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A Wolf at the Door
Full Summer | Adder Creek | after Pete's Big Fite | liquid time-ing this to the present

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Petunia Bamsy

No color.  No smell.  No depth.

She was, by the river.


Tried to wash her face off.  Had a good laugh at, wash your face off, clean off the bone.  Sailing down the river scaring some wolf at the other end of the desert.

Hi Randy, it’s Pete!  I washed my face off!

Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.

Pete was fucked.

Dead babies.  Dead, and didn’t come back to find her.  Not at the den.  Her face falling off, one eye, no food, couldn’t find the kids and nobody around.  Stupid god damn desert didn’t want a wolf in it, turned them all to dust and bones.  And poor sweet Peter who only had wanted to play with some puppies, best…best of intentions, every day.

She was dying.  She didn’t want to, though.  That gray fat bitch was still alive.  And that wasn’t fair.  She might have found the kids and bled all over them for all she knew.  There was a, a moan happening, a little torment escaping from out of her mouth.  She couldn’t find the pups.  She couldn’t leave them.  She couldn’t drag her carcass back into the hills and know the two were left to hollow out and be picked apart by fucking foxes!!

Her good eye was rested against her wrist, and she pressed hard into the socket as she screamed.

Fuck, fuck, fucked.

Feb 13, 2018 11:31 PM

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie
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It’d taken her the better part of three days to leave the hills, but Piper was determined to explore as much as she could in this strange valley before settling anywhere. When the golden glint of sand lit up the horizon, Piper was happy to go to a new place. These hills seemed boring.

The desert, apparently, was not so. After a night on the cusp of the sand, the dark wraith entered with energy bursting in her paws. There was something in these sands that she must find.

Suddenly, the metal-y scent of blood became apparent, and not that of prey. Ears slicking back and eyes narrowing in wariness, Piper pushed forward. There was a female somewhere close by, and she was probably the one hurt…. But there was nothing else Piper could gleam from scent alone, and in her confident curiosity, The Nightshade pursued.

Piper came to a creek, after a couple of minutes. She dipped her pale muzzle into the sand-warmed water, lapping a few mouthfuls before heading further upstream, to where the scent of blood grew stronger.

After another moment of loping steadily upstream, there was a girl.

No, a woman, not much older than Piper herself. The woman was made up of lighter colors, of browns and russets and off-whites, and more expectedly, bloody red.

She was the one that was hurt.

Piper halted; the wolf might’ve noticed her approach a long while ago, but for good measure, she let out a chuff of neutral greeting. There were many things Piper could do here: put this poor thing out of its misery, or perhaps she would rather be healed? Perhaps she would try to send Piper away, or perhaps she would cower beneath the Nightshade and allow her to choose.

What fun that could come of this….

Feb 15, 2018 04:56 PM — Post #1

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Petunia Bamsy

:D For clarification, I’d say Pete’s wounds are at least a few days old, and are as follows: bite wounds in the skin at the base of her throat, bite wounds peppered mainly over the left (I think?) side of her face and including an injury that’s swelled her eyelid shut, and some pretty serious damage to the front of her muzzle/nose/upper palate area.  She’s kind of rinsed it in the river but things are otherwise uncared for.

Things got very quiet when she finished screaming.  That seemed to shut everybody up for a minute.  Eventually, though, the pain and the water-sound made their way back.

It was warm, at least.

The sound of another wolf came in with everything else, unnoticed.  Only some sixth sense eventually prickled the hairs on her spine, made her ears twitch.  Her head lifted and roved around, one eye searching for life.

Big, big, black wolf.  She panted slowly, painfully. 

She could not fight.

That was, maybe, a first.

But she didn’t want to die.

“Tcchop ohf-a rrhmorrmning tcchoo ya,” she fumbled painfully, impudently, the one brown eye fixed with growing focus on the nearby female.

She was a foundered dragon, yes.  But still dangerous.

Feb 16, 2018 04:25 AM — Post #2

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie
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(Thanks for letting me know! I read the fight thread of course but that helps loads!)

There was more damage than Piper had thought. Even with the scent of old blood hanging in the air, the female’s face was…. Damaged. Badly.

As Petunia turned to gaze at the Nightshade, even from the distance between them, the ebony wolfess could see the swollen eye, and the many puncture marks along her jaws and throat.

But she was alive.

For now.

It took Piper a moment to decipher what exactly the female said, but she was overall impressed that words could form at all.

This dragon had put up a hell of a fight, as she still was fighting for her life.

“How did you come to bear such misfortune, if I dare ask?”

Piper shuffled closer, taking her time with swaggering steps as to keep the wounded girl from thinking she meant harm; as ruthless as this queen might be, she was above slaughter. If this wounded creature wanted a swift go-away, she’d have to ask for it. Life was precious, and Piper was not the decider.

A black nose wiggled as Piper sniffed; at least, from here, she could smell no infection.

There was a chance.

“I can help you, if need be.”

Piper would not get close enough to allow the stranger to lash out, but she was taking a chance in closing the distance; only a yard or two separated them now, and there seemed to be nothing wrong with those legs that could still easily lunge.

Feb 16, 2018 10:24 AM — Post #3

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Petunia Bamsy

No one ever came into the desert when you needed help, but they came in after.  It would…it would have to be enough.

She was more present with an audience, but still only half-here, half somewhere else.  Her dry throat swallowed, and through the haze, she focused on the first thing that felt important.  “Dhhhidyhou shh-”  -fuck, M sounds hurt - “shhmell khids.  Annhywwhere.  Ttwo.”  Slow, heavy breathing.  This one seemed honest enough, not strange and shifty like the last one.  Master calls me Noire, oh boy.

The questions she had asked bobbed in the back of Pete’s head somewhere, waiting their turn.  But if Vitto and Mimi had been on their own all this time, she could wait and bleed a little longer.

Feb 17, 2018 03:46 AM — Post #4

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie
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Piper regarded the mangled beast with a curious, unphased stare, still unsure of her purpose here but knowing, one way or another, that she could be useful.

The creature tried to speak again. Piper was patient, listening, as she edged closer to hear through the hoarseness.

Her cinder ears shot forward with interest, but her pelt prickled with worry. Pups?! Out here? Immediately, the Nightshade tossed her muzzle to the wind and, jaws cracked, breathed deeply. The only scent she could find was that of the blood soaked pelt of the beast—apparently a mother. Piper assumed shed been fighting whatever monster did this to her while saving the pups.

“Not on my way here, no. How old are they?”

Suddenly, Piper felt—and sounded—much more alive. More motivated. Of all the things Piper could be, a lover of puppies was certainly one. Such innocent souls, bared to the world and the danger it held.

Indeed, she could help this mother looking for her pups, or she could heal said beast so she could look herself. Depending on how old they were, though, and how long they’d been gone, they might already be dead.

Piper had to try. Demi, Ler, Acesis, Fibby, Milo—none of her family would forgive her if shed not done anything she could to help a mother and her children. Even if she had to look herself, or go all the way to the hills to fetch herbs for a stubborn beast, she had to try.

“Come, let’s get closer to the hills and I can be of some use. I can treat your wounds with herbs there, and then we can look for your children together.”

Piper moved slowly to close the distance, head lowered, hoping that this woman would see both sense and her wish to help. The Nightshade was big enough to support the weight of the desert-thin wolf to the hills, and there she could help this woman. There she could find herbs, dull pain and prevent infection.

She could save this womans life, and hopefully they’d find the pups on the way.

Feb 17, 2018 11:06 AM — Post #5

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Petunia Bamsy

The stranger was leaning in now.  Again, a normal wolf and not a psychopath, someone automatically on an endangered child’s side.  Thank god she wasn’t oozing sympathy, because suddenly a big choking blob of emotion was bulging up in Petunia’s throat.  Don’t…even look at it.

Don’t picture them.  Don’t picture them don’t picture them don’t picture them.  Her legs started shuffling as she went for the part that made the most sense, getting up and out of the desert.  “Yllhiddlhe.  Sshkinny.”  Didn’t she have muscles in her legs?  This wasn’t working.

The pain in her mouth had woken up and was furious.  Talking had gotten it bleeding again, and a new red bloom was spreading over her lips, pooling behind her teeth.  Her neck bent into a low arc, and she grunted as she staggered up, long legs shaking with exhaustion.  She stumbled immediately into Piper for ballast, so overwhelmed by the betrayal of her body that for a little bit, the gnawing, pulling terror she felt for her children faded back.

She didn’t question Piper’s loyalty.  She needed Piper.  Piper was helping.  They would go to the hills, patch her up enough to function, and they would find the kids.  Just like she said.

Feb 17, 2018 10:31 PM — Post #6

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie
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Piper was somewhat surprised in the faith this stranger had for her, because honestly, if it were her in this wolf’s position, she likely would have turned away believing she could care for herself. Then again, she didn’t have two apparently little—and skinny—children to worry about.

Piper knew she would go to the ends of the earth and ran till her paws bled to keep her kids safe and happy. Perhaps trusting a stranger would be something she would do too. Thank goodness shed never had to find out.

The woman struggled to her paws, and though Piper ached to help her, she waited until Petunia needed the help—or, more accurately, wanted—before stepping in. The ebony Nightshade was there at the first stumble, willing to support.

She longed to keep questioning the woman, but her mouth had started to bleed. Without moss or even spider webs to clog it, she intended to take as few chances as possible.

And yet, now that it seemed they would be together for an unforeseeable amount of time….

“Piper. Piper Nightshade. Lean as much as you need.”

Feb 17, 2018 11:19 PM — Post #7

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Petunia Bamsy

How did you even fucking balance yourself when the bones ran out of your legs.  She trembled, head bowed, swaying gently against the female’s side, and looked for something inside her that would allow her to move.  Her throat congested again as she pictured Vitto, scraped and hobbled, heard the shrill birdcall of terror warbling out of Amelie.

Please, she thought.  Please be fine.  Please be whole.  Please please please please.

“Okhay,” she said thickly, retreating from her thoughts, her good eye blinking rapidly.  She spat blood on the ground as she said her name.


And she made herself walk.

| what do you think of doing a fade here…and either jumping to the hills in this thread or making a continuation?

Feb 17, 2018 11:49 PM — Post #8

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie
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Such a ladylike name for someone spitting blood out of her mouth. Piper almost smiled.

It was hard, obviously. Petunia wobbled, and she shook. Shed clearly lost a lot of blood…. If they weren’t in the damned desert, Piper wouldn’t have moved her. She needed all of her strength.

Alas, forward is the only way to go. Piper gently steered her new companion back toward the hills, already thinking about the clumps of yarrow that would staunch the bleeding and help prevent infection.

They just needed to get there. Then they could find the poor kids out there, hopefully already in good paws.

(A new thread in the hills works, I just wanted to make sure this one gets enough posts to claim lol I’ll go get one up I’ve got a great thread name)


Feb 18, 2018 10:14 AM — Post #9

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Petunia Bamsy

Good to get out of this place, with its intemperate swings between great and terrible luck.  Good to get out of this place and the bodies that lay under the piled stones, the heaped earth.

Beau had hated it here.  Agostina had been trapped.

Waifs and yearlings danced across it and left to better places.  She had stayed, waiting for Ransom, gambling on coins she didn’t have.

They had all left her.  Her yearling friends.  The children, dead or kidnapped or merely lost.  Beau unmasked for the monstrous thing he was, a captor, an inseminator, but not a father.  And her left alone out here to pay the bill.

Her father had been good.

Her life had been good, and right, a long time ago.  But that was done.

| lol, that was my thought too.  :D I’ll head to the next one in a minute!

Feb 19, 2018 05:14 AM — Post #10

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