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Over the horizon
Lake Melody outskirts | Full Summer | Afternoon | Sunny and stunning with mountain views

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky padded along, marveling silently at the impressive scenery. He and his siblings had split up briefly to hunt, and Bucky was tracking a mountain goat trail, having not tasted one in an age. It smelt like a young one and he hoped he’d be able to take it down alone and then call his siblings, surprise them with a hearty meal.

Bucky was not only interested in goat scent though, but also the openness he could tell was up ahead. The air moved differently, though he couldn’t yet see past the rocky crags to what lay behind them. He knew there was water in the open area because the scent of that was clear enough. Which meant the patrol might be drawing nearer to wherever Nima Daniels had set up her following. 

He still wondered what answers the Rangers might find. He thought of Nomad and Saskia and the kids and everybody back home. It had only been a few days but Bucky missed them already. Still- he carried on. Looking forward. Determined to think positive.

He thought unexpectedly of Django, and recalled how helpful Argus’s brother had been with information on his first visit to the mountains. Was there still a terror up here, a cult high in these peaks hiding form the world? Bucky didn’t think so. If they were, they were very well-hidden. Relic and the Covenant had reported nothing, Stephen believing the pack who had once terrorized the mountains had disbanded.

The goat-scent beckoned as did the open area up ahead, telling him it was time to put away his memories, and Bucky broke into a trot.

Feb 06, 2018 05:35 AM

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Igbo Black J


Laying down the borders.

Allowing his scent to flourish.

It was not the same as Nima had done. She strode powerful, long steps—while he swaggering into his placement. What would one spy from afar? A crook intruding closely to another’s land? Could the leader of pups and misfits truly be a slinking, slimy wolf with two pointed ears and a skinny waist.

Nevertheless, Igbo Black moved on through the trees and the weeds and the glaring sun. With the pups, he believed that they should be taught to hunt—or at least basics of some sorts. Their idle minds would produce nothing of value. If and when Nima returned, they could contest to her their misfortunes. A piece of him hoped they would not depart so easily from what he may teach. Nima always had her ways—including leaving four pups under the care of a small man with two children and the rest of the pack to take care of.

Leadership unchallenged due to vulnerability that came with being 4 months old.

he is walking and thinking hard af, your choice if Bucky sees him or not

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky kept tracking studiously, focused and determined in his expression. But his nostrils flared then his head lifted slightly when he picked up wolf scent. Male, adult, not far away - fresh, with somebody attached to the other end rather than just a memory-scent from somebody passing.

He was torn. He wanted the goat, but the patrol had a mission and even if this wolf was a loner, he might be able point them in the right direction, though he still had his suspicions he was close.

He carried on, tracking both wolf and goat and trying to make up his mind which was closer and more pressing.

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Igbo Black J

Igbo Black continued down the path, only briefly slowing to brush his scent along bushes and trees—anything that would hold. It was not official territory—not at all—but the few that had slipped close to lake had become a concern.

What would become of the pups if they could not play carefree? Already the weight of Nima’s departure weighted on them. What did they think? What had she told them exactly? Amelia had not taken it well. Kopec was more rigid than before. Naga appeared to be distance. Tychus was himself, but evidently restless and shifty. They had lost their father—or did they even remember the Wayfarer?

Igbo Black stopped in place. A heavy frown settling on his ashen lips. Paranoia crept behind him like an old, shy friend.

What was going back on around the caves?

Had Tomas left already?

What of Kara and Makoa?

They had been distance, too.

What of Lux and his children? Had she left him, yet?

Amber orbs glowed with a shallow might. And with a sharp inhale, Igbo drained the sparkling glimmer in his eyes and swallowed it whole in one consuming breath.

He would not regress. He was not allowed to. He would not be the leader Nima had been when they first assembled.

Igbo stood idle for longer, then delicately lifting a paw, he slowly moved forward.

Feb 07, 2018 09:33 PM — Post #3

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Pierce Jill

Small post to say Pierce is in the area and will come if called. Short on time tonight but wanted to make a little note. Feel free to continue without her, I may post tomorrow evening if assignments permit. :)

Feb 07, 2018 10:16 PM — Post #4

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky parted his jaws. The tantalizing scent of goat was close now - there was a rocky foothill nearby he could scent the prey had gone down, towards the water. But along with preyscent came the same wolf, and now as Bucky drew closer to the scent of water (a lake, he thought, they didn’t make as much sound as streams or rivers) he realized the other wolf was scent marking. Borders? Expanding? It didn’t much matter. 

Duty first, dinner second then.

He sent up a short howl, not bothering to make it too loud. His nose told him that the owner of said scent was not so distant. And Bucky was still on his guard here, if this was Nima’s doorstep he stood upon. He adapted a braced but not wary stance, shoulders relaxed but ears up, tail still and at half-maast.

((got it Jillybean!))

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Igbo Black J

Igbo Black was nearing back to the lake, and as he was wondering what he would arrive upon—whether one of Nima’s pups would be attempting to drown another or if Tychus was once again lounging—all the pleasant, norm thoughts ignited into flames.

A howl had sent an electric shiver down his spine. How long had they been behind him? A lump sat in his throat. How vulnerable. How weak he had been carrying himself.

Pivoting immediately, his head lowered down as audits pinpointed the general direction from the incoming beacon. Igbo trotted meticulously, his shoulders arched high. It would not be soon as he cut through the grass and the trees to spot a large, built wolf way in the distance.

“One has called.” Igbo threw his words to the towering male, now slinking around the trees to cut the distance between them in half.

Feb 07, 2018 11:44 PM — Post #6

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

The scent grew stronger, and soon enough he spotted another male approaching. Black-furred like Bucky himself, but nothing like his build. He seemed to step very precisely, his shoulders stiff, and Bucky wasn’t sure if it was his usual manner or if he himself was freaking the guy out.

“Afternoon.” He called back at the odd greeting, waiting until the male was closer before dipping his head. “Bucky Rangers, leader of the Adunati Rangers.” He wondered if that was Nima’s scent he caught faintly… but if it was, it seemed stale, not at all as fresh as the scent markers set by this skinny male.

Bucky waited to see if there was any recognition shown by he other male before he continued. 

Feb 08, 2018 04:40 AM — Post #7

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Igbo Black J

Igbo listened intently as he slowed to a stop, leaving distance between them. He could pivot and run in a direction away from the lake if he needed.

“Igbo Black,” he returned,“of Hellmaw Empire.” Nima had never spoken about a Bucky—but, perhaps that was not needed.

The Adunati Rangers could be a new pack or they could be pushing into the proximity of the Empire knowing certain bite-size rumors, or both. Bucky Rangers of the Rangers. He kept the sly grin from slipping. Was it a joke? A lie? The man before him took a stance of sternness, but surely no one feared a little wolf.

“I have not heard of the Adunati Rangers. Does one come with an imperative?” Distinctly already smaller than Bucky, Mr. Black held his gaze upwards with his head tilted downwards. “Or simply possess polite boundary control?”

Feb 08, 2018 11:16 AM — Post #8

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky noticed how nervous the male was, even if he didn’t show it - keeping a wide margin of distance between them. He wasn’t taking that personally, but it spoke a great deal. Neither was Hellmaw the most reassuring name for a place or a pack.

But then, he wouldn’t have been surprised if Nima’s followers were a bunch of troublemakers themselves, and he carefully scented the air, just debating on if he ought to call Pierce and Benjamin before he went further. But so far, Igbo Black didbn’t seem aggressive.

He didn’t let it show how annoyed he was by the male’s phrasing. Imperative? Didn’t that mean fast or something like that? And he kept referring to Bucky as ‘one’ instead of speaking normally. It brought out his blunter side in full force.

“I’ve no idea, since I don’t know what an imperative is. I’ve come here with two of my packmates to speak with Nima Daniels, I suspect this is her pack, yes?” His blue eyes were steely, though he offered no aggression.

Feb 08, 2018 07:49 PM — Post #9

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Igbo Black J

So, yes. What an imperative. Even bringing two alongside him. It was ease to confer that Bucky here came on ignited terms.

“Then, one has an imperative.” Igbo Black stood still, his amber eyes not leaving the male. “It is our pack. The command has been dropped to me for the time being.”

Little, tiny Igbo Black. What has Nima done? For him to live in her shadow, the consequences wrought with the latter of her name would strike down upon him. His ear twitched slightly, perhaps at the sound of a bird jumping from a tree and rustling a branch. Perhaps at his own unsettled thoughts.

“And, what specifics does one wish to raise?”

Feb 08, 2018 08:47 PM — Post #10

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Bucky’s tail twitched behind him thoughtfully, his gaze roving slightly with his ears in motion - keeping tabs on the surroundings as well as the wolf in front of him. Igbo was too still. Apart from the faintly twitching ear, the only tell Bucky could pick up on. He remained similarly rooted to the ground himself, making no attempt to go any closer to the wary little male.

He was right to be wary. Bucky wasn’t convinced Nima didn’t have some ulterior motive. Although… the command was Igbo’s right now? Really? All Nima had to leave in charge was a weedy runt who thought fancy talk made him sound important?

Bucky didn’t comment on the imperative thing again. He didn’t much care if Igbo was judging him an unintelligent brute. 

“We came to find out the truth about her son, Elliot Daniels. The Rangers have been getting nothing but reports of violence and aggression on Elliot and his Kingdom, and given our allies are involved now, I need direct information on what actually happened. To decide how involved my pack need to be.” 

Which, if Igbo was in charge, meaning Nima was not here, he was not likely to get. Whatever Igbo had to say on the matter would, once again, be second hand, adding to Bucky’s frustration.

Feb 08, 2018 08:57 PM — Post #11

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Igbo Black J

“Yes, I was joined the Kingdom at its early stage, and was there for everything.” He paused, flickering through his memory files. Igbo’s brain stuttered for a moment, working in overdue aggression and anger. This figure of wolf was a nuisance. The large brooding males came swinging onto the land—with their imperatives.

Igbo Black took it upon himself to say his own perspective, nobody had asked, because frankly, it seemed that everyone had forgotten he stayed when Nima had left.

The first at least had a warning, a plot, and an action to take. The second was betrayal.

“Nima and Elliot formed the Kingdom together with the assistance of Idemoni and Sikozu. After I joined, I quickly saw that Elliot’s antics were a sore spot for any future. He attacked a young wolf named Albus—currently residing at the Sanctuary. He held a wolf named Pierce against her will—whereabouts unknown. He attempted to drug a wolf and keep her, her name is Eden—whereabouts unknown.”

“Alongside his mistreatment of others, he raped Idemoni and she died shortly after childbirth, here—after we escaped the Kingdom together.” Igbo held his breath for a moment, inhaling deeply before continuing,“The main part is of Elliot’s actions is that while faking a seizure, he was able to draw his mother close enough for him to attempt to mount her.”

Igbo broke his icy stature, stepping forward. “And why?” he verbally questioned—not intending for Bucky to interrupt him. Igbo knew his size and he knew how he looked—but Nima was not interrupted and nor would he. “Nima took a lover named Wayfarer. Elliot grew jealous, regardless of his appetite for a harem. Her children, all three are located back at lake, under my care, if one doubts the words I speak. Such children are under Wayfarer, now Kiel, who has left under his own pretenses.”

Would Bucky understand pretenses? How familiar he was to Scotch. Bold and daring, straight to the point. How he swaggering his weight around.

“Though, after Nima suffered Elliot’s attack, she spoke to me that she was to depart and form her own pack. I was to stay and keep tabs on Elliot’s further transgressions. If one wishes so, I can continue.”

He blinked.

Feb 08, 2018 09:21 PM — Post #12

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Bucky Rangers Chris Staff

Yet another reason not to trust Igbo Black. He had joined the Kingdom - joined, not been forced into it. Meaning at one stage, he had desired the power he might have originally believed a wolf like Elliot could have given him. But that fitted well with the sort of wolf Nima Daniels would recruit. 

When the small male began speaking. Bucky reacted only at the name Albus, clear recognition crossing his features. Pierre’s brother, Albus, the missing red-eyed boy born to the Cadre. He was at the Sanctuary. It was one of those moments he wished he could sprout wings and fly straight there, as well as back to Pierre to tell him.

As Igbo kept speaking, Bucky’s head and neck lowered and extended slightly, the picture of intensity, but he had always been a good listener. Even when Igbo asked his rhetorical ‘and why’ Bucky only shifted his muzzle slightly, a gesture to continue. Once he was done, he straightened back up again, licking his lips thoughtfully, his ears still scanning, scanning.

He ran over the facts. His mind sought back every conversation he had had with the various residents of the valley about Elliot. The tales of him as aggressor, rapist. Igbo’s claims as a spy, his clear disdain for Elliot’s ways. 

Bucky needed his siblings’ insight.

“Firstly, Albus is a brother to one of my packmates - have you any news on how he recovered after this attack, how he is now? Pierre will want to know. Secondly, I would like to meet Nima’s pups if you’re agreeable. Thirdly, yes, I do want to hear more, but I feel my patrol ought to hear this too- one of whom is Pierce, my sister. You have my word, we have not come to harm anybody here, and will show no aggression unless it isn’t instigated by us. One of the goals of our pack is peacekeeping in the valley - that’s the reason we’re investigating Elliot.”

Feb 08, 2018 09:43 PM — Post #13

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Tychus Daniels Bamsy

Nima, Nima, Nima.

Nima Nima Nima Nima.

Even in her absence, the cult of Nima thrived in its slow, steady boil.

Acolyte Tychus was lurking, as worms are wont to do, practicing the idea of stealth.  For an untutored boy he was quite good, with months of practice now at Silent.  At Slow.  He moved with patience, his eyes on the shifting greenery and tangly vines immediately surrounding him.  He would listen in on the Igbo.  He would learn something about the stranger.

| the worm is juuuust approaching earshot, and is likely not visible or smellable.

Feb 10, 2018 06:01 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Benjamin Spry

Benjamin was late to the party, because of whoever that strange girl was that just, walked away. He still felt awkward about it, and just decided to head back to Bucky and Pierce. He didn’t even know if he should tell them about it, coz y’know.. nothing happened.

Sigh, maybe he needed to watch how Bucky uh.. ‘Rangered’ things, learn a few tricks.

Though as he neared Bucky’s scent, he heard his voice, and another one, deep in conversation it seemed.

Benjamin thought it best not to interfere too much, but he at least wanted Bucky to know he was nearby. Plus, this would be the perfect opportunity to learn out to ‘Ranger’. So, he plodded closer, just hoping Bucky would hear his scent, trying his best to stay quiet.

(Skippable, will be within earshot in a few moments which can be slightly powerplayed)

Feb 11, 2018 06:56 AM — Post #15

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