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Afternoon, partly sunny, light breeze

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Kamaal Kam

Now that the pups were growing older she felt more at ease leaving them for a while longer as she broke away from the mountains. The weather was still warm—further down at least—and it’d be wise to use that to her advantage and scout for some herbs. Sure, Meir was gathering a few herbs from time to time but it never hurt to gather some more.

Autumn was just around the corner after all and they’d be kinda fucked without those damn plants come winter.

There was a faint stinging to her leg as she moved through dry and wet land alike. The pain would always resurface no matter what she did, but Kam had learned to just suck it up and move on since falling off that fucking cliff. It was just how it was; she hadn’t let the bone heal properly. Chased after Ares to make things right only to have the kid shut her off.

Was she mad?


Well.. maybe not mad per se, but there was a certain resentfulness growing inside of her. Skuld and Freyr had carried Ares up the grotto, she’d treated his wounds. Talked to him. Stayed up nights on end while she could’ve very easily chosen to sleep peacefully instead with the excuse that pregnancy had fully drained her.

But. She hadn’t.

She fucking hadn’t.

And what had Ares done in return?


He’d bolted.

He hadn’t even bothered interacting with them when his conscious mind had slowly started to resurface again. He was ungrateful and while, sure, she’d made some mistakes—a shit ton of mistakes—she tried to make up for the pain she’d put him through. She’d tried and he just.. slapped right in the face and left. 

Drawing to a halt, vapor puffing out of black lips, she let her eyes trail the scenery for a few beats. What little distortion there was to her features was gone by now and was replaced by a deadpan expression. Ares was no longer worth crying over. Her kids and family were the ones that truly mattered now and Ares was no longer part of that circle.

He’d made his choice when he left them all behind.

Feb 02, 2018 12:05 PM

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Tesla Chris Staff

Not so very far away, Tesla curled her lip and shook some bugs off of her. Nasty, bloodsucking little bitches. Much like the one she was still traipsing around looking for, and an equal waste of space. She had resorted to coming back here to the hated wetlands to search for scents of the false-blind wolf. Surely the girl could not have gotten far. She could not hide forever.

Tesla would find her. 

Now though was another scent. Mountain wolf, clearly. Ice and snow and goat on the air. Tesla paused in her tracking, wondering how many this one had behind her. No matter if it was another trap - Sokol was nearby, and she imagined he must be dying to actually get his fangs into somebody by now. Since he’d yet to actually attack her, something she hadn’t been at all sure about at first.

She began to move towards the scent of mountain wolf.

Feb 05, 2018 06:57 AM — Post #1

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Kamaal Kam

Tesla was the one with the advantage here; the wind was blowing her way which pretty much made it nearly impossible to pick up the pale woman’s scent. Unaware of the other’s presence for now, Kam pushed forward, ears flicking and eyes scanning for any signs of the familiar plant she’d been looking for.

However, as she went on, her head turned to the side some as a flash of white moved amidst all the green. Her gaze lingered on the figure for a bit and eventually, she drew to a halt remaining silent—curious to see what this stranger wanted.

The distance between them was still great, but should they raise their voices, they’d be able to communicate.

What did you want, darling?

Feb 05, 2018 07:15 AM — Post #2

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Tesla Chris Staff

Tesla was not one to go shouting over great distances. Calmly the former (?) assassin stepped lightly over the brittle ground, the slightest trace of distaste on her features at the smattering of mud and much clinging to her pale fur.

She summed up the mountain wolf once she was closer. Taller, but some. Younger, but a lot. Recently finished nursing, clearly.  Tesla didn’t much care if she had abandoned the pups or they had perished in the cold of the mountains -it was not her business.

“Good day, mountain wolf.” She flicked her tail idly to show she meant no harm as she drew to a more reasonable conversational distance.

Feb 05, 2018 07:25 AM — Post #3

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Kamaal Kam

As the pale stranger drew closer and words fell from their mouth, Kamaal realized that it was a female who had approached her. The heavy accent that clung to her vocals was a bittersweet reminder of the one she’d practically grown up with.

So many spoke in that fashion, so many from her past.

Eyes were definitely upon her, analyzing her from tip to toe, something which would probably make any other wolf uncomfortable, but not Kam; she was merely indifferent towards it—perhaps with a bit of intrigue boiling within the depths of her chest.

A faint nod was offered back in return, words staying within the confines of her mouth, her gaze communicating everything she wanted to say, which… truthfully wasn’t much. Kamaal was curious and as curious as she was, she offered little—if anything—for the other wolf to decipher.

A blank canvas of a visage.

Feb 05, 2018 07:59 AM — Post #4

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Tesla Chris Staff

Tesla’s eyes narrowed very faintly, as she waited for a response and got none in a verbal sense. That could mean then, her fake-blind foe had begun to spread the word, and this stranger might be against her already.

She would have to be on her guard. Tesla stopped a safe distance away, though enough shouting would not be required.

“You are some way from mountains.” She observed, certain she had not been wrong on that. Her nose was keen, and rarely failed her. Besides, who would choose to live in this stinking, fetid wetland? The lowlands, maybe, and the mountain’s foothills. Where you did not have to have webbed paws to get around.

Feb 06, 2018 06:27 AM — Post #5

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Kamaal Kam

A breath puffed out of her lips as the woman spoke, a silent inhale followed and then. Then she was finally speaking. “That I am,” she confirmed, her tail offering a faint flick as she regarded the shorter female for a beat.

“But, I suppose you’re some way from where you want to be yourself, no?” It was a probability; few were the wolves who enjoyed mud and insects and all that other bullshit this place had to offer. 

Her body shifted then, not really bothering to say anything else. Shifting to the left was what she chose to do, her eyes meeting the older woman’s fleetingly. Sure, Kam might’ve appeared quite nonchalant towards her, but she was very much interested.

Albeit, a different kind of interest.

So many memories that accent brought.

Feb 06, 2018 06:56 AM — Post #6

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Tesla Chris Staff

Ah, and she found her tongue. Tesla, for now, reserved judgement. She did not like to rush into things.

“Vant mean nozing.” She replied, dismissive in tone but not of the stranger. “Come behind purpose. Behind goal.” She had always known her own mind very well. Picked a course, and stuck to it. 

“Iz herbs you seek here?” She questioned curiously, head falling to one side. Just in case she was tracking down wolves, like Tesla was, but botany was the only other reason Tesla could see this land might yield.



Feb 06, 2018 07:21 AM — Post #7

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Sokol Petrushkin Bamsy

| let me know if this doesn’t work, but picture him showing up somewhere off to the side, not terribly close.  I have no idea where these two are located.

The two wolves moved through the wetland like fishers trawling for catfish.  Everything smelled like mud, and his legs were stained with mud up to his hocks, and if he sneezed great jets of mud would splatter out from his nostrils.

In his opinion, a crippled old insect of a wolf was better left in a place like this than found.  However humiliated Tesla had been at the slight, this was humiliating too.

And look, there she was trading words with a local - not a bad looking thing, well proportioned but a little worn down at the edges. 

Some combination of frustration and the first appearance of something reasonably pretty made him behave in a way he hoped would irritate his companion.  He called out.

“Black wolf!  Have you seen a little crawling female, white and pretending to be blind?  That is what my friend is trying to ask you.”  Standing muck-smudged and rakish, he at least had confidence to put behind the interruption.  Even at a distance it was clear he was sizing her up, waiting to see how she would respond.

Feb 07, 2018 04:56 AM — Post #8

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Kamaal Kam

The woman certainly had her charm, the way she spoke the words, so broken, difficult to get a hang of, but. It reminded her of home for a fleeting second. Black ears twitched as she continued to scan the terrain for any plants she might be able to recognize, but at the same time, she did pay attention to what the pale female was saying.

“Iz herbs you seek here?”

An ear flicked back to regard her a moment, words about to flow from her lips, but another voice broke the silence and had her whipping her head around. Another wolf appeared, this one creamy in color and a male.

Black wolf.

Oh, how typical of you, darling.

Amber eyes narrowed slightly, studying him subtly for a beat or two as she registered the information that was given to her. Small wolf. So many were small, dear. White. Again, same here—Tiberius being one of them, Female and pretending to be blind. Ah, now she did have something to work on.

Truth be told, her mind went to Eyja at first, but the dolly was not fully white and definitely not blind—or pretending to be blind for that matter—but, who knew? She might’ve changed her tactics. Still, that was highly unlikely and so.. ”Нет, я ее не видела.” The words left her tongue smoothly, the sensation familiar. I’d been so long since she’d last conversed in that language and while she wasn’t a native by no means, she’d learned how to sound like one.

Akiva. You fucking cunt, giving her knowledge and then letting her break you.

Her tail tip flicked a single time, gaze on the guy for a second and then back on the doll the next. There. Your answers were right there.

(Guys, the Russian I know is limited so pls, bear with me as I try to remember wtf I was taught xD Also, translation: “No, I haven’t seen her.”)

Feb 08, 2018 07:47 AM — Post #9

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Name Player
Tesla Chris Staff

Frustrated, her head lifted and she stared straight up at the sky. Tesla took one deep steadying breath and counted mentally to five. Nope, she was still pissed at Sokol.

“Do not be minding my…” Well that got her. “Partner.” She settled on, the businesslike tone leaving no doubt how she viewed the male. “He vas dropped on head as child. Possibly more zan once.” Her disproving gaze went to Sokol. Black wolf, tchaa! And did he have to go shouting about their hunt like that, great smirking idiot that he was?

“And how would you like it if people addressed you as You, idiot!” Tesla reproached Sokol. If this was his quest he would have been more subtle. But no, ‘Black wolf’ plied in a tongue she had long since stopped speaking herself, despite her accent, that she had not seen her. 

She swung her head to survey the wetlands. She and Sokol had been traipsing about since she collected him, so she knew they hadn’t missed her foe.

She was here. Somewhere.

((Dude my Russian is limited to Google Translate so don’t even sweat it ;) ))

Feb 08, 2018 08:20 AM — Post #10

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Name Player
Sokol Petrushkin Bamsy

He was…charmed.  Immediately.  That was the language of his father, of a place which in his imagination was…how might you put it.  A land where gods walked.  A land of wolves as strong as iron, as wicked as lightning.  Even as he cleaned his whiskers with a languid tongue, his eyes were appreciative.  Though, quite far off, she would hardly notice.

And it transitioned well enough to a muted, bloodthirsty smile as he took in his companion’s ire, potent fuel on a boring day.  He picked his way idly toward them both, phenomenally regal for a creature of no great size diddling about on a boggy plain.

“I didn’t know you think all black wolfs are idiots, darling.  Be careful or you will offend her.”. He turned back to gaze drippingly at the local, taking her in.

“She is the one that dropped me, I hate to say.  A very poor nanny.”

Feb 09, 2018 08:30 AM — Post #11

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

Oh.. ouch.

She didn’t seem to be particularly fond of you, creamy boy.

Kamaal watched subtly as the interaction unfolded before her eyes, remaining silent for now as their voices mingled in a strange sort of cacophony. The creamy wolf came closer, closing the distance that kept him away from the pale woman and herself.

His smile didn’t go unnoticed—nor did his words. Darling. This was a word Kamaal used quite frequently herself and to see it being used by a complete stranger.. well. She was charmed. Quite so.

“That is.. rather unfortunate.” The words chuffed out of her lips as soon as the guy was done speaking. A coy smile graced her features, attention flicking from one wolf to the other. Being dropped on the head.. kind of sounded like something Holly would say about her—or, had said for that matter when they’d first met.

“Why is it you’re looking for her?” Came the query shortly after. Part of her didn’t really care, but at the same time, she was thirsty for some gossip. Come on, what had she done?

Feb 11, 2018 09:53 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Tesla Chris Staff

Tesla was unperturbed by Sokol’s attempts to stir her. She was growing used to it, much he same was as one grew used to the sensation of mud squelching between pawpads. Right now she was less interested in trading banter with her (working) partner and more interested in securing some aid in this mission to get it over and done with.

The black female wanted to know why she was being searched for. Tesla’s light yellow eyes glinted dangerously as her chin lifted, a hint of pride in her work flashing across her face

“Because I am not wolf who appreciates being set up. If you find her here and call me, you will haff yourself worthwhile ally.” She vowed, her eyes now intense upon the orange ones. Tesla knew alliances. She had lived and intricate web of them most of her adult life. It was simply strategy, the same as most things in life.

Feb 12, 2018 06:55 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Sokol Petrushkin Bamsy

Valley wolves didn’t seem to like Sokol or Tesla, alone.  But perhaps they made a more palatable dish, together.  Perhaps their bickering gave valley wolves a better angle to understand them.

It was a thought, which he tucked away for further consideration on a long, boring day of tracking.  He was close enough now to see a notch through the black female’s ear.  He let the bloodthirsty glint go out of his eye (he would have time to heckle Tesla later) and instead smiled pleasantly at the stranger, the sociable partner.  “She is not bragging, actually.  Even for a female, she is vicious fighter.”  He meant that, actually.  Though it was still odd to keep a straight face.

“The wolf was deformed and asked my friend to end her suffering.  Then she changed her mind, and my friend took offense.”

His head tilted, and he considered the female.  “But perhaps you don’t look for allies.  Perhaps you are safe up in the mountains.”

Feb 13, 2018 08:02 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

Ah, yes.

Being set up was definitely not something she appreciated.

The woman’s words were intriguing; gaining an ally was always a positive thing, but Kam was still wary—not everyone kept their word. Still, though, it was a risk she was willing to take. Her eyes trailed over to the creamy guy then, watching him as he came even closer.

He was a pretty thing, around her height, but clearly masculine in appearance.

Perhaps, if she wasn’t with Fray, she’d be tempted to find out more about him, but as it was now, her interest was kinda low—at least, that kind of interest. “Maybe we should spar sometime, then—been a while since I faced a challenge,” she spared the pale woman a subtle smirk, then, but was quick to return back on point. “I’ll keep an eye out,” she would, honestly.

Whoever the pale chick was, it did not concern her. If she was to get mauled by those two, then so be it; giving a fuck about someone she didn’t even know just wasn’t worth it. But.. there were still a couple of questions that had to be answered here. “How badly did you mess her up?” If the doll had taken offense, chances were she’d gone after the blind chick, bit her flesh. Messed her up to some extent, but had not succeeded in killing her.

She had to know how badly their blind target was, ‘cause fucked up if she was, she wouldn’t be able to move extremely far.

Feb 13, 2018 05:00 PM — Post #15

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