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[summons] Looking for Nomad

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Casscade fenshae

Bucky wasn’t home.

Casscade had figured that much out, because it was kind of obvious. If Bucky was home, he’d be, like, right there. All the time. Everywhere. Because nobody was as good at being everywhere—and by everywhere, that really meant all up in your business.

But Bucky wasn’t home and Pierce wasn’t home, and that could only mean that they were on patrol. Well. That was fine. Cass knew they were going. And if her siblings were gone—shit, even Benji might be gone! what the hell!—then she’d just have to step it up and be the wolf in charge around here! Yeah!

Except Casscade was not particularly known for being in charge of, um, anything. And the whole idea seemed pretty boring.

She decided that, instead, she was going to do the far more important bit of work and find Nomad! And maybe introduce him to Braith, because Braith was going to be her new best friend! Yes! Perfect.

So with that in mind, the dusty-pelted girl skipped along the edge of the stony cliff on one side of the gorge, yodeling out an enthusiastic call for the only wolf around here who seemed to know how to have a good time: “Nooooo-woooo-wooo-oooo—-maaaaaaaaaad!”

Feb 07, 2018 02:17 PM

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

Yep, Nomad was home. Bucky had left to patrol without him. But that was fine; Nomad had said he wanted to stay home. They had come to an agreement that Bucky would go on patrol in Nomad’s place. And Nomad would stay here and take care of the pack. Hunting, marking the borders, etc. But right now, he got nothing to do. He had already done everything. He was basically jogging through the Gorge just having a simple good time untilllll-

Oh, a familiar voice! Casscade was calling for him? Nomad… hadn’t spoken to her in forever. They hadn’t even seen each other in forever. He had seen her at the last pack meeting but not really gotten the chance to talk to her.

Hearing the girl call for him made him feel happy, because he wanted to spend time with her again. And it meant Casscade still wanted to be his friend! Nomad gave back an excited call of his own. ’‘Casssscaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaadeeeee!’‘

Run Nomad, run! Find her!

Feb 07, 2018 03:05 PM — Post #1

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Casscade fenshae

Her ears perked up—well, one ear perked up, the semi-floppy one stayed semi-floppy—and a big grin spread over her maw in excitement at hearing him call for her. He sounded happy to see her, which was pretty cool because honestly nobody ever seemed happy to see her.

She started in the direction of the voice, prancing along and struggling to maintain her balance while her tail wagged along a million miles an hour behind her. “Heya Nomey!” She barked out, happily, as soon as he came into view.

Nomey. Heh. She liked trying out new nicknames for people. Bucky hadn’t seemed very enthusiastic at the prospect when she’d tried one on him, but maybe Nomad would be cool. Nomad was always cool. He was, like, the coolest.

Gosh, why didn’t she hang out with him more?!?

“What’s crack-a-lackin?”

Feb 07, 2018 03:12 PM — Post #2

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

Ahhhh, how much he had missed Casscade and her enthusiasm! They really needed to talk more, because her happiness made him happy, too! And he really needed some happiness right now. Nomey. Haha! ’‘Hiiiii Cassyyyy!’‘ he called back, because nicknames needed to be shared!

She was so funny! ’‘I’m doing good, good! Better! How are youuuuuu?’‘ he told her, excited. His tail wagged like a crazy, his bum into the air. Because playing was always fun. They could play in the mud again like last time!

Feb 08, 2018 01:05 AM — Post #3

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Casscade fenshae

She dropped down into a play bow as he got close, tail going crazy behind her. “I didn’t know if you’d be here! I thought for sure you were going on patrol!” This was way better, though! Because he was here, and she was here, and none of the sticks in the mud were here, which meant they were technically in charge.


“You’ll never guess! I made a new bestest best friend! You have to meet her, she’s so cool!” Her butt wiggled, like a cat. “AND! I learned where puppies come from and it’s sooooo weiiiiiiird!”

Yep. Casscade was a fully grown adult. Very mature. Totally.

Feb 08, 2018 01:50 AM — Post #4

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

’‘Nope, I didn’t go. Bucky went instead of me because they were going to the mountains and my last mountain experience was not so, uh- yeah.’‘ Not so good, no. Nomad frowned for a moment, looking a little bit upset. But Casscade distracted him again soon enough. With a playful bow and a lot of chatter.

’‘I would love to meet her! What’s her name?’‘ Nomad said, excited again. Because new friends were always good. He would love to make new friends, too. Could this wolf be Nomad’s friend, too?

And about the other topic… ’‘I didn’t know about where pups came from, either, until I was told by a- friend.’‘ Was Shade a friend? Nomad had not seen him in a while… Maybe he should ho visit him, the moment Bucky was back from patrol? Or sooner?

Feb 08, 2018 11:22 PM — Post #5

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Casscade fenshae

Her nose wrinkled, good ear sweeping back at hearing that his trip didn’t go well. “What?! What happened? Was somebody mean to you? Do I gotta kick their butt?!”

Because Cass was absolutely qualified to do that, yep.

But hey! He didn’t know where puppies came from either! She might have to get back to that point and compare notes with him in a second because she still had questions and she kind of thought maybe Pierce hadn’t told her everything correctly.

That was the cool thing about Nomad. He didn’t treat her like an idiot.

“Her name’s Braith! She’s thinking of becoming a Ranger!” Wag, wag, wag. She crept closer, and then swatted at him, pup-like. “She likes to explore and chase birds and play in mud. Like. You know. Fun stuff.”

The important things in life.

Feb 09, 2018 12:23 AM — Post #6

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

Awww, Casscade was still as great as ever! ’‘No butt kicking, please.’‘ he said, however. She was allowed to know what happened but he did not want her to hurt a maybe just annoyed guy who might have been in a bad mood, or get hurt herself. He did not want anyone to get hurt… ’‘Just a big scary guy in the mountains who probably had a bad day… He said the springs I wanted to swim in were his and even though I was nice he growled at me… so I left.’‘

Yeah, that’s what happened. And it made Nomad sad. He had just wanted to swim in the springs. Why could that guy just not let him? Nomad was a good guy…

Happier thoughts, though!
’‘She should become a Ranger! Being a Ranger is the best!’‘ Nomad said, excited again. Because new Rangers always were a good thing. Nomad wanted to meet Braith! ’‘Everything she likes is fun! Mud and birds and exploring!’‘
Could they, like, all explore together? That would be great! Why didn’t the Rangers have an actual ‘mud day’ or ‘bird day’ or something, where everyone from the pack joined in?

Feb 13, 2018 02:31 AM — Post #7

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Casscade fenshae

Her nose wrinkled. What a jerk! She had no idea what was special about the springs Nomad wanted to swim in, but if he wanted to swim, it was mean to tell him no. She’d totally go up there and give that guy a piece of her mind except…well, let’s be fair, Cass didn’t have a whole lot of mind to be breaking pieces off of.

Still. Butt-kicking. Totally a thing.

“Right, though?! She’s gonna be awesome. The three of us will have so much fun I think!” She nodded rigorously. “Which is a GOOD thing, because it’s like nobody around here has any fun at all anymore.”

The pack meeting still burned fiercely in her mind. Getting in trouble for playing with her brother—that was a bunch of BS. She was still kind of mad about it, but only when she remembered to think about it.

And all the bad news! People dying and pups not being born and everything else. It was awful. But, that just meant that somebody needed to have some fun, bring some light back into this place, right? Because as far as she could see it, there wasn’t any point in being miserable just because bad things were happening. That was a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to cheer somebody up.

Which reminded her in a roundabout way that boy she needed to go see Pharaoh. Oops.

“Have you met any of the puppies yet? I played with some of Holly’s pups and some of Fawn’s pups and ohmygosh they’re so cuuuuuuuute.” Her nose wrinkled. “I told Bucky and Pierce I wanted puppies of my own and they just yelled at me and said I was too stupid and irresponsible.”

She stuck her tongue out.

That wasn’t exactly what they said, but that was her take-away.

Feb 14, 2018 09:23 PM — Post #8

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

’‘Yeah! We need more fun here at home!’‘ Nomad responded, agreeing. It made him happy to see Casscade was still around and about, excited and happy as ever. It gave him a positive boost, too. ’‘I sure need some happiness. The last few months have been hec-tic.’‘ Yep yep, Nomad needed some fun right now!

’‘I didn’t really get to play with them… but I met Fawn’s pups and Pierre’s. They’re all so cuteeee! I don’t think I would be ready for any pups like… ever, though.’‘ Yes, cute little puppies! Adorable! Cutenessss! Even though Nomad didn’t really think of himself as good dad material.

But now that they stood here, Nomad wanted to play, he wanted to enjoy this day even more!

’‘Let’s go race!’‘ he called out, and then turned around and started running away. Haha! Bet you can’t catch him!

Feb 15, 2018 01:46 AM — Post #9

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