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Your OOC Name Devi

Age 17…. soon to be 18 ;w;

Timezone uhhh I have no idea… I should probably know, but I don’t xD

What made you want to join Horizon? I really wanted to roleplay one of my wolf characters Laelynn, which I didn’t end up doing cause I thought of Spalding, but I was getting bored of rping cat’s. An online buddy of mine, Zesty, recommended this place to me and I instantly took a liking to it as I felt like my creativity and writing and my characters would actually be embraced for who they are. I felt like I wouldn’t have to hold back and be limited from doing things like I usually am on other roleplay sites.

Where else do you RP, if anywhere? Where have you RPed in the past? I’ve roleplayed a few different places… most of them dead and long forgotten. A major one I’ve been active on has been GBMP; a warriors roleplay. I usually devote my attention to one or two sites at a time and thus don’t join a lot of places.

Do you have any cool hobbies, or things you’re interested in? Let’s see some hobbies of mine are photography. I’m very keen on the idea of taking pictures of animals in their natural habitats or of just taking pictures in general. I also have a love for Archery and hope to one day do hunting with it. No not sport hunting, I hate that kind of hunting and don’t support it. The kind of hunting I’d like to do is where I’d use everything from the animals I hunt, their pelts I’d give to organizations to turn into gloves or boots and the meat I’d use to bring home to eat if it’s edible, plus my dog could benefit from the raw meat. It’s good for her to have with her regular food. I have an interest in dog mushing, however, where I live there aren’t people who do that kind of thing so it sucks :/ I’d just have to hold off on that kind of dream. I am a lover of all animals, except insects and arachnids - I HATE spiders and will run away in fear… *shivers*. Lastly, I like doing photo manipulations and stuff of the like though I’m an amateur and I’m still learning.

What’s something you’re really excited about right now? Roleplaying Spalding and having him get to know some wolves out there, maybe have him grow a reputation or something xDD. The possibilities are endless and that’s what I like most.

Any adorable pets and/or children we should know about? Yes! I have a german shepherd corgi mix, I don’t know how that worked out, but that’s what the vet tells us she is xD. She’s a funny looking dog, but she’s my baby - though half the time I don’t think she likes me which is odd considering all the dogs I’ve grown up around fluctuate towards me. I still love her tho. Just imagine a german shepherd puppy with floppy ears and a corgi with its long body and stubby legs only a tad taller. And you get the beautiful majestic being named Bandit. I’ve had her since she was 3 months old and in late August she’ll be turning 8, the years really do go by ;w;.

Two truths and a LIE— post two truths and a lie and we’ll guess which one is the lie :) I want to raise wolf pups, I’m the eldest out of 6 siblings, and I love winter - try to figure out that lie hehe xD

Feb 13, 2018 12:42 PM

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Welcome, Devi! Archery sounds so cool and I 100% agree that spiders are spawn of the devil. Have any cute pet pics you’d like to share? We have an almost creepy obsession with those, tbh. And any cool shots you’re proud of considering you like photography!

I’m guessing the lie is that you hate winter?
(Although it’s probably the siblings and I’m jinxing myself hard)

Feb 13, 2018 01:13 PM — Post #1

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Omg we need Bandit photos pls!

Hi hi btw Devi, you and Zesty are now part of our awesome name club!

Not gonna talk to you much about hunting honestly as it bugs me, so let’s talk photography! Do you have images up anywhere we can oogle? Nature photography is the best! 

Is the wolf pups the lie?

Feb 13, 2018 03:04 PM — Post #2

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