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Benvolio Nym Matti

Benny had sulked and grumbled and stalked his way around the plains and grasslands for a number of days. He had only tried to help the dumb kid in the river, but instead he got bitten and then weirdly scolded by the big, dark guy. The awful, horrible pup at the coast had been mean even though Benny had only wanted to be friends. He still couldn’t find his sister and if she didn’t come to this valley than no one else was gonna find her either.

Things just…weren’t going Benny’s way and nothing was good. The only sorta good thing had been Holly. She had called him a friend and been the only wolf who was even a little nice to him here. He would have just walked away without anything if it hadn’t been for her. He owned her something in return for her friendship. He had one last thing to talk to her about and then he was leaving.

He meandered through the edge of the oaks. Something about Bucky’s conversation sort of lingered in his mind, but he was gonna go soon anyway, so what did it really matter who he listened to?

“Holly?!” He called loudly, looking around for her.

Jan 29, 2018 09:36 PM

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Ash Chris Staff

From the top of his fort, (Read: giant fallen oak) Ash had a perfect view of almost all the savannah. There were places the gently rolling hills hid dips and hollows from his roving eye, but he certainly spotted Benny slinking on in.

He bared his teeth in a silent growl. He couldn’t attack him again. He needed to be bigger, stronger, better at fighting. And somewhere Mum wouldn’t instantly come running to save Benny.

But one day, that annoying, stupid little fuck would turn around and find Ash behind him, and all his screaming wouldn’t save him from the worst ass-kicking of his life then.

((Distant and totally skippable, he just creepin!))

Jan 30, 2018 06:56 AM — Post #1

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Holly Atari

Holly wasn’t oblivious to her name being called, and she recognized the hyper voice behind it. Benny! Well, looked like Bucky hadn’t wrung him out to dry after the whole river fiasco, so that was a good start.

Best she find him before Ash did though - something told her that the talking to hadn’t worked as well as she would have liked. So with the thought of vengeful children in mind, she hurried to find her odd little friend.

“Benny? You alright there?”

Feb 04, 2018 03:48 PM — Post #2

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Benvolio Nym Matti

Holly called back to him and he turned to go meet her. He was already talking by the time he came to a stop near her. “I don’t like it here - this valley. It’s awful and everyone except you is mean and terrible and I hate it. My sisters isn’t here and I can’t find her and no one else knows. No one wants to be friends and the pups are mean and I’ve been bitten twice.” The words somehow came out faster than they normally did. His tirade against this place finally stopped when he had run himself out of breath, but he wasn’t done yet.

“I’m leaving to find my sister and go find somewhere nice to live with her where wolves aren’t mean.” He stopped again there. That was it really. He was gonna leave and find Perdy so they could be best friends together again. “But you were nice and you didn’t like the wolves here either. There’s a pack I met in the mountains who’re nice. Do you want help moving your kids before I go?” He wasn’t asking her to come with him. He didn’t like the bitey kid and he understood that mother’s didn’t leave their children. But Holly had said she didn’t like this pack, and she wanted somewhere else. So here was Benny, trying to help, offering to pay her back for her kindness. “Or wherever you want to take ‘em? I’ll help you take ‘em somewhere before I go.”

Did she want that, or not? If she said no then Benny would just leave and at least he would know that he would have tried, but if she said yes then he’d do it. It had already been months without his sister, what was another week or whatever to take the kids somewhere - even the shitty kid.

Feb 04, 2018 04:20 PM — Post #3

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Holly Atari

As always, Benny wasted no time in getting to the (long winded) point. Something Holly didn’t really mind, as she disliked twaddling around the issue at hand. Her ears were perked with interest, as he told her he was.. Leaving the valley entirely. It caused her muzzle to twitch down in a slightly distraught expression - why did everyone she made friends with eventually leave her?

Bless Regent, for sticking around. She was the only constant in her life right now, besides her kids.

She didn’t miss Benny mentioning the pup bites, her expression softening finally as he finished up his speech. He did care, he just.. Had to move on she guessed.

“I’m honestly, truly sorry my son attacked you. I talked to him about it, and I don’t think he ever would again but.. I get you wanting to look for your sister.” Even if the odds of him finding her were low (which, Holly reckoned they were), she understood that you couldn’t give up on someone you loved.

Didn’t mean she couldn’t try to sway him. “Are you sure you want to leave though? It might be better to stay put, let her find you. If you keep wandering, you may miss each other.” One long assed game of tag, till one of them dropped.

This pack he spoke of, and had before.. It did intrigue her a bit. She had options to move on now the kids were old enough, and literally nothing was keeping her here. Only Regent, but she had the feeling Reg didn’t have much left here either.

She wouldn’t just up and move everyone on a whim though. No, this needed to be.. Researched first. Scouted out. Would they be as unwelcoming as Bucky had been to a wanted female? Were they allied with the Brotherhood?

Could she perhaps not even join, and settle an area nearby on friendly terms.

Holly’s mind was working fast, and she nodded absently. “It’s.. Really tempting. And sweet of you to offer. But, tell me more about them first. Who did you talk to, how far from here was it? Give me an idea of what I’m walking into.” Then, she could make a decision if this was worth her time.

Feb 05, 2018 02:43 PM — Post #4

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Benvolio Nym Matti

Benny caught her frown because he was leaving and some tiny part of him was glad that at least someone would be some tiny bit sad to see him go. No one else would be. They were all awful. But, like, he was frowning about it too. It’s not that he wanted to wander off somewhere random again and hope to find his sister and hope the strangers wouldn’t be so terrible there, but what else was he supposed to do?

“I just wanna find my sister and live somewhere nice where wolves want to be friends and they aren’t mean and awful and weird.” He had heard the apology, but the kid had bitten him twice now. And Benny had not forgotten the promise to himself that he was gonna bite that little shit back if he ever tried it again. But no matter what, Benny didn’t like the kid, and the kid hadn’t seemed one tiny bit sorry either time.

“I don’t wanna leave, but I don’t wanna stay here. The beach, it’s awful. The other kids on the beach are mean too, and the timber lady yelled at me before, and the big, dark guy is confusing and it smells funny and the ocean tastes weird and you’re my only friend but Bucky said I couldn’t visit. Or maybe I could visit. I’m really not sure what he was trying to tell me.” Another tirade against the place. They weren’t even that close to the ocean, but now this place had the same unhappiness to it in his mind. It made his muzzle itch every time he came here.

It took a long moment of heaving breaths for Benny to try to calm himself enough to answer the last question of hers. Tell her about the pack in the mountains. “They’re the soulfire….government….or something. I met Stephan who was like in charge in some way. There were ten wolves in the pack, and Stephan had pups too. It’s in this little spot in the mountains with a lake and trees and it was nice and smelled nice there. It was like… a day or so maybe? But I walked fast. There were nice things to hunt in the mountains and Stephan said I could stay as a guest but eventually I wandered back here instead.” That was it basically. It had seemed nice for the entire three days Benny had spent there, but like, that was a good enough reason to walk all the way there so Holly could join them right?

Feb 05, 2018 07:19 PM — Post #5

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Ash Chris Staff

Ash was a bit too far away to hear every word. But he had heard the word ‘mountains’ ‘moving’ and ‘kids’. He was instantly outraged at the notion they might move anywhere because of Benny. But he didn’t want to admit there was a very big part of him that wanted to find out what mountains were and explore the world, to see what lay beyond the oaks and the gorge and the sand. He just wasn’t going to admit that if it was Benny’s idea to go somewhere.

Ash hated that little wolf.

((Still skippable!))

Feb 07, 2018 12:29 AM — Post #6

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Holly Atari

She felt bad, because she understood what he was feeling. Needing to get out, because everyone was down your throat. Hating you, or telling you to go. Her lip curled lightly at the mention of Bucky, blue eyes going a bit icier than usual at the thought of the big oaf telling her guest he couldn’t stay. Maybe he hadn’t, of course, and Benny had just heard incorrectly.. But she liked to paint the dark male in a bad light.

Made herself feel better.

So she didn’t argue anymore, and merely let him rant. Listening. Ears cocking forward when he mentioned a Soulfire Government, a Stephan. In the mountains, few days walk away, were a pack of ten wolves. It could be promising.. Even if she neglected to join, she could perhaps find a place to settle nearby with the kids and.. Regent? She would come with her, surely.

Star would have too, if she was actually around anymore. Holly didn’t like to think about it, but the girl had dropped off the face of the earth and she wasn’t sure if she should be insulted or worried. It’d been a long time now so.. Best not to dwell on it.

Time to move forward.

“I’ll take a shot with this. But I’m going to explore the area on my first, before taking the kids there. If you’d show me?” She was already thinking she’d need to tell Regent, and get her to watch the kids. Hmm..

They could leave immediately even, if she could just give the ginger a call.

“I’m going to get my friend to come here, tell her what’s happening. Then if you’re ready, we can leave immediately.” Holly was never one to tiptoe around, and without waiting for a response, tilted her head back and called for Regent in a loud howl.

Feb 11, 2018 01:27 PM — Post #7

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Regent Proleator Spry

A familiar howl, Regent hurried on over to Holly, getting their pretty quickly since she was nearby.

Though as Regent got closer, she noticed that Holly was with somebody. Another intruder most likely, and with her duty right now being to protect the Oaks, she should at least make herself known.

That was.. that Benny character. The one that ‘attacked’ Ash. Regent had still not worked out who exactly was in the wrong, so she’d settled on both of them. But with Ash having the advantage of ‘only friend’s pup’, Benny already had a lot to work on.

“Holly,” she regarded with a nod as she got close-by. She turned to the other wolf then, eyes analysing him, “Benny, correct?”

Feb 13, 2018 04:55 PM — Post #8

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Benvolio Nym Matti

He made it through his entire speech with Holly listening nicely, and he’d kinda expected her to just say no at the end of it anyway and Benny would just have to go off on his own and all that woulda happened was that he’d gotten bitten a bunch here and yelled at and then he left with nothing.

But! She seemed interested, and she wanted to go to the place in the mountains. His ears perked, his tail picked up into a wag. He’d get to take her there and she’d like it and they’d move the pups and he’d be her savior for ever and ever and it would be wonderful!

He was too caught up in his own excitement to hear almost anything else until she was howling for…someone. Had Benny missed something important? He came back to looking at her and blinked a few times. He just waited because he didn’t want to say he didn’t know what was going on.

Another woman appeared and Benny turned to look at her. It took him quite a long pause after she spoke before he replied. “Yeah, you’re….?” He didn’t know, and he didn’t even take a guess at the name. She’d been mean before. She’d yelled and protected the little shit kid who didn’t deserve it. Why had Holly called for this lady who had showed up with the big, weird, dark guy - Bucky - before? Was she coming with them too? Benny looked between the two females, just mildly lost on what was happening.

Feb 13, 2018 07:01 PM — Post #9

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