crashing to the earth and rustling the pine needles.

A sneering grin began to form on his muzzle, one he was prepared to morph into a snarl when she inevitably said next whatever crap she was going to.

But no words came. Only silence.


He took another step. And another. And several more. But Epidemic said nothing still, and at last turning to glance over his shoulder, Ross was perplexed by what he saw.

The russet she-wolf was staring at the ground.

He couldn’t fully articulate what the sight instilled in him. All he knew was that the rush of adrenaline and lightness that turning his back on her had prompted seemed to fade, leaving his chest rather heavy instead. He didn’t like the feeling.

With a huff fit to rival that of an exasperated child’s, he whipped his head around to face her, his single eye daring. His grin turned from scathing to something less dour… maybe even teasing.

“You comin’ or what? I’ll race ya to the beach.”

He didn’t give her a chance to reply before sprinting toward the shore.

are ya cool to fade here?

Mar 12, 2018 04:07 PM — Post #10

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Epidemic J

Epidemic’s head rose in surprise: her eyes widen, her mouth parted slightly in confusion. Ross turned around to tell her that… ???


A firm red paw smashed against the ground in a threatening anger. He thinks that he can just twist and turn me. He thinks he can just manipulate me and my feelings. Epidemic was stronger than that and she knew it. Maybe Ross was playing, maybe he wasn’t as serious as she thought he was.

“OUUUUGHGH!” She snapped back in a hasty bark, before taking off behind him.


Mar 14, 2018 12:37 PM — Post #11

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