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Auntie Skulders
FS, Evening, Thunderstorm, Inside, Looking for Framaal Pups



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Skuld Vollan Spry

Welp. Ain’t no stargazing happening tonight.

Skuld had seen plenty of thunderstorms in her lifetime, and she’d seen plenty of lightning strikes too, one in particular that struck a tree just about a field away from her. That was a time when she actually saw the rune Hagalaz at its most frightening, and literal. ‘Destruction’.

So, with Kamaal gone to grab some willow bark, Skuld figured she’d keep up her end of the bargain and get to know their pups. It wasn’t very cool of her to not be around during their first months of growing up, not that they’d understand. She didn’t even know how old they were now, as she totally lost track of time during her ‘moment’.

So, she was now looking around the cave, seeing if either of the three were around to spend time with. “Xavier? Buffy? Lynn?” she called softly.

Feb 12, 2018 02:50 PM

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Buffy Sam Staff

There was the precious: in all her dreary glory.

The grotto was still boring. In her mind, it was a temporary thing. She knew that, soon, she was be old enough and big enough to do whatever the hell she wanted. Right now, that was living on the slopes. Not in them.

Buffy strode over. Lips flat. The only fun she could find was outside. Alas, that didn’t seem to be an option with Mother Nature PMSing across the land.

“‘Lo,” she pipped. But there was a faint dullness in her voice.

She couldn’t remember this lady. The girl had seen her about. Smelt her scent. But had never actually met her. A shame she would have to meet a bland Buffy rather than beaming Buffy.

Beaming Buffy was much better.

Feb 13, 2018 06:08 PM — Post #1

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Skuld Vollan Spry

There was a small greeting, and as Skuld looked in the direction, she noticed a small wolf too. Perfect! She slowly turned towards them, which was easier than before now her joints were somewhat warm.

Now.. which one was this. Female, so Lynn or Buffy. What was it Kam said.. “Arthritis. Renegade has it.” Nope, after that.

“Tell me where the fuck I went wr-” No before that. Please, before that.

“Buffy’s the raccoon-eyed kid—she doesn’t really like it when you confuse her with Lynn.” Got it.

Looking a little closer, this was.. “Hello Buffy. I doubt you remember me?” Her head tilted a little then, as if to ask that as a question.

Feb 14, 2018 01:38 PM — Post #2

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Lynn Gabriel Lucas

Behold rouchie, ready to start shit. And wreck havoc. The Grotto was her city now.

It was the fucking end of the world outside, so Lynn had made sure to stay deeeep in the caves, cos she was a smart girl, and smart girls did not try to get themselves actively killed. Instead, because aside from a smart girl Lynn was also a vicious fighter, she had taken to attacking a rock, growling and bitting it and throwing it from side to side with her paws. One could say she was at that age where she had bountless energy, if she hadn’t been like that all her life. She was almost bouncing off the walls.

At least it was harder to lose her playthings when she was in the cave. Boop! The rock rolled away, and with a screech Lynn raced after it, paws flying all around, and- ooooh. Oooooooooh. There was Gruffy, with a big dark weird THING, and there was absolutely NO way Lynn was letting her get all the interesting stuff if she wasn’t there. The thing had a tail. Lynn was going to. Make. That. Tail. Hers.

Crouching down, her butt wiggled in the air, much like a cat’s would, and there was absolutely no other reason she was doing it other than to be dramatic. And then, leaning forward-


Feb 17, 2018 09:05 AM — Post #3

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Buffy Sam Staff

The stranger knew her name. Something she was getting used to. All the wolves that smelled like them seemed to know them. At least, unlike Meir, she knew the imp was. But, as the she-wolf assumed, she didn’t know who she was.

Instead of a verbal response, she just lifted a brow. Was she gonna tell her who she was or not?

Buffy had noticed her sister nearby. Stalking over. She knew a prank when she saw one, she was the queen of pranks. The girl returned her gaze to the black wolf, pretending to be oblivious.

She could be an actress.

Feb 17, 2018 02:04 PM — Post #4

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