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HE members, specifically Nima pups // nightfall

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Igbo Black J

With Nima’s disappearance, Igbo Black spent his night sitting outside his own den, staring into the cavern. To where the pups would sleep. To where the night would crawl in darker. To where four beautiful babies slept.

He had to be in there.

He had to.

Why did Nima leave them?

To Kopec, who was silent and mischievous. He could see the quiet glow on her.

To Tychus, the silent—almost brooding—dough boy, who lashed out at times, but remained a majority of the time alone.

To Naga, the playful, yet more curious. The one who looked at life with odd eyes, who set a goal and followed.

To Amelia, the sweet and sour. Bittersweet with each moment given, her kisses were a love that melted the heart, but teased those who had not what she had.

And what of Igbo Black?

He found himself walking into the cave, searching for the children of Nima before he knew.

Feb 05, 2018 01:27 AM

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Kopec Daniels Madeline

Kopec was a guardian. A guard. A silent watcher. She found herself at loss for sleep each day her mother did not return home. She wondered how long it would be until she did, if she did. Kopec had learned to not keep her hopes up on someone, for they all left her or her family in the end. Her trust was rarely given and only given to those who she deemed absolutely worthy. She knew she wasn’t much to bat an eye at the moment, with her height. But many wise wolves looked upon the quadruplets with a wary eye for in the future, they would be a force to be reckoned with. Silently, she gnawed on a spare bone that she had taken off of a rabbit carcass.

Holding it in her paws to keep it still and in place. Unlike Tychus, Kopec kept her emotions to herself and physically destroyed bones and sticks to vent out her anger or frustrations.

The rest were sleeping and while she kept guard, her ears flicked and turned to the very minimal sound of crickets, to the owls, to the… footsteps? She bit down on the bone, stopping her chewing as she held it in her mouth for a moment before dropping it. A small growl escaped her mouth, uncertainty, and protectiveness seeping through her jaws. There had been more strangers here now, and she had the honor to meet them both in both situations she thought she was alright to be alone in. Luckily, they were both friendly enough.

And then she sniffed, standing up. Her tail rigid and her fur standing on her back. Twitching her nose, she breathed in, craning her ears to hear where the intruder was coming from. His paws echoed from the cave. And then he turned the corner and Kopec let out a frustrated groan upon seeing who it was. “Igbo.” She called out with a sense of sternness which was amusing since Igbo was more than quadruple her age. “It’s late.”

Feb 05, 2018 03:14 PM — Post #1

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

The caves were a quiet place, for summer.  He and his sisters liked to sleep here still, in the cool of the rock.  Remembering Nima.  Tychus had been restless over the past days, lying inert but listening among the scattered stones.

He heard Kopec call out, firm and serious just as he was, a ridiculous conceit; he rolled to his side and watched for them both.

Feb 05, 2018 08:09 PM — Post #2

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Igbo Black J

A deafening crunch was produced in the shallow areas of the caves. Igbo did well to step to their original like an echo bouncing back.


His audits flickered and amber eyes centered at a slight tilt, “It’s late.

“Yes,” he replied, his voice deep as Kopec was stern. “It is, little one.” The young girl stood tall, relentless against her own age. His gaze fell over her stance: she stood in defense. Igbo wondered if he had been mimicking what she had seen from him or Nima.

“At ease, Kopec. None shall enter the cave except those who belong. And if they do not reside within our family,” he paused, taking steps forward with ease,“then, such matters are for one.” He caught sight of Tychus, laid upon a rock. Lounging within his home. Such a sight was appealing. Kopec and Tychus appeared to have different coping methods.

Attention turned back to Kopec,“You need not to worry.”

Feb 07, 2018 02:14 PM — Post #3

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Amelia Daniels Zoi

Amelia was still struggling to regain where her paws were supposed to go, what her heart was supposed to think on matters. Even though the young girl knew it was far it for her to go blaming anyone - she felt the need to make herself feel better but hadn’t yet been able to fix it.

The sound of Kopec’s voice drew her head to turn the way of the voices. It seemed she had been staring at rocks again, which was unusual for the small girl’s way. Usually, she was weighing her gaze on the others, looking for an opportunity to spring up that she would seize.

Right now, she didn’t much feel like seizing anything. The low sigh echoed out of her, hearing Eebu’s words float through the grounds. It was enough that she hauled herself out of one of the danker crevices she had isolated herself into, moving to it within the shadows off to the left, watching with a soft broody look. Was it news? Was this going to be the time when something else world shattering would be delivered?

Feb 10, 2018 07:48 AM — Post #4

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Name Player
Abaeze Ebo Black Aeon

Papi had been nowhere to be found, or at least, that’s what it seemed at first when he blinked. Darkness shrouded him, and against the back of his neck, and against his flank, he could feel steady breathing of his Ma and sister. Quiet, slow, considerate- he maneuvered his way around the resting company and went out in search. He knew the grounds well, always following someone about. It was easy to navigate on his own now- he’d come and played here before. That’s where Papi smelled like too.

The entrance seemed gigantic in comparison to his own height. He wondered if he would ever get that big. Would Sister be that big, too? Would Ma and Papi grow that big?

His questions were cut off when his eyes lowered to see into the darkness of the cave. It seemed vast never-ending when it was so dark.

His voice was low, almost nervous, when he called out. “Papi?”

not exactly there, but sort of close. looking for igbo, or any signs of life, but isn’t close enough to hear conversation or see movement just yet!

Feb 15, 2018 10:55 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Kopec Daniels Madeline

The fur on her back settled as Igbo came into the line of sight and she sighed, looking away for a moment. She found it amusing nevertheless that he called her ‘little one’ when she was nearly the size of him. Flicking her tail she remained in silence before backing up and looking at her siblings. Tychus was dozing on a slab of rock, Amelia was a few feet away from him and Naga was probably somewhere else.

Sitting down, she eventually faced Igbo and curled her tail around her paws. What was he doing here then? Did he have news? ”Do… you have news?” She asked hesitantly, glancing at Amelia for a moment who seemed to take it harder than the rest of them, before settling back on Igbo.

There was a voice that wasn’t either of them however and it caused her to stare in the direction it came from. Papi. She didn’t say anything and instead remained silent.

Feb 17, 2018 11:51 AM — Post #6

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