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Alabaster winds
Dawn | Full Summer, HY4

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

Rathbone had gone to familiarise himself with the forest more. The guardian had noticed the steppe on a few patrols, but never actually went to explore them. He thought now might be as good a time as any. When he made it to the top, however, he realised right away it was more than just elevated earth. There were pools of water dotting across the land. Steam rose from some of them.

He had never seen anything like them. The best part of the land, was that he could see the entire sky. That was probably the downside to living beneath trees. Only parts of the sky were visible. In Auberon, the foliage was so thick it could practically block out the sun.

Crystal blue orbs took in the vast colours and shades of the dawn sky. It was clear. A sunny day. He would be sure to return to the caverns before it got too hot.

Rathbone found a nice grassy spot to settle down upon. His hind legs were tucked under him while his forelegs were stretched out, one crossed over the other. He placed his head on top of his legs with a mighty sigh while his eyes fluttered shut.

A lovely place for a well-deserved nap.

Feb 06, 2018 02:28 PM

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Rune Etienne Erin Staff

|| This needs to happen finally, so just gonna throw Runers in here. Sorry to do this to ya, Sam xDD ||

He was still alive. Rune’s brain was far from working order anymore, but if he was more coherent and still the owner of his own mind then he’d also be shocked at the fact he hadn’t keeled over yet.

But here he was, though not fully functioning. The rabies had long since infected his mind and now his body was barely holding on, his soul having long since departed. That damned raccoon. Truthfully, it’s a bit surprising he hadn’t been killed to death by any type of rodent until now.

The male slowly made his way down from the peaks, wandering aimlessly, desperately, as if trying to get away from any and all stimuli forcing all of his senses to be sucked into the void of oblivion. Rune was not himself anymore, something that was evident in the way the saliva hung in thick strands from his jowls and the way red plagued the whites of his eyes. Normally the lack of ability to make any coherent decisions would be a red flag, as well, but Rune was never good at that to begin with.

The body fumbled, dragging itself through the dusty terrain of the geysers. He had memories here, but there would be no recollection of them. The body was working strictly on primal instinct, but it was already shutting down. Lungs no longer worked to conserve air and breaths were ragged and struggling with the intake of oxygen. Jaws no longer had free muscles to work and were paralyzed open with white foam pushing past the lips.

But his brain still tried to command the body to go on.

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

Rathbone hadn’t quite entered into the beloved deep sleep when a faint, but sick scent drifted into his nose. The bad kind of sick. His eyelids opened. He surveyed the land before him. All he could see was steam from a few of the nearby geysers. Slowly, he lifted his head, trying to see a little bit better. Nothing, still.

The guardian glanced over his back, checking around there. In the distance, he could see a figure walking in the distance. Not toward him, by the looks of it, but he wasn’t sure where exactly the stranger was heading.

Unfortunate, though. The Evergreens didn’t really have any healers. Leas had tried, but - he assumed - she didn’t know enough to be an herbalist. Achilles, the only healer, was AWOL, apparently. Which was concerning.

He wouldn’t be able to provide any help for the poor soul. Instead, he returned his head to his paws, but he shifted his body a bit to watch better. He thought about giving the stranger a mercy kill once they finally keeled over. But they could be infectious, and he would rather not have to travel all the way back to coast for Yuna quite so soon.

If he was spotted, then he would simply leave. Pretend to be some passerby. A rogue who couldn’t give two shits.


Feb 06, 2018 09:46 PM — Post #2

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Rune Etienne Erin Staff

His body continued dragging itself along, the hind feet creating trails in the dusty ground with each sweep forward. Saliva continued to drip in strings out of his jaws as snarls ripped from his throat.

There was a wolf ahead of him, though Rune’s deteriorating brain hadn’t quite recognized anything out of the ordinary yet. The figure blended in fairly well with the surroundings and he was much too far away to notice.

But as he got closer, his breaking body walking in a more diagonal fashion near the male that slept in the dust, his eyes soon landed on the wolf lazing about. Red flashed through his eyes out of pure instinct, but the severing connection between his brain, motor functions, and speech wouldn’t allow him to form words.

Instead he mindlessly started making a beeline towards the wolf, rage in his eyes. As much as he wanted to dash to the stranger, Rune’s body wouldn’t allow anything more than a fragile walking pace.

Feb 11, 2018 11:45 AM — Post #3

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff

His coppery ears twitched at sounds. Snarls. It made his brows furrow slightly, fleetingly. Blue eyes stared a bit more intently on the stranger now. Rathbone’s nose twitched slightly.

When the wolf seemed to notice him, the corners of his lips curled into a faint frown. A small grunt was made as he moved to stand up, still disinterested in interacting with the sick. He turned and began to pad off, wordlessly. As rude as it may seem, Rathbone preferred silent interactions. No need for conversation. Very few wolves seemed interested in that though.

Maybe this stranger wouldn’t take the hint. Suddenly become verbal. How irksome. His tail tip twitched at the thought.

Feb 13, 2018 05:33 PM — Post #4

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