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Thread title: Spalding

Your name: Devi

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Why do you want to join Horizon? Well I’ve been looking for a wolf roleplay site for a while now that will freely let my creativity run wild and this place seemed like the best place for me. :3

If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!): A small black bear was moseying along the edge of the forest, her black nose pointed to the ground and occasionally being lifted up to the air to scent for both herbs and a delicious side snack of raspberries. Though the female was more focused on finding the raspberries than she was stocking up her resources. Who could blame her though, raspberries were delicious and juicy! Sweet and a tangy bite to it. It was an explosion of flavors that danced on her tongue and left her feeling like she was in paradise and among the God’s themselves. Most bears liked blueberries or roots, but raspberries and salmon were all Shreya needed to keep herself satisfied. That and maybe a little company now and again - the little female couldn’t stand being alone for hours on end. Too lonesome and frankly boring. She honestly didn’t understand how some bears did it. Being alone all the time, by themselves with no one to talk to. Her ears flattened to her skull at the thought of being that lonely. Shreya shook herself as if to rid herself of such disturbing thoughts. They made her sad and the whole point of coming out here was to explore and discover new thing’s while finding herbs at the same time if she came across any. However, the females luck ran dry when she exited the forest and stumbled upon the Wraxyn Rapids instead of a raspberry bush. She frowned in dejected hope before a brightening thought came to her. Salmon! The she-bears other favorite past time snack and one worth the extra energy she would be spending to try and catch it, plus she would be getting wet and who doesn’t enjoy splashing around in the water like a young bear cub on a hot summer day? She certainly did!

The female let out a squeal of joy before racing towards the edge of the rapids, excited for the rich taste of salmon to burst on her pink tongue. She stopped at the edge of the river, peering over to see if there was any fish swimming underneath. It was hard to tell, but Shreya thought she saw flashes of red and green scales, the trademark of salmon. This had her shifting with barely contained joy as she picked up her left paw and dipped it into the rapids only to snatch her paw back with a yelp. “Oh so cold! Very, very cold!” She shook her paw out to rid the stinging feeling of coldness. “Oh but the salmon is in there….” Shreya whined out as she glanced towards the freezing water, “why does the water have to always be cold anyway?! Why can’t it be warm for once!” She groaned out dramatically as she rolled her eyes. Looking around Shreya hoped her brother or someone else from the clan would save her from her misery of having to brave the freezing cold water to catch some salmon. But alas nobody came and so with a huff and with a buff she jumped into the river with a startled gasp escaping from her parted jaws as the freezing water soaked through her fur and onto her skin. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! How other bears do this I don’t know, but they are obviously suicidal. This water is freezing! Where does it even come from!?” She yelled out to nobody in particular. It was like anybody was going to hear her, right?

Sucking in her breath Shreya started moving towards a spot where she spotted salmon jumping out to get over a rapid. Maybe this way she’d catch a meal fast and thus would be able to get out quicker? It was worth a shot at the very least. Once she was in a steady position Shreya turned to face the flying fish. She cringed back almost falling off at the first few fish that came flying at her. Even going far as to barking out a “watch it” before resuming her stance. This time she opened her mouth and waited for the fish to jump closer to her before she attempted to snap her jaws at them. She either just barely missed by a few whiskers or was slapped by the fish themselves. Which ended up making her fall over and scream in shock at the cold water before running towards shore where to clambered - rather clumsily - up. She was soaking wet as she laid there for a few moments before getting up and staring out to the river, “yeah you better run! If I caught you anyway’s you’d have been mighty delicious! So swim away buddy!” She hollered after the fish as if they could understand her. Should anyone come in at this exact moment and notice her they would have thought her mad.

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Welcome, Devi! :D

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