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Stoned Jesus
[Trigger warning: mention of 'magic shrooms' aka drugs] backdated to the 4rth of Feb 'cause what are timelines, near the grotto, noon

Name Player
Kamaal Kam

(Keeping things a bit vague since the thread with Tesla and Sokol is still ongoing. I hope it’s okay if I made a few assumptions—lemme know if anything needs to be edited!)

She’d returned to the mountains emptypawed. Since meeting the pair of wolves in the wetlands, she was determined to search every fucking inch of that place to find the damn herb she’d been looking for so desperately. But, life was a bitch and boneset was nowhere to be seen, cue an exasperated sigh.

However, during her time away from the grotto and the mountains, she’d come across something preeeeeeery darn interesting.


Fucking mushrooms.

Apparently the wetlands had plenty of them lying around and since seeing them, she couldn’t help but be reminded of the times she’d get high and wake up the next day feeling like a total piece of crap. It was worth it, though. The sensation was euphoric; the way it made your tongue grow all numb, the blur of color and sound that was the world around you..

But. There was another drawback aside from feeling like you were a victim of elephant trampling.

You looked and acted like an absolute idiot.

Did she care? Nope.

Would they laugh at her? Probably.

Was it wise? Definitely not.

But, wait wait wait. It was all hypothetical still. Bringing mushrooms back to the grotto wouldn’t have been a hard task like, at all, but the thing was. She didn’t want the kids eating those. I mean.. what if they got fucking high too? What if they fell off a cliff while being all high and shit?

A black tail battered the snow covered ground as some form of irritation, a quiet longing, nagged at the frayed edges of her mind, urging her to just.. let go. Agree to take a breather. Fucking live the way she used to. But. All she did was continue tearing at a hare she’d caught a few hours back. The animal was still pretty much whole, the bites taken out of it minimal. Since Freyr had decided to sleep with the fish, she had been experiencing trouble when it came to eating and while that did improve over time, it had yet to fully go away.

Put it simply? Food fucking disgusted her on many different levels.

Residual bile had left a bitter taste in her mouth and briefly, her tongue ran over her nose in silent protest for her to drag her sorry ass over to the pool or the river and cleanse her mouth of all that shit. But, she just couldn’t be bothered and as such, remained where she was; perched against Fray’s rock and overlooking everything.

The hare was clutched between her paws, but she’d given up on trying to get any more bites out of it.

It could wait.

Feb 08, 2018 04:33 PM

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Interaction had been limited recently, with everyone. Skuld just felt.. distant. Okay, well, more distant than usual. It wasn’t because of him, it wasn’t because of the cougar, and it wasn’t because of any spiritual shenanigans.

But having a lot of time to think about it among reading the stars, Skuld had realised that it was most likely because she was practically dead for.. however long it was. Everyone else’s lives had moved on as normal, the pack had gotten and lost members, Kamaal and Fray had been occupied with their growing children. But Skuld? Nothing.

So, she figured she’d go out of her way today. And lucky her, there were two scents nearby that Skuld was rather fond of, food and Kamaal. The first was because she was a wolf physically, and the second because she was a wolf mentally. Either way, it wasn’t like there was anything else she was getting up to, so she headed over.

And there they were, the lean and shorter black friend, and the food in question. Though as Skuld got closer, she realised it hadn’t been eaten much. Kamaal probably just started.

“Hey-” followed by a quick throat clear. She hadn’t had much reason to talk recently, her voice was a bit rusty. Or maybe she still had some fur stuck in it from that meal.

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

It was a parasite.

Food was a godforsaken parasite. On some days, she wished she’d rather starve to death than force the pieces of food down her throat, but she kept reminding herself that she was no longer on her own. Oh no, there was no more solo, anymore.

That was replaced by a we now and said we frustrated her on more than one level in certain cases and one of them was this. If she was alone, she’d probably settle on returning to the same road she’d been slowly recovering from, because starvation was clearly much preferred.

There was nothing wrong with her body. Sure, it had become some 10 pounds or so lighter, but it could still process food just fine. Everything was in her head, but that was something she hadn’t lingered on for more than a couple of minutes at a time. It’d been months since Freyr’s death and the same sickening feeling had her insides churning every time she tore into any kind of flesh and while she was no walking skeleton anymore, the damage was done.

Running her tongue over her nose in silent frustration, she found herself focusing on a black figure moving towards her and, truth be told, it didn’t take her long to realize who this was.


Color her surprised.

Skuld outta the cave was not something she expected to see anytime soon and yet, here she was, standing about four feet away from her. Kam would’ve said something, but as it was now, she chose to keep quiet, the bitter taste in her mouth forcing her to keep it shut.

Still, a brow arched, surprise flooding her eyes.

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Wow Kamaal, who were you, Skuld?

A single eyebrow of questioning raised a little, briefly, before falling back to her usual grey expression. Or, black, because of the fur. Whatever.

Skuld finally stopped her plodding and rested to a relaxed stance next to her friend. She seemed a little surprised, not that Skuld blamed her. She was like a ghost recently, and with her extended recovery, doing what was once considered the ‘norm’ was now the ‘whoa, what the fuck Skuld, are you okay?’.

After a few beats, she realised Kamaal didn’t have much to say, so she instead turned her head, to focus her gaze on the view her friend was looking at. “Nice view.” It certainly was pretty.

Feb 09, 2018 10:53 AM — Post #3

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

Skuld drew closer and lowered her body to a sit. Kamaal could’ve probably said something, but as things were now, she decided against it, letting the silence wash over them. Pumpkin eyes lingered on her friend at first, but were quick to shift ahead again.

The scenery was q— “Nice view.” Yeah, that. An ear flicked as monotonous words left Skuld’s lips and Kam’s gaze was quick to follow, regarding her for a long while before saying anything. She cleared her throat herself, the words coming out raspier than usual. “What drew you outside?” Her throat still burned from the acrid bile, but she couldn’t possibly stay quiet forever.

A single tail flick followed afterwards, eyes narrowing slightly as she regarded Skuld for a few long moments. At least now she could tell herself that the Oracle kept her busy and she was unable to eat anything—trick her brain into believing it.

Feb 10, 2018 06:17 AM — Post #4

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Yay, words. Not that Skuld minded sitting in silence, again, she was used to it. And with a view like this, with a friend like Kam, it was pretty nice. But conversation was cool too.

What drew her outside? She didn’t exactly know. “If it were nighttime, I’d say the stars.” Skuld slowly settled down then, grunting as she tried not to bend too fast. She just assumed it was because she missed out on a lot of exercise during her “staring” phase.

A few more breaths occurred to get over the bending, before she spoke again. “As for now.. curiosity I suppose. Or guilt. I dunno.” She could already tell Kamaal was going to probe her with questions from that, and yet that didn’t stop her. Did she like being put on the spot? She didn’t know.

Feb 10, 2018 06:36 AM — Post #5

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

“If it were nighttime I’d say the stars.”

But it wasn’t, darling.

The difficulty she had settling down hadn’t gone unnoticed and Kamaal found herself glancing her friend’s way again with both brows knitted. Skuld spoke about guilt and shit, but that would require a lot of words and just.. no.

She didn’t want to fucking… vomit on her. “You’re in pain,” a simple observation and another attempt to clear her throat as her insides churned. Her eyes slid closed then, ears splaying against her head as she inhaled and exhaled in an attempt to calm her body down.

Skuld didn’t deserve to get vomited on.

She didn’t deserve to see her like this.

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Strange, Kamaal wasn’t probing like she usually did. She did seem a tad more mellow than usual, but surely she’d still keep that inquisitive head on her. All she remarked was that Skuld was in pain, probably what she gathered from the lying down. “Just haven’t stretched in a while,” she quickly brushed off.

Then her friend started breathing heavily. That got Skuld concerned, and she frowned as she looked at her. “Uh.. you okay?” She leaned back a little, though there wasn’t much that her muscles would let her.

Feb 10, 2018 08:14 AM — Post #7

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

Kamaal registered Skuld’s first words, but didn’t offer a reply in return. Her breathing had slowed down a tad, growing more silent eventually as she persisted in her attempts, you know.. not to vomit.

Silence ensued from her part, teeth clenching themselves together. Skuld had noticed something was off, had even went ahead and asked her if she was okay, but the truth was that she wasn’t, and at the same time, couldn’t really voice it.

Seconds ticked by. Seconds which turned into minutes and with older woman’s words swirling in her head, Kam opened her eyes slowly to face the equally dark female. The churning of her insides still persisted, but having died down some compared to a few minutes ago, she found herself willing to speak.

“I’m fine,” words coming out sharp, she watched her friend with intense eyes, before daring to continue. “Just f—” This was the sole reason she no longer ate in company. No matter what it was she put in her mouth, it would always come back up, sometimes partly digested, others not at all.

Well.. this was the case today, but luckily for Skuld, Kam was quick enough to throw her head to the side and shift her body along with it, slightly, so that all of her stomach’s contents tainted the ground and not the Oracle.

Tufts of fur were evident along with some partly-digested pieces of meat which belonged to the hare she had stopped eating a while ago and a mouse she’d forced down earlier that day. Instinctively, her eyes screwed themselves shut, tears threatening to cloud her vision as her body tensed, forcing her back legs to be drawn closer.

Her tail did much the same, with her ears pressing fully against her head.

For fuck’s sake, Skuld. Why the fuck were you here.

Feb 10, 2018 11:15 AM — Post #8

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Why was Kamaal just saying she was fine? Skuld was her friend, surely she could just tell her. Well, whatever, maybe the girl knew that if she said she was fine, then Skuld wouldn’t pry. Or, you know maybe she was fiiIIIIINNNOPE.

Skuld jolted back as Kamaal vomited out, holding back the intense groans of pain she wanted to make from the sudden movement. Her eyes widened like they did when the cougar appeared, except this made her more concerned for some reason.

“I’ll take that as a no then.” She shuffled trying to get herself back to being comfortable. A few moments passed as her brow furrowed slightly, watching her friend clearly in pain, or at least disgust.

She only broke the silence when she breathed in to speak. “How long?”

Feb 10, 2018 05:53 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

Well, shit.

Of all the times Skuld could’ve interacted with her, she chose to pop by now, when she was fucking trying to force down a goddamn meal. Why Skuld. Why. Kamaal remained still, her stomach calmer than before, but her throat and mouth burning from all the bile and whatnot.

Her teeth flashed briefly, lips peeling back in discomfort and disgust at once. Then, her tongue ran over them and then her nose and lips, trying to get rid of any excess liquid that might’ve splashed against her lips and nose as she was throwing up.

Fucking hell, Skuld..

She could feel her body tensing again, her stomach tightening further, but nothing came. Instead, she merely hacked, which later turned into a raspy cough as the dark woman spoke.

“How long?”

What how long.

How long she’d been like this?

How long she hadn’t told you?

“Leave it,” the words were practically a hiss, the fur along her nape spiking as her eyes dared spare Skuld a sideways glance. Forget about it.

Feb 10, 2018 06:16 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Somehow, Kamaal’s hissing words were less surprising than the girl barfing up right next to her. They were sharp though, and Skuld couldn’t help but feel at least a little bit bad that she couldn’t help.

Instead, she sighed, returned to her usual expression, and looked across the view again. “‘Kay,” she responded simply.

Maybe her lack of interaction would force Kamaal out of her shell. Skuld was cool with both talking or being silent. She didn’t really care, but not in that way.

She cared about Kamaal, she didn’t care how they spent time together.

Feb 10, 2018 06:25 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam


The fuck was ‘kay?

Somehow Skuld not pushing her further had the opposite result. Why. Why wasn’t she pushing her further? Were had Kam sidestepped? She stared at the ground for a good few moments, staying silent as her lips remained sealed shut.

“Let’s go.” Blurted out. That’s what they were, the words. Being impatient as she was, she pushed herself to her paws and threw the hare aside, practically pushing it off the ledge they both were sat upon. She then began to throw some snow over the mess. Get rid of it. Clean it partially so she could clean it partially later.

“You’re coming with me.” If she wasn’t fearful of vomiting again, she would’ve probably latched her teeth on Skuld’s scruff and dragged her along, but all she did was leap off the ledge and whip her head around to stare at her friend.

Get over here.

Feb 10, 2018 06:42 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

First Kamaal wanted Skuld to leave it and shut up, and now she wanted Skuld to get up and go. It wasn’t the fact that Kamaal was wild in her decisions, that didn’t faze Skuld at all. Kinda reminded her of herself 4 years ago or so. No, what annoyed her was that she just got settled dammit.

“Sure.” Ah well, maybe the movement would help these groaning joints. Lots of stretching and exercise, she couldn’t stay sat down for long. That’s how she’d get through this weird pain.

So, she lifted up slowly with a long exhale, and watched as her younger, lither friend simply hopped off the ledge.

Yeah, hard no on that one.

Skuld looked around till she noticed a slightly more.. ‘accessible’ way of getting down, some sloped rocks just off to the side. If she jumped down now, she might make those aches worse, so best play it safe till she felt better.

Feb 10, 2018 06:53 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Kamaal Kam

The thing Skuld didn’t understand was that what she was experiencing wasn’t going to get any better over time. It was only going to worsen as far as Kamaal knew, and eventually, limit her to only moving around the grotto.

And Kam wasn’t particularly fond of that idea.

Her ears twitched backwards faintly as she watched Skuld trying to find a more ‘accessible’ way of getting down the ledge. “Arthritis. Renegade has it,” was all she said as she waited for the woman to come closer, the tip of her tail twitching once.

“You have to let me help you,” because obviously she wans’t gonna comply with anything else. If Skuld became immobile in the future, Kamaal might be forced to put her down, because lets face it. No one wanted to be stuck in one place forever.

The thought was quickly pushed to the back of her mind, but the one thing she couldn’t get rid of was that Skuld was getting old. The Oracle was the eldest among them and..

A silent sigh chuffed out of her lips.

If only she could’ve turned back in time, chosen to have met Skuld during her earlier years.

Feb 10, 2018 07:07 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Skuld Vollan Spry

Skuld paused as she stepped onto the same ground as her friend. All she could do was look at Kamaal, staring for a moment and letting it sink in. Skuld knew what arthritis was of course, and it seemed Kamaal had experience with it, by proxy.

It was just.. a bit unbelievable. Arthritis was something a wolf got when they were.. old.

Skuld had arthritis.

Skuld was getting old.

“Suppose I lost track of time..” she mumbled, her voice fading as her eyes fell to the floor.

She hadn’t lost track of time at all. It was just her brain trying to make light of a situation she knew would hurt her. She needed distraction from it. It was just another thing to add to the pile of shit that had built up over her life.

Her.. long life. Long.. old.. empty.. unfulfilled.. sad..

She couldn’t get out of it. Skuld ended up zoning out deeper than ever, locked in a cycle of painful thoughts.

Help her Kamaal. Your opportunity is here.

Feb 10, 2018 07:22 PM — Post #15

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